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MS. Grumpjowl
A Pale Hobo’s Notes on Gyno-Murican Civics: 6/27/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
People ask me often, men predominantly, how the women are in various parts of the nation. The young ones, are, in some cases wondering if they could move elsewhere to find a good woman. The older men, who are married or discarded, seem to wonder in idle curiosity where their lot falls along the Cuck-Murican spectrum.
Today, many of these various questions echoed in my mind as I went into the Wells Fargo in Abingdon, Maryland and was treated like utter garbage by two women in my age range, to upper-middle-class Karens, who sneered at me for not having a smart phone, who hurumphed when I asked for an itemized balance because I do not have a computer to access. They were offended that I needed their help with my banking. There was not another customer in the building. [1]
This is notable, because Wells Fargo has, by far, the highest customer service standards of any of the six banks I have banked with as an adult. White, Black, Latino, Blacktino, Asian, Chinegro, hetero, homo, dunno, male, female, shemale; all of these various groups of Wells Fargo clerks across this despicable nation have treated me with respect and kindness and helpfulness. But in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, white women tend to be absolute cuոts, bitches, witches, barren Karens, sand-impacted Gynarchs.
In the Northeast, from Maryland up to New York, which is my range, overlapping the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast into what I call The Beast, there is no such thing as a white woman who even makes a pretense of treating white men with respect or kindness unless he is wealthy, and then he is undermined and the slow erosion of her respect for him commences.
This very same group of women reserves all of their store of maternal care and feminine approval and social grace for “people of color” their pets, their vast orphanage of martyr children…
Conversely, in the East, if a paleface man, particularly a man that seems of the working class, is going to receive any respect or mere social civility from a random woman behind a counter, in a medical setting, at a bar stool, in any accidental or inevitable role, that woman will be a person of color. White women in gatekeeper capacities, universally do everything in their power to belittle, invalidate, humiliate and alienate men of their same faux race.
Exception are barmaids, waitresses, hookers, crackwhores and strippers.
Of interest to this reader is that Goatlieb Mitterberger, in his journal of captivity in 1748 Pennsylvania, declared that English women were insufferable, tyrannical, needling, cruel and unpleasant. Might we just be experiencing an echo of Britannia, that whore nation that once never had to suffer the indignity of the sun setting on her narrow, sterile posterior?
Who knows. But for you poor mugs that are stranded in The Beast, here is the best survey I can manage of Murican Whoredom, for every white woman is by definition a whore, as she is entirely, worshippfuly, an economic creature, at least when she is in her natural environment, the Megacity of Eastern Modernity.
Western Pennsylvania
Black women are more surly than in points east and south.
White women are better looking and almost human in behavior.
West Virginia
Black women are sweet.
White women are less better looking and as sweet as the black girls.
Cuոt central, just like Seattle and The East.
Total Cuոt matrix.
Rural Cascades
Merely 20 miles out of Cuոt City
Black women are super sweet.
Asian women fearful.
Latino women put off.
Native women range from psychobitch to sweet.
White women are actually human, ranging from bitchy to super sweet.
Hillsboro Oregon
Sweet women of the ghost race abound.
Portland, Oregon
Black chicks tend from surly to sweet.
Asian chicks have a wide range of behavior from timid to sweet.
Native chicks tend to be in the middle human range, not super sweet or total cuոts.
White women range from the Aunt Queefa Kunt Battalions, with the women that burned much of this city behaving and holding the same values as the normal Eastern woman; to super sweet working girls behind counters that seem very much like the nice rural girls of the Cascades and Hillsboro.
Oakland, Emmeryville, San Jose, Santa Clara, California
This is identical to Portland, except the white cuոts are not violent and look better.
Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz Mountains, California
Identical to Hillsboro, Oregon and Cascades—sweet white women
Joliet, IL
Similar to Western PA, actual human white women with human range behavior.
Saint Louis, MO
Black women are not as nasty as in the East, almost sweet behind the counter and sometimes lovable.
White women factor like Western PA.
Southwestern Missouri [Into Arkansas and Northeast, Oklahoma]
Even dollar store clerks, meth whores and buffet workers are sweeter in the main than the nicest women in Maryland. In a dozen to 20 stops I did not meet a single bitch behind a counter.
Did not see a single Negress.
To the extent that cuոts range here they are migrant Lesbos running business fronts for rich globo homo perverts, and rich upscale immigrants that own ranches and such.
Western Virginia, Eastern Tennessee
Supper sweet white girls everywhere, some of whom even failed to beam hatred at Mescaline Franklin, the Uber Misogynist who tends to elicit extreme disapproval of white women at a glance. [2]
Denver, Colorado
Generally the coolest, nicest and best looking women of all races.
Northwestern Utah, Wyoming
Native women and Latinas tend to keep with their own kind and are polite.
White women are the best looking in the country next to Denver. Here, the trashy chicks run from neurotic to flat out crazy fun. But most of the white women here are polite and respectful to any man. The married women tend to get their way with the men, not through brow beating like an eastern cuոt, but by outworking him and then politely asking him to work almost as hard as she does. The western woman’s understanding of men seems to be superior to and more functional within a relationship, even if it is just a transactional relationship at the Wells Fargo in rich County, Utah, then the Gynocrats of the Eastern Shithole Negro-Worshipping Nation.
In the end, it seems that Murican women are essentially creatures molded by their social institutions or the land they live in, and where there is no natural demanding landscape that can kill your bitch ass when you decide to ignore the wisdom of men, and their world is entirely a social construct, they become bitch-zombies serving the will of the depraved homosexual reptilians that have emotionally reengineered them through corrosive literature, TV programming and social media interfacing.
1. I have this computer which is only used to write and post on the back end of a secured website. I have now had five computers nuked while doing emails. The email field is an invasion portal where I have lost computers and am unwilling to risk loosing my work. It is more important to protect my work then to track how much money previous years’ work has brought in.
2. At a glance, Black, Latino and Asian chicks like this guy, even though he regards them as genetically beneath him and unqualified for his attention. There is a huge lesson here, that the problem with women is mostly a problem of white women, and that it does not matter how you treat any of them, that their behavior is not reciprocal. Although, he has noted that all kinds of women seem to be easily charmed by me in public settings, when I am in the east, and a white women is in a gatekeeper position behind a counter, she will almost always do what she can to shit on me. In his case, you could say that he wears his disdain for women on his sleeve. But in my case, I am very neutral, polite and easy going and only eastern White women treat me like shit based on my race and class. Women treat us as they do not based on our actions or behavior, but based on their social conditioning. They are thus spiritual slaves, which leads me to suspect that most of them have no souls, and are just bodies programmed with social values by nature of civilization.
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NC     Jan 3, 2023

"Of interest to this reader is that Goatlieb Mitterberger, in his journal of captivity in 1748 Pennsylvania, declared that English women were insufferable, tyrannical, needling, cruel and unpleasant. Might we just be experiencing an echo of Britannia, that whore nation that once never had to suffer the indignity of the sun setting on her narrow, sterile posterior?"
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