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Musings on the Death of High Trust Society: 5/22/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Harford County, Maryland
My long time lady friend Megan, has been offered a job, a much better job than she has ever had. Now, she has always sought to “do the right thing” which, in a feminized and Africanized society, means that she is a chump, or a sucker.
Like I, our Boomer masters taught Megan to give two weeks notice, when leaving a job. The lady that interviewed her for the new job wanted her to start right away, but Megan said that she wanted to do the right thing and give two weeks notice. The woman then said, “Well, I appreciate that, but if they don’t, I’m not going to fill this job until your start date.”
We discussed this and it brought me to mind of a conversation I had with a young west coast man who could not wrap his head around “giving notice” unable to frame a parting employee as anything other than an enemy of the employer and a potential saboteur.
This is a toxic view of a work place, that in America, deserves this toxicity.
I gave two weeks notice to my boss in November 1992 and was treated like garbage, as I knew I would. The employer even had a cop come talk to me about how I was too soft to survive the bus commute to the enemy job location and that I should think about how sad my sons would be when I got killed on the street, before deciding to bus so far away from home for night work in the then imploding Baltimore. But, I wanted my new employer to be able to trust that I wouldn’t just walk right off a job and that I’d give them time to replace me.
I did this again, in 2006, when I left that employer and I was well-treated by the store director and the new employer was impatient with my old fashioned delay.
Also, like in 1992, the mid-level management people picked on me constantly for my last two weeks. The workers at my level were happy for me. But the managerial class, except for the top guy, all did what they could to fill my head with doubts about my ability to pass all of their six levels of power, and land at the top. The only one who really knew how tough it would be on me was the Director, who was the only one who gave me advice, and when he found out I would be working for female store owners, he said, “Do not fuck that woman. She will come on to you and if you give in, your life will be hell.”
He gave me other key tips. By this point, I was being made fun of for giving notice. But Bob, his name was Bob Hoffman, appreciated me giving notice and gave me a number of key tips that helped me become successful as a General Manager with zero managerial experience. I even sent him some key numbers through sales reps and he gave me high marks, having expected me to fall on my face.
Then, when I landed in that position, and became essentially the second person in H.R. behind one owner, and the second person in Operations, behind the other owner, everything Bob had told me was correct. The one thing that held strong was the overall belief, by 2006, in the workplace, that someone who put in two weeks notice when changing jobs, was a chump or a fool.
I chalk this up now to feminine corruption and African distortion in the workplace, a psychosis that is naturally invited by the manipulative Anglo-Merchant mind.
The first, the female influence, makes of separation a bitter squabble devoted to assigning guilt, rather than an honorable departing of ways. Rather then the mechanics of functional separation, our society, based now primarily on Marital Divorce laws favoring the wife, makes of separation a blame battle rather then a way parting.
The second, the African influence, is the immediate thirst of the Gawdly Kang to plunge his spear into the back of any man who turns his back on him after a disagreement.
I learned that my employers, when a person put in notice, refused to give a letter of recommendation and assigned their store detective to frame the departing employee for theft and fire them before they could quit.
Also, when firing a man I was struck after I turned away, after conducting myself in a very kind manner and even offering post-employment counsel. I had no interest in casting a man out of employment, but of building a better crew. I told all of these men I hired that this would be like making a team and that if they did not make the cut, which most men cannot, most men being incapable of managing stock inventory at the necessary work-rate that I required to balance the payroll budget, that I would offer them tips on how they might make some other store’s team and would even be there for phone counseling.
I knew that I would not be at that store forever and that once I left, the owners would start promoting the men with the biggest cocks and handsomest faces over the more able men. So, I felt better about bringing men on board knowing that when they met my work standard that they would be among the top1% of grocery clerks and find easy employment elsewhere once I left and things went to hell.
My employers hated this about me, that I treated exiting employees with respect and did not seek to defame or frame them. Eventually, they began firing people for reasons that had nothing to do with workplace performance, but in order to establish a more bitchy form of slut control. The CEO had to personally fire a man every month or it would interfere with her sexual orgasms! When I found out that they fired good people for bad reasons on my only day off, I knew that if I resigned, that they would have their two store detectives cuff me and walk me out accused of some crime.
So I came in early and quit and gave the keys to a man I could trust not to call the cops on me, throwing my ties in the trash, to break utterly with the managerial class, scum that they are.
I was offered 9 management jobs, despite having quite in a manner calculated to make people not want to hire me. So my west coast friend is correct, only a fool gives notice in today’s predatory anti-society.
The high trust society that my father and uncles and grandfathers coached me on working within, was utterly gone by July 5, 2010.
In late 2017, with a torn hip rotator, bloating body and tearing knees, I was unable to stand for more than 20 minutes, could not bend over, and could not kneel at all, and had to work in a squat that was tearing my knees up. This was my part time job working for Larry and John at Geresbecks, two guys that had been good to me. This $10.25 an hour job paid my Baltimore rent as I only made $1200 a year writing. I gave three months notice! I did this because that is how long it would take me to train a new clerk through the various sales and case maintenance cycles.
John just grinned and refused the training time and started playing games trying to get me to stay as long as possible. Larry even helped the grift, by asking me to work past the holidays, to do the training in January, not during the holidays. They kept drawing this out, playing me for a chump—and these, some of the few good guys in the business. So, when Salt and Pepper and Big and Bigger tried to mug me on Monday Night, December 10-11, 2017, I quite abruptly limped up to them and said, “I’m done—you’ll never see me again.”
And they both just stood and gawked at me between the bread and the tasty cakes, shocked that even though they had not done the right thing for me and their business model once in the three months that I had dedicated to doing the right thing for them and theirs, that I was suddenly not that chump.
John, fuck you.
Larry, fuck you too.
I am now beyond employment other than self employment. If I could not make money writing, I would sooner begin robbing people as a more honest and honorable line of work than the American workplace that remains.
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Ruben     Oct 24, 2022

In California all employment contracts are "at will" contracts. The employee, if he can write, signs a doc stating that the employer can terminate employment at any time, without cause or notice. The obverse side of the coin is that the employee can also quit at any time, for any reason, without notice.

I was old fashioned and would give notice but if a company sucked, I'd give notice and not show up for two weeks. If the future job was incredible, I'd stick around because the management would thoroughly hate me.

Interesting takes here. In Cali, if an employer says you are doing so well that you will always have a job here ... changes the at will contract and if they can you with or without cause, you can sue.
OE     Oct 24, 2022

There is a thing these days called “quiet quitting”.

Quite nifty when you have multiple remote jobs and you just ride one out and do basically nothing while collecting a check until they fire you..

Fuck them, the employers could care less..
Maud'dib     Oct 24, 2022

I always give notice, except that overnight stocking job at tegrat. It has worked out in the end not to burn the bridges.
Yeti Waters     Oct 25, 2022

Out here if a man is a mechanic or millright or has something to do with expensive machinery, the general practice is that when he puts in his 2 weeks notice the employer will immediately give him a check for 2 weeks pay and tell him he can stay home the last 2 weeks. This is to prevent sabotage.
Bryce Sharper     Oct 27, 2022

In CA I once told my manager I was looking for another job so he could find someone else since I cared about him and the project but it was headed in the wrong direction. I wouldn’t do that again. He treated me like a traitor and an impediment. Eventually I found a job at a competitor and was escorted out. As others noted, company loyalty is expected from employees but is never given to them. Of course, a former employer has power over you even when you no longer work there - they can badmouth you to a new potential employer. This you’re always expected to uphold their reputation no matter how undeserved it is.

The solution seems to be to retvrn to some proprietorship and family business, but the scale, complexity, and regulatory burden of our economy makes this very difficult.

Out here, food distribution seems to be moving towards dark stores and home delivery. And consolidation.
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