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Pigs with Gigs
News from VAB, Richard Barrett and Buffalo Bob: Dateline 9/19/21
The key strength of Western Civilization is that it is a LIE.
Bronze age Civilizations did not lie. The rulers regarded every single member of their nation as a slave and spoke that sentiment clearly.
Tribalism is not a lie: you suck and we are great.
Barbarism is not a lie—might makes right.
But Western Civilization, or Modernity, is based entirely upon the lie that the system that rapes you loves you, the system that imprisons you sets you free, that the system you serve serves you.
Below are some samples of the facade of the lie as it cracks in spiel time...
My comments are [in brackets].

Red Jaxxxination!
Richard Barrett
2:44 PM (6 hours ago)
The title was just too good to pass up!
Richard Barrett
[The Chink denial of this six-month old story is confirmation of the fact that νаϲсіոation will eventually be conducted with brown phallic symbols—told ya, Yo!]

Next, a severed human head in burger!
Sat, Sep 18, 7:16 PM (1 day ago)
Shit, sorry, looks like they are using cyber-attacks on even on mild sites like Breitbart.
[Daily mail and Zero hedge and other sites attack my computer, so I do not end up reading various links sent in as the attack begins and I exit. Honestly, the less you view media the less you are surprised by its content and the easier it is to decipher. The headline tells everything the article does. There is no illumination. The military-police lockdown in Australia is a clinic for use of similar means in the U.S. Since there was a 4-year lag between the Charlottesville clinic of 2017 and the Dee Cee Coup sham of 2021, I except to see Australian style martial law instituted in the U.S. due to disease/election concerns in 2024-25.]
Cops carrying AR-type guns here now, could be rubber bullets. After Melbourne shit fight system going bananas. Next, out come the tanks.
Sun, Sep 19, 9:51 PM (9 hours ago)
Big fights in Melbourne, right now this moment, construction workers fighting at union office, all big fuckers.
Weekend massive fights against thugs in blue in Melbourne, human steam rollers, knocking over said blues . Check it out.
These guys are all young, big, strong, don't appear to be antifa etc. Very interesting sociology for us.
[There are whispers of a a trucker strike in the U.S. We may or may not see something like this here. I find this interesting in that the physicality of police has fallen far below that of the working man. However, 130 years ago, when the main job of police was beating down union workers and those cops were massive NFL types with horses and clubs and guns that they used, they were outnumbered by the workers like a British outpost in Zululand. I do not know what the count is, but with 30,000 NYC pigs and 2,500 BPD pigs, I wonder if the cops might outnumber organized workers in some instances. In the U.S. the cops if they ever lose, will be immediately rescued by the Military as they were in Baltimore in 2015.]
PHOTO: Woman Eating Burger Bites into Decaying Human Finger
Although the worker offered to close the restaurant while Benitez was there, it reportedly kept serving customers. “After the customer’s post went viral, a company spokesperson called the Dahmer-esque discovery an ‘unfortunate incident’ and explained that an employee had lost part of his pointer finger while prepping the meat — a story that has been confirmed by local police,” the ...
[Get used to it. The tiny Utah town I've been living in has had 2 of 4 eateries closed, and 1 of the two remaining halving its hours. Every single place of business has a help wanted sign. Once you hit a total slave matrix then slave productivity hits the floor and fewer marginal people choose to be slaves rather than become "frontiersmen" or what we call today, "homeless."]

Gangs Of LA Sheriff's Deputies Are Running Amok, Bullying Other Cops | ZeroHedge
Sat, Sep 18, 3:31 PM (1 day ago)
[Sorry, Bob, but Zero Hedge attacked my computer. It demanded I download a whole package of unknown stuff in order for me to even read the article. I do not respond well to black mail or extortion. However, since most cops have decided to serve evil for 20 years on the promise of a pension, they will usually knuckle under to criminal gangs within the criminal police force who tax their asses. Policing is nothing more than an extortion racket, protection money. However, the witless American meat-puppet is incapable of seeing the contradiction between the lie that the Policeman is your servant and the fact that he can rob, rape or kill you without any suspicion of wrongdoing unless you are a black person. So, expect an expansion of police gang activity. These are not gangsters infiltration police departments, but cops deciding to become gangsters. In my view, police gangs are to the good, as overt criminal activity by cops is more honest than the standard lie that they are saints when they are in fact the worst among us.]
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logic of force
Jeremy BenthamDec 9, 2021

“Of the gods we believe, and of men we know that by a necessary law of their nature they rule wherever they can…you know as well as we that right, as this world goes, is only in question between equals in power; for the strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.”

-Thucydides (c.460 - 400 B.C.), Book V “The Melosian Dialogues”, History of the Peloponnesian Wars
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