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Graphomaniac Methods
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 4
© 2022 James LaFond
Unpublished Nonfiction Books = 9
Method books are prioritized by category, with the most important category first. Below are 9 books over 4 categories. Lynn will time the release of the 8 that she will publish to fit the market. I no longer write in these categories, for which I apologize, having been consumed by historical research and, well, a narrative refocus of my affliction into fiction.
-A. Combat:
I still answer all combat and taring questions, with these articles inserted into my journals.
-1. On Combat
Practical & Experiential Handbook of Autonomous Combat
2019, 40,962 words
Reading done
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Solo Boxing
Learning and Applying Punches for Fitness, Competition and Survival
2020, 18,674 words
available as print draft
Further publishing rights belong to Oliver at One Round Boxing
-B. Autonomy & Masculinity:
-1. Why Grownups Suck A Journey into the Insanity of Adulthood: A Survival Manuel for the Preteen Mind
2019, 29,756 words
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Woke Devil
A Memoir of Creative Mentorship and Alliance
2018, 30,805 words
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-3. Good Book Bad Book
A Science-Fiction Author’s View of Paradigm Shift Under Shamdemic Conditions
2020, 11,161 words
available as print draft
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-4. The Giver
Or A Man Named Property on Navigating Debt and Hysteria
2020, 14,000 words
available as a print draft
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-C. Literature:
I can no longer read books except in giant print and need to save my limited screen time for completing my own work, thus failing to keep the promise to cover all of Howard’s work. If you are interested in this category, and are a Robert E. Howard fan, please, consider serving as Lynn’s reader. feel free to join Lynn in the effort to finalize my treatment of Howard, by writing whatever Howard commentary or reviews that you would like to have included.
The only books I will review are part of historical projects and must be audio books or on the screen in 16 point Lucida Sans. If you have written a book and would like me to review it, I need a wide spaced large font print book or a Libra open Office 16 point Lucida Sans document, or an audio book.
-1. Of Fear and Night A
A Well of Heroes: Volume 4—Literary Impressions of the Prose and Verse of Robert E. Howard
2018, 27,319 words
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Of an Iron Harp
A Well of Heroes 5: Impressions of the Work of Robert E. Howard
2021, 16,374 words
Reader needed
Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-D. Gaming
-1. Knuckleheads, Wonderboys and Weirdworkers
Creative Gaming for Men and Boys
2021, 70,055 words
To be edited and published by Polynimbus Press
Audio Books
If you would like to record one of my books as an audio book, promote it, sell, it, ect., feel free to do so, so long as it is your human voice and not some goddamned computer. And please, I would like a file on a flash drive or emailed to Lynn, so I can hear it. And please, credit my chump ass for the writing of the thing.
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