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The 702 Bridge and Wotanathonics
And Other Discussions with Brian Jewell and Mister Grey
© 2021 James LaFond
Below are some videos of discussions i had with two training partners in Baltimore County, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in late July and early August 2021. Since the rainy day when I sparred with and then spoke to Mister Grey in Rick and Punky's yard, I have spent 5 of 10 days on the train... and I have to say, that after Oakland, Caliphornia, i still—Like Big Butts!
Brian is a real guy, with a real name and a real job that is trying to get his story out there without a social or political agenda.
It's is my hope that I have been of some help to him.
Brian and Mr. Grey have sparred before, by the way.

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Brian Jewell
Wed, Aug 11, 6:22 PM (10 days ago)
to me
Decided to put our two videos this week. I will probably be doing the same next week. Posting them slightly out of order from the way we filmed them. I put up two of the six minute ones today. Next week I’m goin to post the one where I talk about the confrontation I had I. The locker room in high school and the one where we sit and all about how bullying has changed since the 80’s and 90’s.
Today I put up the 702 bridge stories and the one where you speak about watching your surrounding and how someone could attack.
Hope your doing well

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Brian Jewell
Wed, Aug 11, 6:54 PM (10 days ago)
to me
Here is the second video. Probably could have found a way to send 2 attachment. But I’m doing this from my cell, so it was just easier this way.

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