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Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Discuss the Spectacle of 50 Year Old Teens: 12/17/21
Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Discuss the Spectacle of 50 Year Old Teens: 12/17/21
There are more or less violent protests going on across europe against the covid hoax and from time to time the cops peperspray and beat up boomers, much to my amusement. 
This is such an entitled, lazy, tone deaf, stupid generation of braggards that never gave a damn about anything but now that their stupid coffee shop or christmas market or other senior-amusement-facility is closed they think they can just act up infront of the riot police and then things are supposed to happen their way again, cause muh civil rights. 
How mentaly retarded or infantile does one have to be to be in this age group of over 50 years old and still behave like this snotty teenager, mouthing off towards armed, armored men half your age, and expecting nothing to happen. I remember these same old dumb fucks from events when there was some stupid "civil alliance against right wing extremism" and the same types of entitled 50 year old teenagers were mouthing off infront of us, thinking that the pale face has to listen to his pseudo-moral lectures of right and wrong and wouldn't just follow him home with his friends, break into his apartment, torture him for his ATM pin codes, and then live off the monthly retirement payouts while he rots packed in plastic in the broom closet.
I think back on some video Sam Hyde made over a year ago, warning to fight in the streets with antifa or cops, because your little, fragile caucasoid skull isn't built for that sort of thing. And now you see these brittle skulls entering the fray not for god and country or any such supposedly high minded concepts, but because an infantile generation gets treated like an infantile generation that went full anal retentive hording toilet paper by the least sigh of trouble.
These people are after a lifetime of media consumption mentaly just fried in the head. I just hope they completely emerge in their own death drive next when they see that the end is near, waging boomer jihad with rollator born IEDs or maybe assisted driving car attacks, but i also hoped that this virus would at least be something serious in the area of a 50% lethality rate.
-Teutonic Fist
Sir, it is my odd opinion, not shared by many, that governments are living organism, organisms that are made of flesh and blood and have for their purpose control of the earthly herd which must be maintained like any mass of livestock at some peril to the herdsman. A swineherd was in danger of being eaten by his pigs, should he fall among the slop and hit his head on a pen post. The danger of wrangling cattle and horses have long been fraught with mythic peril, painted upon temple walls and now occupy a sports niche on TV. A billy goat might gore the goatherd. Even the least dangerous food animals, sheep, pose a danger to the shepherd based on their very helplessness, placing him at odds with wolves and brutal cattle-breeding men.
Governments are entities of control, the very flesh-and-blood embodiment of force and fraud on a grand scale. I recall Buster Douglas, having beaten Mike Tyson for the title falling like a fat whale before Evander Holyfield, a smaller man who was a more active fighter who never got fat.Governments get fat and lazy. As cruel stepfathers to us all they are jealous of their power, and, like any living thing, as they grow fat and lazy, they sense the estrogen building in their body, can feel with dread their own expanding, softening, hollowing vulnerability.
This is, I think, a key aspect of Democratic Governance in particular, the innate insecurity of the revolutionary who has become a member of the oligarchy. This is the story of the Boomer generation in America. No more insecure person lives than the person who believed in his youth that he was a revolutionary and then became in his fading age that which he had once raged against. I see modern western nations, most of them essentially formed or reconstituted some 200 years ago through industrial and ideological upheaval, as experiencing a late mid-life crisis. I am not seeing just people in late middle age go into crisis, but nations as well.
On a practical level, one expression of this in democratic nations is the conditional sanctioning of political parades, or protests, an infantile inversion of the ancient Roman Triumph. This serves the purpose of venting populous rage, of self-identifying enemies of the state, of gaining empathy among broader segments of the population for the apparatus of government control, and also, of exercising the muscles of control.
The top echelons of the dawning Infotech Corporate Police State know that in the next 20 years food riots will be common. I have trained one young man for 20 years, who is now 26. He proudly informed me that he is now in the U.S. Army practicing riot combat, hoping to put that stick-fighting form to good use. He needs some practice thumping protesters now. Because when he is 46 years old and leading a platoon as a sergeant while his CO cringes behind him, what will make him effective while his tranny CO bites its nails, will be experience in riot combat.
As drastic food shortages intersect with massive populations of entitled subhumans, rioting over actual survival will be a common occurrence of real peril, rather then the relatively recreational political rioting of this passing precipice in Time. I see this as to The Good, for honorable young men will be able to heft a shield and a baton and fight vastly larger mobs of feral shitfolk…and the paean of Leonidas will echo down from that time of real men into our time of surreal men.
If a civilization has to die so that my one stick fighter can put food on his family table while the mobs of foes he tread under his boot heels deservedly starve as their vanquished portion of fate, then humanity have taken one more halting stride towards the awakening of The Old Ones.
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