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Graphomaniac History
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 1
© 2022 James LaFond
Unpublished History Books = 8
The following titles are completed and unpublished history books I have written, with particulars listed.
The reader engaged for a history book writes the forward and may wish to be named on the cover and in the credits.
The two series are listed separately, with each volume numbered according to the order in which it will be published, with 0 indicating in the editorial process.
The subtitle for some of the volumes below has been updated to better reflect the cant of the series and will be the working subtitle pending a publication discussion with the reader and editor/publisher.
Plantation America
Regarded as the Most Important Work I am Engaged In
-1. Search for an American Spartacus
A Survey of the Conditions, Revolts, Uprisings, Runaways, Resistance, Conspiracies, Rebellions and the Extant Legacy of Plantation America
2020, 140,798 words, Illustrations
Reader engaged,
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Cox & Swain
Sons of an Udderless Whore:
A Novel of Plantation America
55,033 words, 17,681 being nonfiction appendices
Reader/editor/publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-4. In These Goings Down
A History of the True Foundation of English America
2021, 136,076 words, Illustrations
Reader Engaged
Editor/publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-5. Plantation America
A History of the True Foundation of English America
2022, 92,051 words, illustrations
Reader Engaged
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Series Books in Progress
-Bound, a novel
-In This New Israel
-Ye Scum of the Countrey
Patronage Platform for Ongoing Works: Patreon, where most book content is posted 1-4 years before print publication.
The published books in this series are, in order:
-1. Stillbirth of a Nation, unedited/self published
-2. America in Chains, unedited/self published
-3. Into Wicked Company, unedited/self published
-4. A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk, unedited/self published, worst of the self published ones]
-5. So His Master May have Him Again, unedited/self published [best of the self published ones]
-6. So Her Master May Have Her Again, unedited/self published
-7. The Lies that Bind Us, unedited/self published, best self published concept, worst execution, most important material being the examination of The Magna Carta
-8. The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Edited/Published by Lynn Lockhart, best concept book in series
-9. Cracker Boy, Edited/Published by Lynn Lockhart, most hard information and largest book in the series
-10. Advent America, Edited/Published by Lynn Lockhart, with the assistance of an excellent Reader, who I think wishes to remain anonymous
Aryas Project
-0. The Broken Dance
A Fighter’s Illustrated History of Ancient Boxing
2010 [3 volumes], 2022 4th volume, an omnibus over-sized book, over 150 illustrations, 147 by Joseph Bellofatto Junior
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-3. Sons of Aryas
Soul of the West: Origins
2019, 117, 403 words, illustrations needed
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-6. Beasts of Aryas
An Inquiry into Аrуаn Culture, Domestication and the Monstrous
2021, 117,465 words, illustrations needed
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-7. Might
2020, 63,617 words, illustrations needed
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-8. Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus [64 pages available as a print draft]
Series Books In Progress:
-Songs of Aryas
-Norns of Aryas
-Shrouds of Aryas
Patronage Platform for Works in Progress: Substack, where audio discussions on the subject are available, and select chapters are posted.
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