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The Redaction of Bronson Caan: A Novel of 2121
© 2021 James LaFond
Copyright 2021 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Publisher Lynn Lockhart
Dust Cover
Bronson Caan works for his parents in the family business. Born in 2092 to Cube Combat Promotions, Bronson is literally the Adam of his kind, the first purpose-born Cube Fighter. Patterned after two action movie actors of the Late Pre-World Order Age, Bronson Caan is the prototype combat celebrity—a striving, bleeding and conquering masculine fetish icon conceived and promoted for the diversion of a post-masculine world. Cube is the story of his redaction.
Conception Templates
Note to the Reader
Bronson Caan, as a child and employee of Cube Combat Promotions and an actionist, largely alienated from none-CCP persons, lived a life suffused in shorthand jargon. The transcript of his redaction scan has, as much as possible, been translated using standard English. However, unique terminology concerning the life of a CCP fighter is retained for context, with footnotes for clarification at the bottom of the first page in which such terms appear, with all notes gathered in the glossary for ease of reading.
It is hoped that Bronson’s redaction transcript will enhance the accessibility of Shockwear Combatant Generation Technology for use in security, law enforcement, executive protection and military applications.
-Benedikt Prague, Shockwear Tech, January 31, 2122
From the back matter
-1. CCP [Cube Combat Promotions] Functionaries, or “Funcs,” the medical, aesthetic, matchmaking, media and supervising officials of the CCP, including judges, color commentators and referees.
-2. Execs are executives, heterosexual and bisexual fans with high Social Conscience Ratings
-3. SCR = Social Conscience Rating
-4. Venue Goers, seated companion bots made entirely of Rejuvitech prosthetics, which conduct cube-side banter, pass concession drinks and snacks from severs to live fans and are seated one to each side of each live fan.
-5. Sarong girls are women too fat to wear a dress. Dress girls are women to fat to wear a bikini. Bikini girls are selected for their athletic or shapely forms and placed at cube-side near the princess throne as her attendants.
-6. An ancient recording from a movie of the age of his templates, all such songs selected from the soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian. Although Bronson had never been permitted to view a movie or video, other than fight videos for training, as he and his kind were meant to represent pre-modern warriors of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
-7. An andy or andies are asexual corporate humans, with feminine bone structure and anatomy, except that they have no mammary organs or uterus. They are stronger than females, being of superior acrobatic types modelled after female athletes. They serve in medical and psychological capacities predominantly.
-8. RL = Respiratory Lock
Anachronistic Publishing?
by the wine dark sea
the lesser angels of our nature
the first boxers
the fighting edge
honor among men
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