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Boots on the Ground
The Crackpot's Federal Police Prophecy is Come to Pass: 7/24/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Yesterday afternoon, when the Brick Mouse came home from work, he could not help but come right to the guest loft and say:
“The news broke today that the Baltimore Police Department is hundreds of officers short. The Mayor has formerly requested that 100 federal agents by placed on police beats and focus on gun crime. You said before, that the 2015 Baltimore riots were a clinic for the national riots of 2020. Of course we know that the Charlottesville debacle of 2017 was a clinic for the January 6th D. C. event. What do you think this portends?”
—The Brick Mouse
Wow, I was flattered, and yesterday, after my host stated the above, I answered in the kind paraphrased below.
In May 2015, murders and other violence doubled in Baltimore.
By June 2015, 20 federal agents, a task force consisting of agents from 6 agencies, were tasked with investigating police corruption and homicides. Mostly what they did was try and find where all of the Phentanyl taken from those 36 Pharmacies in late April ended up. This was largely an observation by the Creep State of the results of the conditions they set into play by the very event they kindled, fanned and then fueled earlier in the year.
By March 2020, the results were in and it was time to use America's daily blue-on-black crime, to generate a nationwide intensification of criminal activity—particularly murder—in urban centers. Baltimore, was notoriously free of riots in 2020, with cops in New York arresting Bantu warriors being paid by rich Caucasoid sponsors for using bricks in the Big Apple as they had in the Crab Apple in 2015.
Indeed, the release of Bantu mercenaries, from their urban rioting duties in other eastern cities since the deposal of the Orange Usurper has likely caused an increase in Baltimore crime over last year, when many local hitters were at work elsewhere.
Da boyz is back!
2020 Creep State Defund the PIGs Recap
The prime targets were:
-New York
The only large U.S. City to successfully combat crime without dependence on Drug War subsidies and having done so with a police department then rated as the 7th largest military force in the world.
Murders in New York have since doubled.
The safest large American city.
I am not certain on murder increase in Seattle but its residents no longer believe themselves to be safe.
the safest mid-sized American city, lightly policed by a civic-rights minded police force.
Murders in Portland have doubled and shootings have increased ten-fold.
Philadelphia was not specifically targeted in 2020 with imported actors like the cities above, or those in the Great Lakes Region. However, Philadelphia has Baltimore-like potential due to its large population of Bantu warriors. By simply following the federal lead on the need for increased urban crime, Philadelphia's kangs have doubled their murder rate. Philly is thrice as populous as Baltimore and is structurally and socially closer to it than any other American city. It should evolve in the necessary direction
Game on—the mudslide has begun, just as the Creep State planned it.
This was all done to scare the rights out of American home buyers and voters so that they would beg, city-by-city, for the very army of occupation now being withdrawn from overseas.
Look, the crisis in police numbers in Baltimore, occurred in 2017, when the President was willing to help and was shunned by the very municipal actors who have been pawns of the very Creep State agencies that ousted him from power since the year before he came into power. The head of the Baltimore City Police Union was sounding the alarm on blue flight back in 2017.
However, no mayor or federal agency suggested any federal help with policing until mid July of 2021, when the national press reported the official numbers that New York and Philly have doubled previous murder rates. The lie that Baltimore is experiencing an abnormal spike in murders is used to cloak the beginning of the actual federal policing trial in Baltimore. Murders always go way up in July. This year will certainly see over 320 killed in Baltimore. But due to the number of shooters killed in this process it is unlikely that the Harm City Hoodrats will best their record of 343.
Baltimore is a method test run. Whatever results are necessary in Baltimore to have the media sell this policing method to the American Sheeple, will be manufactured via the “juking” of crime numbers. If the U.S. Marshals have to scrape up 20 slain hoodrats from the Baltimore pavement, and truck them down to Richmond or up to Philadelphia, and drop them on street corners, in order to suppress the Baltimore murder rate they will. But it won't come to that. For the past three years the BPD and the Baltimore Sun have cooperated misreporting the race of Baltimore homicide victims and in the redaction of reported homicides, “As if dat nigga no longa dead!”
I guarantee you this, that no federal cop will ever be formerly accused, investigated or tried for killing an urban American until whatever point the new policing model is in place.
The media will simply tell whatever lies the Creep State script writers assign them, and Wee The Sheeple, will bleat, “Yeezz!”
Oh, I forgot the most important line of this article.
I told you so.
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Sam J.     Sep 27, 2021

"I told you so."

Yes you did. Things are unfolding like you have a crystal ball that you peer at every so often and auger the future.
Jeremy Bentham     Sep 28, 2021

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

-Barack Obama, Speech in Colorado, July 2, 2008

Indeed James, you remain a keen observer positioned on the very cutting edge of societal evolution. Not only have you earned the right to say “I told you so”, in circumstances such as these it is important to keep saying it, over and over again. Lest people forget whose dumb ideas got us into this predicament in the first place. After all, the Marxist Left is extremely adroit at changing the subject and shifting the blame for their folly unto others. They count on the public having a short memory too, especially without being prompted by the media. Nothing to see here folks. Move along now. These days I often encounter people who say they ‘don’t understand what is happening in this country’. I ask them if they imagine for a moment that the chaos that is befalling our society is happening by accident? Our country is currently run by a collection of grifters, mentally ill grievance mongers and communists. Are such people going to enact policies intended to increase the security, prosperity and personal freedom of the American people? Or do they intend to leave you going about your day with a look on your face like you got kicked in the nuts? If for no other rational reason than that they want you to be as unhappy as they themselves feel.
Bryce Sharper     Sep 29, 2021

"Game on—the mudslide has begun, just as the Creep State planned it."

If this is the case, we can expect that 90% of the Creep State's kills will be uninvolved civilians, like when Milley declared the recent drone strike in Afghanistan was a "righteous kill" but in fact killed an aid worker and his family. Also, as Richard Hanania has documented, the presence of our troops only enabled crime. Afghans noted, "Now that democracy is gone, we feel much safer [under the rule of the Taliban]." It's hard not to argue that this is what we deserve.
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