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Impressions of The East: 5/1-5/2022, Baltimore
© 2022 James LaFond
“I wish I could be more chill during the end of the world.”
-Thirty-year-old woman
As I headed north to Chicongo and then east to Baltimore I noticed the following changes from times gone by, as witnessed, overheard and spoken to directly. Unless cited as a recent trend, these are all trends that started to become noticeably pronounced in 2019 and went into hyper realization in 2020 and 2021.
People, especially men, are starved for someone to speak to, anyone, are more polite, open doors more often and are less aloof.
Women are less self-assured, less bossy, more fearful and prone to actually thank men for such favors as only two years ago invited scorn, such as holding open a door or helping with their luggage.
Men are fatter.
Women are a lot fatter.
Open love making by homosexual and lesbian pairs has become a regular thing on the train, with one set of dykes or faggots to every 50 person train car.
Men are more friendly, women more fearful, as a general rule.
Train passengers used to be, in the vast majority, vacation goers, holiday visitors and business people, depending on the run. Train passengers are now predominantly relocating:
these are mostly women and young men, relocating because of job loss, separation from a mate and flight from crime. They seem mostly to be returning to a city that they once escaped, with hangdog faces and low morale, such as going from LA to Minneapolis, San Francisco to Portland, Denver to Philadelphia etc., apparently moving back in with mom in most cases.
Most female train passengers used to travel in pairs and now travel alone.
The exception is young Murican men in trades moving to better places for work.
Many of the Gawdly folk have never traveled before and do not have any idea how to pack a bag and seem quite harried and downcast.
Increased hipster sensibility’s are overwhelmingly evident:—masking cultism
-disease fear
-worship of Gawds, both Kangs and Queans prominent
-tripled ebony on ivory aggression at traffic lights, and in other public spaces, especially the workspace. That is triple over 2019, slightly increased over 2020-1
-lesbian and homo couples doubled in public
-Ebony on ivory aggression has leveled off and has stopped increasing for the first time since 2008.
-Already decreasing incidence of people on foot in suburban and urban areas has sharply decreased—plummeting off the cliff from steep decline to free fall. It is hard to find a pedestrian in Baltimore County or the outer residential zones of the City.
-Restaurants and bars are once again fully staffed but with an entirely different set of employees, even by type. Good looking women are almost gone from service—perhaps selling their ass online? Wait staff now tend to be very overweight women with marginal personal skills and no experience, with about half being quite nice and the other half afflicted with RBF Syndrome. [1] Bar maids are being replaced with middle aged Murican men with few social prospects.
-Customers at bars and eateries are still half of pre-Brovid levels.
-Homosexual female couples make up 1 in 4 dating pairs, marking a ten fold increase since 2021.
-Ebony Gawds are increasingly feminine, light of skin to golden, emasculated demi-queers who cling to a vaginal type moral authority and attempt to incite mobs activity rather than make direct threats—quite an astute adaptation so timely as to appear implanted by their creep state creators.
-Ebony Gawds who are not social justice warriors or criminals are friendly to guilted ghost at highly apologetic levels. This is very different then, let’s say in Denver, where young white men compete openly to be debouched by aloof ebony supra-companions, around which each individual Kang, as in Portland, cliques of pale worshippers compete for abasement.
-Family activities among vestigial ghost folk are now structured like ebony gatherings used to be, with only 10% of the members adult males, and bossed in a purely subservient baby-carrying cow-towing role by dominant females of unpleasant aspect.
-Pairs and trios of men posing as real or potential criminals on the streets of Baltimore are markedly fatter, softer and less assured.
-Sales of beer and liquor in dive bars that have survived, which is to say 70% of pre-brovid, has shifted to focus on carryout for drinking on the street, where open drinking and drug use is now the rule, among the very few people seen on the street anywhere but bus stops on main roads.
-Bus drivers are now obviously terrified of the passengers, locked behind a plexiglass shield, [2] not enforcing masking as the ebony Gawds enforce such social norms in the old way.
-Baltimore is the only city I have drunk in where beer prices have not risen, with a bottle or pint draft still at $2 compared to:
Seattle: $6
Portland: $3.50 to $6 across 7 places in one area, with extreme differences in pricing based on clientele
Oakland-San Jose: $5
Denver: $5
Saint Louis: $3
Amtrak: $5
Chicago: $6-8
Over All Locations Across Country
-Cashless payment technology is more aggressive in chain stores and eateries than before, marking a real push.
-Cash has returned to Amtrak after a 2 year ban.
-All chain hotels are refusing cash payment still.
-Housing prices are up everywhere, with houses out of the reach of normal working folk in all but the most blighted areas.
-1. Resting Bitch Face
-2. One bus driver was recently killed by a hoodrat who was steeling his lunch box and work bag. An undercover BPD detective was carjacked by two hoodrats as well, while on duty!
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