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Vetting Wake Christopher
An Experiment in Self-Publishing: 9/23/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
When I was recovering from an illness in The Cascades, living with a family whose husband and bread winner was constantly being harassed by medical persons, safety officers and work supervisors, earlier this year, I hatched a plot.
My Aunt Madeline’s Saint Christopher medal—no lost—was dangling always from the handle of the table saw on the file cabinet above the cot where I slept and wrote in the mud room. The husband’s wife, one day, had me watch a video of Canadian Police steeling gasoline from striking truck drivers who did not want to get the vaϲϲine, which has turned out to be a kill shot. [1]
The lady was upset. Having been a conservative, christian back the blue supporter, she could not fathom that police will never do the right thing or act in a Christian manner, or even according to secular moral principles, when those who hold the purse strings for their salaries and pensions, demand that they do evil.
The next day, the dear lady took me for a ride around that area of the Cascades that harbors the headwaters of The Green River and The Cedar River. She showed me the ghost town of Franklin and pointed out a place where a church commune once thrived. She was concerned that something evil was coming their way Her husband came home and showed me some disturbing evidence that the job he was working on—a massive, trillion dollar government job—included a Satanic temple. He has built for cults in California in the past, and brought the photos to me. I think that his suspicion is largely valid and if I had to bet was it a Satanic cult center of not, I would bet yes.
The world closing in around these fine people, looks very much like it will result in the world of American dream Boat and Ghost Snatcher. I do not think this will come to pass. However, portions of those dystopian novels written in 2019 have already come to pass and more facets will. I am not a prophet and will get some things wrong. I do figure I’ll have as good a predictive record for social norms as Phillip K. Dick has.
Rather than construct another near future setting, I simply used the world sketched in Ghost Snatcher and in Beyond Rainbow Bridge for Wake Christopher, a view of such a future from a hopeful Christian perspective. This future is a medical/police/media micro-tyranny system of social control, a world quick rushing upon us. Wake Christopher is also informed by Phillip K. Dick’s Exegesis, in which he stated that he had been contacted by an ancient Christian.
As I looked right, I saw the image of Saint Christopher bearing the Christ Child out of danger and the story leaped into my foggy mind.
Below are my editorial notes:
Titled the Dust Cover and the Narrative Conceit and added a few words for clarification on pages 1 thru 3.
Page 7: insert of between out and the
Page 10: replace off with some kind of [what a retarded typo]
Page 11: correct internal monologue quotation mark
Page 13: delete redundant as the
Page 15: e to he,
Page 17: incindiary to incendiary
Page 30: Officer Jose Braxton is the best and most realistic character in this story thus far. I tapped into how I thought and felt during the arrest of shoplifters under my supervision, and having to stand back while the detective expanded crime definitions [like the fact that a shoplifter’s son having a pocket knife which he declared, constituted an assault even though there was no resistance] and the responding police used an arrest to search for prescription drugs that were unaccompanied by the original script. One woman was locked up because even though her I.D. Matched the person who the bottle of anti-anxiety medicine had been prescribed to, she had neglected to carry the receipt from the pharmacy. Her son was locked up and sent to Juvenile Hall to be alone among 500 black inmates and 50 black guards, for having a Swiss Army knife in his pocket that his grandfather had given him.
Page 33: redact called, ad missing r to river,
Page 35: I saw the dog on the porch roof at the very site described and wrote this the next day
Page 36: whines to whined
Page 38: pitiously to piteously, the scene where the police officer masturbates after killing a criminal was based on a woman I worked for who masturbated after firing men.
Page 40: remove or from footnote 4
Page 43: wrang to rang
Page 45: tripartate to tripartite
Page 46: toxically to toxic
Page 47: conformed is not a typo, but a socially just form of confirmation
Page 58: insert ‘a’ before firing port
Page 65: currogated to currugated, remove s from right,
The novel end well on page 68.
I append this record here, thinking that my writing form has improved since 202.
I have no interest in wasting my eyes proofing the few nonfiction articles appended after this. It is my hope that they are worth reading and shed some light on this composition.
1. A doctor told me that cancer rates are up 37% since the vaxx and he is blaming much of it on that largest ever clinical trial. Vaxxidents, strokes and heart attacks of healthy young male athletes, synchronized brain cancers and blood cancers among coworkers who got vaxxed on the same day, and other the evidence is already in that the vaxx was a culling mechanism.
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