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Shaping the Cattle Space 5: A History of the Future: 11/14/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Supply Chain Chicanery
As I have traveled and lived and purchased groceries from coast to coast beef prices have easily tripled. Since peak Shamdemic we have been told that this is the result of disease, of the supply chain being interrupted because people are getting sick and posing plague dangers to their coworkers. This has somehow posed a danger to beef supply chains, above and beyond any other.
What gives?
What makes beef supply in this nation exponentially more sensitive than any other type of food?
It is understandable, that goods manufactured overseas, that is to say nearly everything, as the U.S. has finally become the resource extraction-manufactured product consumption zone that it was designed to be by the mercantile mobsters who founded this nation. That aspect will be addressed in Part 7: Founding Grog Fathers. It is a no brainer that computer chips and other things made in China are of a sudden rare, in that the various port authorities on the Pacific Coast are declining to permit many ships to unload their cargo, citing various imaginary causes.
But why can chicken, lamb, beef and pork be had at a simply higher price than before, while beef is exponentially more expensive?
Also, in light of the fact that I spoke to three men who raise beef, who stated that they are getting lower prices than ever for their beef from the packers, while grocery retailers and whole salers are paying higher prices than ever, what gives?
Price gouging of course. Only the meat packers are making the extra money. The retailers and wholesalers are passing on that cost and the beef herder is getting shafted. First, lets break and look at how the meat packers came to rule the business of growing, butchering and selling meat.
The same way we lost the right to decide what gets injected into or veins—for public health. Huge corporations paid government [specifically Congressman Touchy and Senator Feely] to implement food processing regulations that would favor a few massive outfits. Although this was for public health, it is key to various e-coli outbreaks and worked against public health. It is now also working against public health in that the best source of animal food available in North America for an affordable price is now being reserved for the elite.
By these methods Asian, Filipino, West Indian and local American meet cutting operations, especially meet cutting and packaging by meet growers, have been eliminated. In most states, unless you can afford to buy an entire animal, or a half, can haul it, can cut it, and can refrigerate it, your nutrition is held captive by meet packing industrialists.
Animal cruelty, wasted feed and fuel, are all built into this system of zooming cattle this way and that to the few meat packers, which also compromises the end nutritional value, once again, every element of this public health monopoly working against public health.
A foundational principle of mercantile economics—the very economic system for which America was founded, and which drove Europe to two world wars over access to underdeveloped lands to colonize and exploit—is the same reason why the North invaded the South in the American Civil War, that to enjoy maximum profit, the manufacturer must own or otherwise control the source of supply. Aside from a handful of ideological Christians, no one in the north of 1861 cared a wit for Southern Slaves. The driving force was a greed to own those enslavement sites and then bind former slaves into share croppers, which is less expensive than having to feed and house them.
Meet packers have been raising prices and reducing costs by artificially reducing supply, by making the farmer hold onto his cattle and feed them beyond the point where he can pay for that feed or cut his losses by killing and leaving the cattle to rot, since he is not equipped, and in most cases not permitted by law, to harvest his own herd.
This treatment of the rancher—who in many cases is not a sympathetic character due to his having bought into this corrupt business model and become one of its exploitive creatures—will drive them to extinction and the meet packer will then be able to take over the supply source.
That is actually the best case scenario. So-called plant-based food, which is about as natural as a chemical designed and patented in New Jersey to taste like orange juice, is now a viable technology ready to be scaled up.
All across the American West super wealthy folk have managed to buy the access lands to “public lands” and cut off the public from hunting their, making of mountains islands of government lands accessible only by the elite. I suspect that the democratic diet of modernity, which is the only phase of human culture other than hunting and herding where the poor had access to the same level of nutrition as the elite, is coming to an end.
The super rich will buy most of the cattle lands, use a small portion to raise their food animals and use the rest for recreation and solitude, as the ever-expanding poor are herded into cities and suburbs and off the productive lands and fed industrial foods stuffs, designed in laboratories and produced in factories. As this continues apace, now, almost every land owner whose parents grew food in the Rocky Mountain Region, are selling it for elite real estate, taking that land out of cultivation.
Every corporate practice and government policy I have examined to do with food production in the U.S. is designed to:
-Reduce food quality for the masses
-reduce food quantity
-Increase living and recreational space for the elite, particularly upper Class Chinese Nationals
-Reserve quality food for the elite.
Thus, as Modernity collapses, the new corporate world will return humanity to a malnourished mass ruled by a well-fed elite, just as civilization was from 6,000 B.C. thru roughly A.D. 1820, closing an anomalous period, an interval during which the elites of some 200 years out of 6,800 years, shared with the scum of the country that infested lands that might have been better used by the few than squandered on the many.
Fast returning are the times when only the Rulers and their henchmen ate meat, and that poor folk caught taking fish from a river or a rabbit from the brush—or God forbid, a stag on the heath—were either hanged for the crime, or sold into the Plantations to slave 14 years of hard labor, on a diet of maize and dirty water. [1]
This world was predicted in the 1960s by Science-Fiction novelist Harry Harrison, in Make Room, Make Room!, which was made into the movie, Soylent Green starring Charleton Heston. [2]
-1. So Her Master May Have Her Again, the diet of Mary Sprigg serves as an example, as does that of James Revel in Into Wicked Company. Stealing a chicken in Plantation Era England was a hanging crime, that night be staid in exchange for 14 years forced labor in The Plantations. The judge received 20% of the convict laborer’s sale price, as did The King.
-2. My host in The Cascades can no longer buy whole mutton because the Filipino stockyard has been shutdown. Likewise, Amish in Wisconsin and Indiana are under attack by municipal authorities for slaughtering their own livestock. These communities are under attack in Pennsylvania to adopt νаϲсіոe mandates, suggesting a broad-based attack on community self-sufficiency.
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qoute"Aside from a handful of ideological Christians, no one in the north of 1861 cared a wit for Southern Slaves. The driving force was a greed to own those enslavement sites and then bind former slaves into share croppers, which is less expensive than having to feed and house them."
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