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'The Mother'
Anglophone Emasculation Part 2 Of 2: Curse of Modern Metaphysics with Michael Collins and BB Sling
© 2021 James LaFond
Friday may 14 (18 days ago)
If you ever find yourself in Marshfield, Massachusetts, go find the grave of Daniel Webster: 
"...And they say that if you go to his grave and speak loud and clear, "Dan'l Webster—Dan'l Webster!" the ground 'll begin to shiver and the trees begin to shake. And after a while you'll hear a deep voice saying, "Neighbour, how stands the Union?" Then you better answer the Union stands as she stood, rock-bottomed and copper sheathed, one and indivisible, or he's liable to rear right out of the ground..." 
-The Devil and Daniel Webster, 
by Stephen Vincent Bennet
I can see the news,now: Hobo found dead in cemetery, had a rictus grin. Ghostly imprints upon his neck.
-BB Sling

Sunday may 16 (20 days ago}
I am really happy you liked Mike Thompson! If you are interested this is the interview I watched done by the two jews. This gets more into Thompson's story of why he went to prison. Assuming he is telling the truth he went to prison for an honorable reason.
-Michael Collins
[video link did not copy, The Aryаn Brotherhood and Redemption]

Mike Thompson has always impressed me.
He appears to be mostly Norwegian. However, due to the “one drop” rule in America Mike is regarded as 100% Amerindian, purely descended from Asians who trekked across the bearing straights some thousands of years ago. So, when we look at Mike, and see that he is mostly not Indian, we should realize that he is a man of a nation built upon lies, and that his pure “Native American” identity, with genetics mostly European and first and last name all European, will be reflected in a non-authentic cosmology. What I mean by this is that the idea that this man has been imbued with by his tribal elders, that “the Mother” is all and the “father” is fleeting, is not Amerindian, is not a widely accepted First Nation belief, but has been imposed upon not just him, but all of us.
I do not like criticizing a man who is better than I, and I am not. I am criticizing the belief system he has been inducted into, as counter to that which is claimed: that the tribes that were here in the 1400s before the renewal of European contact, were in all things superior to Europeans and also that they were matriarchal, which few tribes were. Even the relatively matriarchal Iroquois and Crow, were hyper-masculine, who simply permitted women freedom of expression and treated them better than most tribe, who treated their women like dogs.
But Native American rejuvenation has been largely sponsored and supported by Anglo-American women who like to masquerade as the guilt maidens of the conquered. Dances With Wolves is the perfect Anglo-American chick-flick.
I suppose I should address the fact that, counter to American thinking, that Europeans were not always members of one, indistinct “white” race, and that they once spoke many languages, rather than the Espiranto they all speak today. Likewise, we might harken back to the time when all Africans did not regard themselves as one international “black” brotherhood, and that there was an age when many languages other than jive were spoken by them...
I have just addressed the question of American identity with all of the seriousness it deserves.
No one who has studied First Nation beliefs sees nothing but Earth Mother worship.
No one who has studied the wars by the patriarchies who were defeated by other tribes and the allied European powers, can see only the Mother and totally neglect the Father.
I addressed this question in Reverent Chandler and Malediction Song when I supposed that prison life would generate a fusion of Neo-Nordic-Amerinidan metaphysics and a mixed race prophet against the system of control become orthodoxy. Yes, that is science-fiction, but its better than purposely twisted retro-fact.
Metacomet, Joseph Brant, Dragging Canoe,Tecumseh, Black Hawk, Billy Bowl Legs, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Gal, Crazy Horse, Looking Glass, Quanna Parker of many wives, these men and more were patriarchs—human, tribal men—who fought a soulless, identity-erasing machine. At least half of these men were racially mixed, being part European.
Why does “The Mother” cult as the universal faith hold so strongly in Postmodern Native American faith?
Forgotten is Thunderer, his son He-who-makes-rivers and his prophet Two-rivers-coming-together-to-be-one. Forgotten is The Great Spirit, the Sun, The Warrior, the Ancestors, the Fliers, the Four-legs, Old Mother Moon grinning down her death—the Thunderbirds, all forgotten or shunted aside and into the background for only one aspect, Mother Earth.
Where did this come from?
It came from Europe, named after the raped goddess Europa.
It came from Britannia, the goddess raped by Rome and adopted by her shop-keeping sons, who conquered as the men of Queen Elizabeth and then Queen Victoria.
In the poem sent by the reader at the head of the article, it came with the notion of a ship being a woman, then of a state and a country, a very European concept.
It came from the cult of Gaia preserved and reflected down through Catholicism [universalism] by the bloody-handed conquistadors and their cult of the Mother Mary, who infiltrated half of the western United States for hundreds of years, corrupting native faiths.
Mother Mary came again whispered on the celibate lips of the French Jesuits out of Canada, who corrupted tribes by gaining access to women who had education of young children as a duty—while the worst men were elevated to chief status by the invader and turned drunken traitor.
There was another patriarchal people conquered by the soul erasing machine of modernity that are now supposed to be men of a matriarchy, men of The Mother, while their cousins in Africa are men of the father.
It is what happens when your fathers are crushed by lesser men riding great tinker-built machines and then ruled over by a Great Father Figure at the center of Empire, who is nothing but a hen-pecked coin counter who maintains power through the machinery of industry and of state and of all of the imprisoning powers that negate.
The Native American man might talk a good cuck game, but they pimp out their women to the invader as often as the rest of our sickly races.
Of Mother Worship.
I talked to a Utah lumberjack who told of a time felling timber on a mountainside above an Indian couple's cabin. The woman was bent over weeding in the garden as the man drank on the porch. Seeing the young whites on the mountain side, taking their lunch, eating their sandwiches and looking down, the Indian stood, walked over to his wife bent to her cores, lifted up her dress, pulled down his pants, humped her, then lifted his pants and dropped her dress and slapped her on the ass as she continued weeding and returned to his porch and his drink.
The Mother.
The Sioux teased the Crow for permitting their women to sit in council.
The Crow helped the invader find Sitting Bull's camp.
When the Mexican government was buying Indian scalps in the mid-1800s, a party of Shawnee warriors went to Mexico and began slaughtering Indian and mestizo non-combatants and cashing in their scalps until they were slaughtered and scalped in their turn by Anglo- scalp hunters.
Scalps of The Mother spent and collected just like those of men and children.
As usual, the claim to true Metaphysical matriarchy by a conquered people under the heel of a patriarchy which has decayed to abject sissydom and is a self-proclaimed goddess worshippers, is a sign of spiritual imbalance. A healthy faith recognizes masculine and feminine spheres that overlap in support and concord and does not confuse the two. Now, we live in a transexual nation having turned the Apollonian rise above materialism into materialism. Did you know that Lady Liberty is a tranny? He is. That is an Apollonian statue, without breasts, representing the seven rays of enlightenment and the torch of illumination. It was not Britainia's rapacious little sister bearing the conquering torch of those free to dominate. Under such influence, I understand the desire for The Mother in the mind of the conquered who have lost all hope and have no healthy respect for masculine solutions, as their best men were long ago slain by the war slaves of a tranny nation.
Gaia may very well rise again to enjoy the fate of the Indian wife weeding beneath the lumber camp.
But, the hard fact is, The Mother will always get fucked. That is why conquering and enslaving systems tolerate mother worship.
As long as we remember that The Mother is nothing but the victim of an absent father, our perspective will remain in line with the will of the System and we shall continue our mushroom-like cultivation, being fed shit in the dark.
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