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The Smoking Gun
Big Tone Wants to Know If There is a Smoking Gun for Plantation America: 3/18/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“James, I am trying to describe your Plantation America work to some working class people and they just can’t buy the white slavery thing, that it has been covered up. How can I explain this to them? Is there a smoking gun among the primary sources?”
-Big Tone
Man, there is no possibility of ever explaining a complex, nuanced subject to any American. This is because we learn how to deny reality and imbibe the lie from childhood, through comic books, school, news, social media, history books and other good guy vs bad guy fantasies that paint every subject in cartoonish polar relief. Most subjects, even boxing, are highly complex to the point of baffling the crippled American mind. The American mind does not think—not at all. The American mind is a faith-based organ that has been inoculated against any explanation that spans more than a sentence.
The best single work to try and grasp the facts of early American history is Cracker-Boy. But it is 700 pages long, which makes it 699.9 pages longer than the American attention span. This is only fitting, that the descendants of agrarian and industrial and domestic slaves have, through their slavish social conditioning, been rendered incapable of comprehending such simple facts as 95% of European American slaves died in bondage, in Plantation Virginia between 1617 and 1671, and that during that period, when roughly 20,000 to 40,000 bound European souls slaved upon the land, that between 20 and 2,000 Africans were bound in identical conditions.
Academics have all kinds of lies they use to describe this as something other than what it was. But these lies are only needed to baffle the serious student of history. No lies are needed to baffle the beastly brained American, who need only be told that his forefathers set foot on this land at the dawn of an age of opportunity as free men, with liberties, freedoms and rights and thence marched down through the pages of history to defeat the Natzis.
Here is clue as to who is a wasted conversation.
“Joe, can free people be taxed, that is be obligated to pay property taxes or income taxes?”
If his answer is yes, there is zero hope that he can ever look at reality and see that reality rather than see the lies that have been transposed over it by his masters, by his betters. Any person that believes that taxation, even of people who have political representation through a democratic or republican process, does not constitute slavery, is a slave. Further more, he is a mind slave who does not understand and can never understand the basic fact of servitude as the people of all previous ages understood it, that to be bound to a place [try living without an address] and forced to pay money or be arrested and jailed and prosecuted, is not a state of freedom, liberty or autonomy, but a sate of bondage.
It is my opinion that most people are fitted for nothing other than bondage and have over the past few hundred years been bread into a slave-minded people of a collective stripe that is more herd-like than any of the folk of antiquity. The American of today is more a slave than the serf of Czarist Russia, for the serf at least operated in reality, knew that he was owned and that the boot heel of the state rested upon his neck, where the American actually thinks that the boot heel of the state that rests upon his neck, is his boot, commissioned by his forefathers, placed upon his neck for his own good and benefit, and is in fact worn by a proxy force that is his servant!
How can any person who believes that the greatest war machine in human history, which is also the greatest human resource extraction scheme across the ages, exists as his tool, rather than he being its tool, even as he is forced to run it—how can that person ever see reality?
A general problem with the primary sources is that they were being written for people who knew that their reality contained many unfree bound souls of all races being terribly used against their will. When we read these accounts on the other side of the academically inserted lies, such as Indentured servitude, which did not exist and was invented post facto, after the Plantation Period, we insert fantasy beliefs and warp our perception of reality.
Consider that the most extreme white nationalist natzis of today believe that this nation was founded for their race rather than on the bent back of that race, which is opposite of declarative reality in that period and is identical to the left wing progressive doctrine that is taught to our children in school. The beauty of the American Lie is that it is believed by its most argumentative people who disagree on everything else.
Some smoking guns can be found in African American Slave narratives:
-Moses Roper, a slave who appeared to be white and was an eighth African, spoke of how white slaves were hid in the back country by their masters, not for fear of falling afoul of the law, but for fear of appearing to be enslaving their own race, which they were doing. He was freed by the help of poor rural whites.
-Solomon Northup was helped out of bondage by an unfree white person, and maintained in bondage by an unfree white person spying on him for their master. He also mentions woman lumberjacks who appeared to be white working in the Arkansas forest.
-Frederick Douglass, a half-African half-white slave married, while a slave, a woman who was also mixed race and was entirely free, not only of bondage, but of taxation!
-William Wells Brown was half white, and described “Virginia fairplay” as a means of smoking a person in a tobacco shed, which was done to darken a person. He won his freedom with the help of poor whites, as did Frederick Douglas and Moses Roper. Why did these poor whites help so much, particularly since they were breaking the law, and that law often awarded them a finder’s fee for returned slaves? What might have motivated these people?
You see, the above question would be a good tool for revealing reality in a world of thought rather than belief. But, the Socratic method cannot be practiced on the American mind, as it is an organ of belief, not a tool of thought.
-William Craft and his wife escaped bondage, she a slave who appeared to be fully Caucasian. If people who appear to be fully Caucasian are held in bondage, even though their pedigree might be listed as part African, that means that any person who appeared to be Caucasian could be so held in bondage. The master need merely falsify a paper, supposing there was even a law against holding such people in bondage, of which there was none until 1868, and that law still permitted men of all races to be held as slaves in prisons, as they now are.
-Just after the start of the American Revolution, in South Carolina, a husband and wife of color, who were free and named Glass, bought an Irish girl and transported her legally to Spanish territory, where they killed her. They should have killed her in Carolina, where it was within their rights to beat her to death. But they did it in Spanish territory and became the only slave owners in North America other than Aztecs to be punished for killing their human property.
So, there are some smoking guns, but the gunshot victims are long dead unto dust, and the gun muzzles smolder only in the dark fable-shadowed precincts of the American mind, the smoke forever undetectable.
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Electric Dan     Jun 16, 2022

Good question. People usually dismiss it when I bring up James books on the subject. I sometimes think that things would be different if actual history was taught but then I think maybe it wouldn’t matter.
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