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Letter to the Pirates
Pillaging the Cracked Pottery Before the World Library Gets Erased
© 2021 James LaFond
The fellow who informed me that most of my money making books have been stolen, did me the favor of letting me know why my income continues to shrink despite reads going up. He also told me not to make this known on this site, for reasons i am not familiar with. I still don't understand the moral authority that denies me the ability to post on this. i do understand that his email content is his and i won't repost any of that, other than the link he sent me.
Funny thing was, 14 months ago Incognegro said that he believed that he could assure that my growth continued exponentially and offered to partner with me and asked how I felt about being a millionaire in two years. [This guy is only 30 and has bought dozens of cars and houses. He knows money.] I told him i'd just buy a big ass Dominican girl to sit on my lap while I settle down to drink Mount Gay Rum and write novels—that money would ruin me. He had a plan for getting me on Rogan, for instance. He was downcast, having hoped he could make his hobo mentor rich, so went back to raking in money in more mundane ways, liking selling cars and flipping houses.
Thanks for explaining why my Amazon revenues have all but dried up—hitting almost zero this month. A third of my income just vanished this summer. There are some other reasons, with Amazon cutting the price on my better selling drafts down to the point that I make zero money—Like The Giver and Good Book Bad Book, and shadow-banning other books, with it easier to find used versions of my books than new ones.
This is actually pretty cool, that my books have become arrows in a quiver of young hate.
Furthermore, by giving PDFs to readers who buy site e-books and having unsecured site e-books, i did this to myself. My web master warned me about this. I have no desire to have these free books taken down. The Chinks pirated By the Wine Dark Sea five years ago and i was flattered.
I'm fucked by those who value my work as much as by those who hate me for my productivity, which fits with the plight of my ancestors, makes me preternatural white trash.
i do agree with the Messenger that this is a positive development for two reasons:
-1. Last year i was in danger of making a living, as my income had doubled four years in a row from $1200 up to $9,600. As Incognegro pointed out, "That is consistent exponential growth with no promotional effort, just your work quality gaining traction, and that shit doesn't stop unless something puts the brakes on it."
Well, the ether brakes have been applied. If that growth happened again i might be able to stop being a hobo, maybe have a steady girlfriend, start a family again, begin collecting books again, etc. Abruptly, this year, my Amazon revenue floored and site revenue and patreon revenue reduced slightly, and i'm headed back into the gutter where my ass belongs. This insures that i will never be able to make a rentable living from writing and that the only way i will ever be able to decide to settle down, rent a room in some ghetto and expire anonymously offline while i try and blow my heart out molesting some wench of color, will be to stop writing and get a minimum wage job.
Since i have sworn not to stop writing and plan on killing myself at whatever point i can no longer write, this should insure that i continue to gain infamy, which is more important than living in comfort. A friend of mine told me that if I get hospitalized he'd break me out so i could crawl off a roof top or he would drop me in a Bantu warzone. I think I'm getting two squeamish to stab myself in the neck and i won't use drugs or a gun to make it easy and am terrified of heights and wouldn't want to ruin a motorist's peace-of-mind having to splatter me when i step into traffic.
There is also the dilemma of killing myself as a guest. If i ripped into my descending aorta right now, with the knife Bob or Manny or Erique gave me, Deb would have to pull out this carpet and Bob would have to foot the bill for putting me in the ground, and Bob or one of my other steely benefactors would have to deal with their gifting my means of death. That is no way to repay a host. So i'd rather just go from ARDS, and the hobo life is perfect for that and has been insured by this latest development. When i get sick, I will be barred from getting on a train and all I'll have to do is sit in one of the homeless camps by the tracks and wait for the lungs to fill up. A look at the list of pirated books shows all of my former top money makers. My new titles do not sell, only the old titles, which stopped selling this summer.
-2. My webmaster, who never liked my writing, seems to have been won over by recent devolvements in Murica. He told me at a face-to-face meeting two months ago, that i was almost the last true voice in a wilderness of lies—and this despite my obvious retardation. He wanted me to get all of my books in print ASAP. I told him i don't have the resources. i can't publish a book because I do not have a smart phone and won't get one. i'm shut out of the POD platforms. My editor can only do 6-10 a year. i write 20-30 a year. So it is kind of nice that these pirates are steeling my work and maybe hiding it from those who will erase it from such links as that below.

There is a problem with this as a lifeboat of bad ideas. My web master told me that if not now, that in the future, it will be possible to erase everything online with my name on it, that no site is ultimately safe.
So i have a request. If you are going to steal my work, can you please put it in print so it will survive the post-modern burning of the Ether Library of Alexandria?
Beggars can't be choosers.
Also, the money thing is a phantom anyhow. i figure that by 2025 any money i have or can make will be erased and my only possible economic value outside of a bartered sleeping space will be dependent upon medicalized social credit ratings. In any case, since i am limping towards 59 in a half year and have refused medical attention for three years and will not accept medical treatment in the future, i figure on being gone by then.
My family does not want to be associated with my work and you are essentially stealing from them, as that remaining $100 a month of Amazon money is slated to go to my Grandchildren.
I am currently writing to provide an income for my Angelic editor, who promoted and produced my books for free for four years. Really, I have ill-treated the lady, even breaking a book-signing engagement with her in her home state in favor of fornicating with a Korean girl who won me over as i purchased two pint bottles of Hennessey with, "You real man!" So please, don't steal her stuff. Everything i wrote beginning with Masculine Axis in 2017 is hers. That leaves you noble pirates with over a hundred earlier titles to loot without incurring the stigma of stealing from a woman.
Hate the World and good day!
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