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Disease Politics Backdate: 10/3/21
With B. Sirius, Andrew Webstar and Iron Age Bob
As I write Up Shingle Creek, about a maiden plague wife in an alternative fantasy earth of 2023, the insanity of mass mandates concerning individual and public health, apparently based on the insane, false, fake, phony, impossible and counter-logical proposition proposed in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, that all men are created equal, begins to make sense. The boss men lied to us way back when, even lied about us to us, and are doing it again.
Below are some links to youtube counter-media interviews with counter-corporate doctors. I expect this stuff to be buried or deleted. But who knows—the lie is so thick and so willingly believed, that the truth can be left to chirp in the thunderous gale of the lie.
Briefly, the developer of the ʍRΝА therapy is interviewed by Jimmy Moore and makes it clear that the media, medical machine, government and pharma corporations are acting unethically and un-medically. He claims that the treatment has already begun to develop super-versions of the Dread Minus, just as overuse of antibiotics develops super bugs. he is also concerned that this treatment will cause virus reactivation like shingles and points out that the U.S. has had the worst outcomes with the Dread Minus precisely because we have been able to buy most of the jaxxines.
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Throw this in...............Charlie Watts: He Swung Like a Donkey's
Charlie Watts: "He Swung Like A Donkey's Nuts!" | Five Guns West
Instant Pharma's Gonna Get You...It's Gonna Knock You On The Head | Five Guns West
EXPLOSIVE Truth About νаϲсіոes & COVID w/Inventor Of ʍRΝА νаϲсіոe Technology, Robert Malone We are all being lied to and cheated and kille...
Doctor Malone yet believes that voting matters—game over.
The other doctor reminds me that most of these jaxxines are being given by retail employees. One of my friends paid a homeless guy to get his jaxxine and the photography clerk at the Walgreens administered it. Retail food, of which most Pharmacies are a part, have such low quality staffing that shelf-stocking is a major stresser. For instance, this clerk did not even check the homeless guy's I.D.
The bald British Doctor notes that even the evil Pharma Lich Lords recommend against putting the jaxxine in veins, that it can cause heart problems. Instead of putting it in the deltoid muscle it should go in the outer thigh, to save the heart from damage. However, the CDC and two other national governing bodies funded by the jaxxine companies recommend throwing all caution to the wind and not aspirating the needle to avoid pain! This last determination, that the vast herd of Murican Sheeple can be misruled so long as they are not made to feel a pinch of pain, suggests that Wee the Sheeple are getting exactly what we deserve for trusting these fiends in the first place.
How does one trust the Fiend Class in a world where only money is sacred?
This is the dilemma of America, that a nation built on only one core value—profiteering—is some how also supposed to defend traditional fantasies such as "rights." Sure, currency and rights are both lies made up to mesmerize us by our rulers. But at least a $20 bill can be seen by a cashier for what it is and used to buy $20 worth of food. Rights are not printed and folded in every wallet like money, but posted in distant laces and must be argued about for years on end by the ruling class as we await their pleasure...
Did some rich assholes once sing an anthem claiming that, "We won't be fooled again?"

Postscript Religion and Philosophy
Our young genius Andrew got the following document from his school, not far from where a billboard over a business that went under and is vacant and for lease, thanks "Science."
Of course, science is completely fake and must now be deified.
I am pasting the chilling text of this NGO propaganda for two reasons:
-It denies that any connection between place of origin [Israel] or family [Daddy's faith] can form a basis for legitimate religion.
-It places philosophy as a religion!
-It declares that individual thought [presumable including the revelations and deductions of Moses, Jesus, Sidartha, Mohamed, Apollonius, Epictetus, Confucius, Hiawatha, Maui and Zoaroster] can have no religious validity.
-It affirms that scale of belief and officialdom and academic opinion are to judge what is and is not a religion.
-Most importantly, it declares crooked-wise that only faiths that post date the development of modern medical technology can be legitimate religions for the basis of objection to νаϲсіոation, for the ancient religious text must have predicted νаϲсіոe technology and explicitly cited it as evil.

This is what we get for being Born to the Lie and willing worshippers of it.
On the upside, i predicted all of this in Beyond Rainbow Bridge and earlier in Organa and The Sunset Saga, so I am content to die of the Dread Minus when it comes knocking on my straw door.
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