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'A Hard Floor is an Honest Friend!’
Self Defence Volume 2 by Jeth Randolph: 6/3/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
In Saffrono, New Jersey, this book with the attached letter came in my name:
Dear James,
“Here, as promised, is a copy of “Volume 2”
many thanks for your contribution to this book and, indeed, your on going support which is an honour.
“I hope you find something of interest within!
“That’s me on the cover (old photo from my pre-zz top days) getting my ass kicked by my mate and student Matt—a hard floor is an honest friend.
“Warm regards to you and happy trails.”
A man with a real name contacting me is always a refreshing event.
What I really like about this book, and why I read it in two hours by Mister Saffrono’s pool without blowing my eye up, is that it is printed in large font with numerous text breaks.
Jethro has the most valuable series of self-defence publishing on going and is a far more sensible writer than Geoff Thompson, his fellow Brit, whose work was all about volunteering for violence as a door man and then sucker punching drunks. Thompson came up with some useful doctrines, like “The Fence.” But the time for true survival advice for people who want to be left alone and do not have an in with the cops, is here, and Jetho provides it with a striking clarity.
I turn to the book now and check the pages I dog-eared yesterday, a book that will be left here in the James LaFond Memorial Library of some 500 titles.
Page 14
Jeth wraps up the hard way to go any student has, being subjected to prison-like security systems as “a one-way power relationship for your safety.”
He has the juvenile problem really dialed in.
Page 16-24
Jeth outlines his Three Word system of self-defence:
These he places in linking context to form an internal discipline for governing his actions. This is the best and most unique conceptual section of this book and is the foundation for digesting the rest of the book, which is a mix of experiences of real aggression, reports from readers and questions from students. I really liked Jeth’s work encounters and much appreciate that he once again dedicated the book tot he memory of his Uncle Charlie Mike, a U.S. Army Ranger who fought in Vietnam. A relation by another relative, a Ranger Colonel, who fought in WWII, is put to good use in the book.
This is simply the best format I could imagine for doing this type of writing, something I never stumbled upon writing in the field for 20 years. Jeth’s approach is much more positive and less dark than mine was, and recognizes a more decent approach to life than my “live and let die,” philosophy.
Page 72
We get the beginning of a series of social media lockout messages, which was a gift from The Fear Safe System, which resulted in us getting this cool and useful material.
Page 138-144
Of the many useful real life stories and reviews in this book, this one is the best and shows that the authorities in Ireland are just as likely to support criminal aggressors against peaceful citizens as in the U.S. of Gay. The scenario is a good example of how naive to the system of control that tough, honorable sorts of men are across the Anglo-Sphere, and how it is the low-life criminal that has the true understanding and shared predatory mindset of Law Enforcement.
Pages 185-197
These are questions from Jeth and his students which I don’t remember fielding and also did not cringe at reading, as I was afraid I’d flubbed it. It is not too bad.
Pages 198-207
The most fascinating part of the book, is untitled and demonstrates how various Civic Organizations approached Jeth about training them for defence against government sponsored invaders. This is interesting, in that three years ago, before the Vid turned every law abiding Hindoo in America into a System Bot, the man who lived next door here to my host had asked me if I would relocate here and train some 20 to 30 Hindoo business associates and friends and family in how to defend against ebony crime, something I am an expert at. He was willing to finance a self-defense school for Hindoos and even provide a place to live.
I declined then for the same reason Jeth seems to have, because we are not fool enough to line up with people who are trying to resist government-imported terrorists and criminals. This would make you the enemy of The Government.
Additionally, many such civic defense groups in the U.S. and it seems in the UK, are founded by people who have a political agenda to vote out soft-on-crime politicians and vote in hard-liners. This is but one step from Civil War, which will always be one by The Big Guys, not The Little Guys.
Guess who has the means to import criminals from around the world by the millions per year?
Not the Little Guys!
What happened in the U.S., is some of these groups got suckered into street fights at political demonstrations and members have done hard time. Other groups have been colonized by by Creep State Agents and used as fronts to support and commit the actual type of crimes people like Jeth’s students want to avoid.
Jeth, good job on tiptoeing through that minefield!
No organization is a refuge from the Over Organization, from the web of mind control and force projection that is our largely faceless system of control in late stage Modernity. The best example of this in myth is in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, in which any attempt to use the power of The Dark Lord, serves the Dark Lord and makes of the would-be hero not only a dupe, but an evil-bound soul. Until things spiral down to the point of total social and economic breakdown and warlords and tribes reemerge, then organizing for The Common Deffense is the greatest crime against government one can commit, for those governments have organized The Common Offense and will not watch you wreck their Anarcho-Tyranny social model.
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