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Morpheus Rising
Musings on Libertarianism, Anarcho-Tyranny and Propaganda: 3/4/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
The news last night at the bar was dominated by obviously fake news out of YouGotGrain, with only one disease hysteria story, that masks in California, Oregon and Washington will no longer be mandated by these states as of March 12. This clinic has already been run in Maryland on August 1 2021 and amounts to privatization and localization of medically-based social control.
This is predictable, instructive, brilliant, and entirely overlooked by American Meet Puppets as some kind of abatement of danger on the preening Left and a kind of Constitutional victory on the weening Right. The mask mandate story had a cautionary comment from a medical guru who announced that masking is still the safest way to avoid the global pandemic, which is neither global or a pandemic.
The Holy Lie is thus sanctified before it is placed back into the Ark of the Government.
It is obvious that the next round of media hysteria over the next Big Pharma Made-Government Sanctioned Bio Weapon, will be almost entirely localized and privatized. I suspect that this achievement of the libertarian panacea of privatized social control will enable the All Seeing Eye of Leviathan to focus on the coming famine politics, which will be global. This may explain why the Roosky versus NoAssTodayOleg phony global crisis over You-Got-Grain is being fanned into a new global Cold War in perfect hand-off synchronicity with the melting of plague politics.
Plague politics will be back, but largely localized and privatized so that the media will be free to fully support resource aggregation and the demonization of small scale food producers and the crackdowns on supply chain disobedience. These developments point to corporate medical tyranny on a parallel track to government-media resource tyranny and ultimately, to factory made food divorced from traditional agriculture as the means of mass food supply even as the elites seek to monopolize organic food for themselves by crushing independent growers and self sufficient ruralists.
That the urban mobs are being increasingly conditioned to turn their worldview 180 degrees “on a dime” by deep and broad-based media manipulation, suggests that anti-Roosky hate farming is simply a clinic on cultivating a mass hatred for a distant menace. All Left and Right, Conservatives who believe in a lost utopia that never existed and Liberals that believe in a future utopia that caannot exist, agree on hatred of the evil declared by the media spotlight. If I was a Creep State planner, I would certainly see this resurrection of the phony false-polarity of the Cold War as like the summoning from his tomb of a great undead sorcerer to mesmerize the masses against the disobedient minority.
The American slave mind is being expanded, deepened and newly yoked to serve the Master against the tiny minority of free souls that seek to grow their own food and be left alone outside the trundling Collective, to turn this Collective into an Infectious Invective. Thus the urban and suburban masses will be turned loose—at least in military-law enforcement justification of action role—against the ancient American evil of the rural man, enshrined in horror movies and drama since the 1960s as the seat of evil.
Neither slave or master can resist the temptation to hate the runaway who has escaped the plantation, especially not the Plantation of The Lie.
At the dawn of the Modern Era, between 1453 and 1648, The Church, in its various Christian guises, steadily gave over the power to execute bad thinkers and to justify military action, to The Secular State. The Church yet played and plays a supportive role hundreds of years after its primacy has been usurped by The Nation State.
For some two hundred years, corporations tried to take the lead away from Nation States but failed in Virginia in 1613 and in India in 1857, and took a back seat—a manipulative one—to The State. It is this crackpot opinion, that the primacy of The Church devolving to the primacy of The State due to the printing press, is currently being mirrored in a dawning primacy of The Corporation and its Cryptocratic Deep State partners via electronic media and the ability to construct entire false realities for the masses.
The American Dream has always been true in name and false in claim, for it was, is and will ever be a dream, not a reality, and that seduced dreaming mass of idiot humanity is the zombie horde of the new Dark Lord—The Media Church—the News/Law.
The American mind has been conditioned, not to think, but to follow; from movies, to comic books, to TV, to video games which are actually being used to construct false war news. The Mind of Modernity, most typified by its American iteration, has been trained and indeed shaped to follow a story through fable rather than to beat a path through reality.
It is no accident that opium [and its imitations] and lithium are the world’s most sought after commodities—our flying carpets, our chariots of dream.
This is a mimicry of the metaphysical process of dreaming, in which we enter a dream as an observing participant after the action has begun and before it ends, as a passenger in the actual Divine Dreamer’s vehicle across the Cosmos. Electronic media offers the ability for our human masters to mimic the Omniscience of Creation and lead us into the Abyss.
These realities sketched above, are my chief reason for believing that the U.S.A., was, from its inception in 1776, a Satanic Mechanism for Secular Soul Driving, an attempt to birth a golem of a god.
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