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In the Sim
The Crackpot is Cued by His Skeptic Niece on Shamdemic Simantics
© 2021 James LaFond
My dear Niece is surrounded by hysterical mask cultists who plunge daily further into their various government mandated rabbit holes of insanity. Despite this, she sometimes scans The Sim [media] for news from the whorl she thinks I will find entertaining.

I hope this isn’t pixelated
Wed, Sep 22, 3:57 PM (4 days ago)
The image is of a cartoon hooker hiphop babe saluting in a blue Bikini before an American flag.
What follows is the text dialogue between my darling niece and I:
Jamie: BTW the sim is getting weird again
Uncle Jimmy: What is that pic of? Send to my email please.
Jamie: Hope this isn't to pixilated.
Uncle Jimmy: Damn! Can you mail that bitch to me?
Jamie: I forgot to ask if you needed context for the Nicki Minaj picture.
Uncle Jimmy: Damn, that's her name?
Jamie: They tried to cancel her for questioning the safety of the V. And now mandate protestors are using a Barb pride flag to show support.
Uncle Jimmy: She is well-equipped for dissent.
Jamie: LOL. did you know who she was before this picture?
Uncle Jimmy: No, but who she should be is my slave girl! I would kill nine Bantu warriors and pile their heads in front of her father's mud and straw palace for her bride price.
Jamie: I laughed in real life! Thank you.
Uncle Jimmy: Thank you for the pinup art.
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