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Man Weekend 2023
Video Highlights and a Message from the Man Weekend Boss
© 2022 Sean Glass
Greetings everyone,
Linked below is a highlight of our 2022 Man Weekend. I will be uploading additional videos in the near future focused on each of the events.
This was our biggest year yet with 14 men fighting for their own personal honor, glory, a challenge perhaps even just a story. Because of the amount of people, the distance many people travelled (13 hours I believe was the record!), and my desire to make sure everyone gets the most of the weekend we will be hosting a two day event in 2023.
May 19-20, 2023 will host our annual Man Weekend with the first day consisting of seminars for each individual discipline (weapons, boxing, and grappling) and the second day consisting solely of fights. Rule sets will include:
Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA: 3x1 minute rounds
Stick/Knife/Steel fighting: First to 3 clean kill shots wins
Stick/Knife: Submission and/or most accumulated damage in 3 minutes
Grappling: Sub only
This event is INVITATION only. Past participants are allowed to vouch for new attendees. If you haven’t attended and feel you deserve a spot get in contact with a past attendee and we will go from there. Thank you to everyone who has attended and don’t forget to get out there and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!
PS: Yes Sjambock fights will now be a yearly tradition :)
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thriving in bad places
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