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'European Migratory Inferiority'
Why do Academics Insist that Europeans are Inferior to Bear, Caribou and Aborigines?
© 2021 James LaFond
Ring Species
The 5,000 km first cousins article is behind a paywall unfortunately.
Here is the wikipedia page for "Ring Species" which are species that partially or completely circle the north pole. Prominent examples are brown and black bears, caribou, all sorts of sea birds, etc.
-Lynn Lockhart, 8/26/21
Lynn informed me that the bones of ancient Аrуаn men in Slovakia and Mongolia, were determined to be first cousins. Although herbivores like deer, bison and mammoth, omnivorous bears and carnivorous wolves and lions are permitted by science to ring the northern hemisphere, Caucasian humans are forbidden by the superstition of science to migrate from east to west and west to east across the same bodies of water bridged by animals. However, science does believe that Asian men traveled from Siberia to the verge of Antarctica across three continents, that Australian Aborigines sailed the open seas 40,000 years ago, and that Polynesians could span half the globe in mere canoes.
The fact that the scientists who have fought for a hundred-odd years in the journals, stacks and repositories of academia against the idea that Iron Age Europeans could sail as far as Stone Age Aborigines, Polynesians or Amerindians, also resist the idea that the Chinese who invented gunpowder might have sailed as far as the Polynesians, suggests a deep vested interest in limiting investigation into the human past. I know not why this pathological devotion to the untruth is at the center of the established practice of history. This practice is however, the opposite of history, which means to inquire into the past.
Might the fact that Herodotus, to whom we trace the practice of History, is vilified by most academics as not a responsible historian but a fabulist and folklorist, be related to this mania among establishment historians to slavishly serve the perpetuation of Lies?
I suggest no conspiracy, but rather trace this practice of negating primary sources and quashing investigation into the past, to the establishment of the Myth of America in the mid 1800s. This process constituted a tacit agreement to cast America's complex past in a simple motivational light in order to solidify the nation as a continental power. This does not seem to have been a conspiratorial or nefarious process, but rather an instinct for institutional climbers seeking prominent positions in a new and rapidly growing system of education.
Any system of education must also be a system of indoctrination. Of the 20-odd teachers I had in Middle School and High School, only one even used the term “critical thinking” and he was an extreme outlier among his peers. That system, by the mid-1900s, had developed a collective instinct to invalidate any evidence of Pre-Columbian European contact with the peoples of North America who traced their origin to Northeast Asia.
I suggest nothing more than that American academics are acolytes of a vast system of thought, whose attitude towards the consideration of evidence concerning the real past that contradicts the theoretical past proposed by their predecessors, ranges from reluctance to hostility. I suggest only natural, hierarchical loyalties, operational instincts to preserve a hallowed ideal in the face of what was or is real.
There is prodigious evidence for people of European descent populating Eastern North America for at least 1,000 years before the accepted doctrine of European Migratory Inferiority. Furthermore, this pattern of travel has been surely proven to be among the easiest routes connecting two continents by sea, and that circumpolar navigation by sea westward from Europe to North America had occurred in the Stone Age, between 8,000 and 4,000 B.C. The strong Аrуаn features in Amerindian tribes tracing their lineage to the Great Lakes Region buttresses this contention.
But must travel have been only from east to west?
If horsemen of the Аrуаn and Mongolian races routinely rode between Northeast Asia and Central Europe, as is attested by ancient, medieval and modern military history, might not a tribe of Аrуаns trapped by such dynamic population movement in Northeast Asia have made the same journey to the Americas via Siberia that some 45-to-750 Asiatic tribes made over the course of 14,000 years?
After all, at least two tribes native to the Carolinas at First Contact were related to the Great Plains Indians, 2,000 miles apart, just as the Black Feet of Montana were related to Eastern Woodland Indians and the Apaches of Mexico were Athapascan speakers related to Canadian tribes.
Might the strange reluctance on the part of academics of European Descent [the race of nearly all published academic historians] to credit European peoples with the ability to migrate before the age of gunpowder, be as simple as the Ivory Tower delusion?
Might our bizarre and irrational religious beliefs in European Migratory Inferiority—marking our kind as inferior even to bears and wolves—simply stem from the inability of sedentary thinkers ensconced in educational institutions to imagine people of their races taking a risky journey into the unknown?
Perhaps, the discipline of history being devoted to discounting anything that is not comforting to the hierarchy with which the inquirer has sworn loyalty, has made officially sanctioned inquiry into the real past impossible?
It does seem to this reader, that history [meaning inquiry] may in fact be dead.
Are we at the very end of history?
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