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Some Supply Chain Notes on A Resource Yet to be Targeted by the Elites: 2/15/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“In case you were curious, I talked tot he director of operations here at the distribution center and he tells me that the big supply chain problem when it comes to food is packaging. We were supposed to get 100 some pallets of Kraft cheese today. We got 5. Reason is the packaging all comes from China. Kraft has cheese. They just don’t have the wrappers. This is true for almost ll food products out of stock at the grocery store.”
-Truck Driver
I recall a brief grain shortage in the mid 1980s due to a drought, which did not raise the price on a box of cereal from $2.00 to $2.01, because almost all of the cost of a box of cereal is advertising and packaging, which is to say branding—and branding is but one thing: slave mind economics, buying because our betters have declared something worthy of purchase.
The fact is that America is awash in food so that it is hard to avoid obesity. Americans do not want cheese, they want approval that they are making the correct purchase. Of course, paying Americans to make labels when you could pay Chinese to do it, makes zero economic sense.
The slavishness of the American mind was on full display in my 38 years in Retail Food. One great example was cheese. Let’s take Kraft Deluxe Cheese slices, a WIC item supported by the Department of Agriculture to feed women and children so that Tyrone and Jerome can spend their burglary money on weed. The yellow Kraft is not covered by WIC, because the scientists at the department of Agriculture, know that annato dye does not come from a cow’s utter. When taking away WIC “purchases” one sees that Kraft yellow outsells white by 100 to 1. 99 out of 100 Americans are slaves to yellow food dye with zero taste and nutrition. Most of these people will swear that yellow cheese tastes better, though it tastes no different.
The two most slavish groups of people are:
-White women, who swear that skim milk was eliminated and will not accept my explanation that it was re-branded from skim [the process] to non-fat, [the property.]
-Black people, who refuse to accept the strange notion that cheese is made from milk and that milk comes out of a cow white. These people actually think brown cows make chocolate milk!
White bitches and black folks, the two groups of people in the nation regarded as the most sacred by media [most commercials target these two groups thoiugh they make little money], are the most slave-minded people in the nation. This is how branding works, an artificial moral loyalty matrix built upon an interior notion of productive inferiority conjoined with a superior notion expressed in a thirst to consume goods in excess of our own productivity. Branding reflects the aristocratic notion that the person of true intrinsic value does not work, but consumes.
This Medieval Christian Moral Absolute has become the sacred core of Postmodern Consumption-based economics, which is dominated by the media, which is the entity, that like the Medieval Church, assigned all moral value.
The above equation is why America is being restructured to favor women and blacks, because they consume much more than they produce. This causes a suction vector that can be managed and accelerated by the capitalists to assign men of other types as producers, while simultaneously vilifying them as moral inferiors and owners of a mystical privilege that must be divorced from their blood line and reassigned.
America was founded on the involuntary compliance of European American men to the wishes of elite European American men and women. It is logical that the branding of the English boy’s face and the cropping of his ears for running away has been replaced by the media branding of him as unworthy and the product branding of the fruits of his labor being wrapped in packages made half a world away. Once he was branded and shipped across an ocean to work here. Now his brand is shipped across an ocean and wrapped around his work.
It seems convoluted because it is. For the more expensive a cheap food item may be rendered, the more money is put in motion, which always favors the party who has artificially “added value” to the product, giving them a larger slice of the economic pie.
Now, cheese itself, unlike meat, is not currently being targeted as a pariah food. Cheese is nutritious, has good storage qualities, and can be bought in large units. Cheese can also be made and made from goats as well. Instead of killing grass with a gas-powered machine, how about getting some goats?
Yes, this is illegal in most places, with most Americans agreeing that food should only be produced in distant areas, wrapped in phony images made in far further places, and consumed as far away from the source as possible.
Why so?
Because a good slave does what will enrich his master, which ideally keeps him in poverty and bondage to that master until his usefulness has declined.
We Americans have laws against growing food almost everywhere we live, for the very good reason that we are slaves that fantasize about being kings and queens served with distant got delicacies. True famine might be one of the few hopes to restore the humanity of the American Meat-Puppet.
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Ruben     May 3, 2022

Look for a significant bump on this. I shared the link, with excerpt, on Vineyard of the Saker. He gets around a million page views per month.

I'd like to run it in an upcoming post on my blog too. Here's todays post:
nc     May 3, 2022

qoute"-Black people, who refuse to accept the strange notion that cheese is made from milk and that milk comes out of a cow white. These people actually think brown cows make chocolate milk!"

Whitey and Mexicali too.
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