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Shaping the Cattle Space 4: A History of the Future: 11/14/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Medical Witch Finding
My doctor tells me, in response to my query, that pharmacies are refusing to honor his scripts for a cheap, effective and Nobel award winning medicine. I will not name the medicine here to avoid coming up on Pig Pharma witch-finding searches.
A local Oregon doctor prescribed this medicine for a patient for the same formerly common purpose, and told the patient to say it was for a skin problem. When that patient tried to get a refill, the pharmacy refused.
Recently, 400 new deaths were listed on the CDC and Oregon Department of health site, and a reader here noted that the date of death next to these names were all from 2020, from peak Brovid. The next day, when he checked again, these 400 new Brovid deaths were magically corrected to read a recent date, as though the same people who died in March 2020, have magically again died in November 2021.
The basic medicine I had sought, just in case I got sick, was procured for me by a man in the Rockies, in a rural region, at a feed store for domestic animals. He told me that it was under lock and key and there were screening measures in place to make certain that sick people deprived of medicine by Pig Pharma, could not use the animal version [exactly the same] for relief.
As I am at The Bar, struggling against encroaching retardation to get online and check my posts, the News announces that children are being cured of the Dread Plague with experimental immunity treatments being called νаϲсіոes, despite their being no evidence that children have suffered from the disease.
A girl in another state, whose advocate I know, caught the dread plague and had three mild days of cough. Then, she was forced by a law court to get the bogus νаϲсіոe and she became deathly ill for two weeks. Now, all previous medical history points to a person who has survived the disease as immune to it. Further, since the νаϲсіոes themselves are accompanied with manufacturer literature that clearly states that the treatment does not prevent infection or spread of the dread plague, there is no rational reason for injecting this child with said treatment, other than a will to dominate, to inject, to inseminate if you will, the population against its will.
In the mean time, federal courts are blocking the government from forcing νаϲсіոation requirements through labor regulatory agencies. All the while, all parties agree that there is a pandemic going on, when the disease in question was downgraded from pandemic to epidemic in July 2020. the fact that all parties agree in certain falsehoods—even if these falsehoods have been reshaped and codified as facts:
-such as people dying in 2020, dying again in 2021
-an epidemic being called a pandemic
-an immunity therapy being reclassified as a νаϲсіոe by changing the definition of a νаϲсіոe
Points to a false outcome, the establishment of a Holy Civic Lie as truth in the future. For if both sides of the debate agree upon a foundation of lies, then it awaits mere reclassification of a ruling, or a consensus, to massage the lie into the semblance of fact. For now it seems that some judges are protecting the people against their exploiters. But in a population that believes it is okay to be locked up so long as one is acquitted in the end, one wonders, is this just being conducted as civic theater?
Even if these procedures are above boards, I suspect that a judge will have his daughter threatened, or will be black-mailed somewhere along the way, or even killed. Perhaps higher courts will be expanded and staffed with system cronies.
However, even if the judiciary stands as a final bulwark against forced medical experimentation, the deal is done. Most people are lining up to get their experimental injection. The News shows children, children of holy hue, of sacred melinated innocence, being the first to get experimented on as a leadership example for their peers.
Additionally, it is only citizens that are being forced to get the injection. Persons, who lack citizenship are not required, which means that in the eyes of The System, citizens are second class subjects and extra-national persons are first class subjects. This means that The System, despite its national pretenses, is, like the very history ascribed to it, a Lie, that the nation is in fact a post-national front.
It is this unique lack of perspective, this inability to see the post-national nation as a node of a greater organism that will prevent even those who disagree, dislike or rail against the system for seeing it for what it is. If dissident voters—who have already forgotten that their votes are discarded or deleted or negated at the whim of the system—suddenly fail to comply with their anonymous rulers, the news will simply declare that some other nation threatens Uncle Sham, and the very country music fans who are so hated by the system will rally to the defense of Uncle Sham, enlist, and journey around the world melting children in their cradles to prevent invaders from storming the beaches of New Jersey, parachuting into Manhattan, or some other fantastical and logistically impossible threat.
However the politics of shamdemicism plays out, the vast herd, being most sloe-eyed American mind chattel, will trundle onward begging for more and more cures for a phantom plague, for we are our own god and have just awakened to the threat of mortality and must be rendered immune to that which might smite us. Thus the genius Creep State has taken the very “science” that once doomed former systems of mass hysteria to decay in the early modern demon-haunted world, and have used it to create a science-haunted world and infuse it with the most manageble form of hysteria, hysteria based on supposed facts, which requires that its subjects simply be presented with false hoods as facts in order for their reason to lead their mind into the same trap that their emotion is already directing them.
This commentator’s opinion is that whatever diabolic intelligence has woven this veil of lies, is as deserving to feast upon our souls, as we the duped are deserving of being their food.
history of the future

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