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Thought Police Beat
Discussing Neopolitics with Devil Dick: 2/25/22
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets. I appreciate Devil Dick using anti-thought-police language to keep this site from being shutdown.]
Hey James I'm sure you've seen the news.
[The Captain’s wife held her phone up to me in the kitchen while we were cutting up vegetables to show the Canadian pigs robbing the gas cans from the truckers.]
There was that thing that happened up here in Canada with the automobiles that aren't cars that lead to Justin Trudeau calling their drivers terrorists and freezing their bank accounts. And that thing going on in Yorope with Vlatimyr Pudding.
[Oh yes, Doctor Evil from Specter, from Russia without love, became the cause to turn on the TV, as this is a military family.]
I remember you wrote that the tangerine man's ascendancy to powah meant they would tighten their grip on the iron dildo that rules us all. Well it happened alot sooner than I thought it would. I don't know if it's because they think the deadliest virus in human history has been milked for all it could, or if they realize this thing happening right now is a much better excuse to justify their rule.
[I think that the system of power itself has become collectively self-aware like a waking dragon with many feuding heads. The Tangerine Man set back whatever time table there was for crushing humanity by 4 years. I think he did it witlessly, just like a used car salesman unaware that the car lot owner had decided to become a Tesla dealership. I suspect that this is a time table racing against 2031, when there may be a severe cold snap that will effect food production catastrophically. Military contractors securing grain in India for Walmart, Chinks in Africa messing with the Blue Nile, potato and wheat crops failing in Canada, world wide grain reserves reduced by 10% in 2020 alone, etc.]
Anyways I understand if you don't want to write about this one, it's obvious where things are headed. I will say in case the thought police crackdown more, I classify you as a better historian and urban researcher than any academic as what you claimed would happen has come to pass.
[Thank you, Young Sir!]
Where do you see things going from here? 
Honk honk
- Devil Dick
P.S. included some photos. 
Thanks for the photos. It is interesting that Canadians have stood up stronger to the system than Americans, who just grabbed their ankles and asked for a first and second and third injection, just to keep their jobs.
Okay, Doctor Evil from Russia, I can take a swing on that, because I have survived and even thrived as the Russian player in numerous games of kill the leader conquest and diplomacy.
Russia provides 70% of world grain exports under their criminal regime, where they had to beg for grain from the U.S. in return for playing bad guy and scaring the piss out of Americans from the 60s to the 80s, under the Soviet regime. Russian scientists are predicting famine levels of global cooling that will strike Canada and Russia the hardest.
Just to the south of Russia is, You-Got-Grain.
You-Got-Grain is an American puppet state that the U.S. is threatening to arm and bring into No-Ass-Today-Olaf.
Note that You-Got-Grain does not border the Atlantic, and that No-Ass-Today-Olaf is supposedly a North Atlantic defensive concern.
You-Got-Grain is also between and potentially in control of Russia’s only warm water winter ports in the Crimea. The Crimea was the scene of the French and British war against Russia that saw the creation of the Red Cross and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Russia had acquired control of this area from the Turks [who are now part of No-Ass-Today-Olaf] in the late 1700s with the help of American Revolution naval captain John Paul Jones! Additionally, in the late 1800s, the Turks kicked the shit out of the Rooskies using Winchester repeating rifles that we gave them. Doctor Evil and other Rooskies are very touchy about the Crimea—it’s there nut sack, so to speak, and we Muricans were threatening to clip the elastic on that Roosky jockstrap.
And You-Got-Grain also has some oil, and someone, the Mongols, the Tartars, the Turks, the Rooskies, the Poles, the Natzis and even the Swedes in 1700 for a couple weeks have tramped all over You-Got-Grain for its grain, its cute babes, and access to the Baku oil fields…
The point is, historically, some one other than You-Got-Grain almost always owns You-Got-Grain.
Look, if I am Doctor Evil, and I don’t own You-Got-Grain, I’m going to, by hook or crook or main force.
The question is, why did the Creepy Slojoe Administration, and the Alabama-Cliton crooks before them, mess so hard with Doctor Evil and the Rooskies, to push him to take what he could have dominated through lest costly means? Recall that the Alabama Presidency saw the U.S. selling most U.S. Uranium reserves to the Roosky menace!
I think it is simple, that while United Nations German paratroopers were being flown into North America to support our rulers and a French No-Ass-Today-Olaf Colonel is commanding the Cognitive Warfare Center in Virginia, and our ability to even decide what gets injected into our bodies is constantly under attack, we can be comforted and distracted by the fact that Uncle Sham is standing up against Doctor Evil—over there! Over there! Evil is over there!!!
This is basic Orwellian mind control. Just like the War on Terror, to have my mother terrified about towel-head terrorists in Shitmanistan, driving around in white SUVs that they can’t repair, while hundreds of people are being gunned down in her own home town, which she had to flee from to stay alive.
Devil Dick, some bad shit is sliding this way, so stay slick.
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nc     May 2, 2022

"You-Got-Grain," nice touch. Has the same problem Poka lovers do. Always the pickle in the middle.
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