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Wrapping up the Graphomania Diaries: 10/10/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
[Songs of Aryas is Slated to be the Winter History title at our site e-store.]
I have grown sick early this year, after a healthier warm season than normal. I will do what I can to stay as healthy as possible through the coming winter. The energy and alacrity to makes notations of my edits of Holiday Blue and Ranger?, has fled. I have also realized that I have an unarranged book, Songs of Aryas, that needs to be assembled and edited, a history book.
As I work through these manuscripts as the eye permits, I will not bother making minor notes. Rather, I will use this outline as a place to enter my impressions of these three works, beginning wit the oldest work, Songs of Aryas.
I will then assemble the Graphomania Diaries, post the 120 odd articles that remain in my files, and mail the 20 or so books I have written and edited while in Utah, to my dear Editor on a flash drive.
It occurs to em here that the two remaining works of fiction are largely inspired and even based on the half-done work in Songs of Aryas. So, as the spheres ring out shrill and angry in my head and my good eye throbs sickeningly within its tired socket, I doe the best available to render something worthwhile for the small tidal pool of readers who have sustained this ghost in its odd quest for expression.
Thank you, and a hope for the best.
-j, Monday of Last Carrots, Bob’s, Utah
Impressions of Songs of Aryas
Part 1: Under Heaven
I find myself utterly forgetful of writing this material, as well as being impressed with it as speculation. I do recall being very sick when writing these impressions of audio books from antiquity that I listened to for days on end in a repeating loop. The main impression gleaned from this reading is a fairly convincing case that the over sized weapons of ancient heroes most logically represent a garbled description of misunderstood heavy technology of a metallic kind.
Part 2: The Slain God
I recall writing this at the waterfront Hotel in Oakland, California over five days. It is a reasonable low brow summation of a massive high brow undertaking, Impressions of The Golden Bough by James G. Frazier. I began this with a summation of Western Civilization, that I find to be excellent and bound to enrage all points of the political compass. This is surprisingly good, especially the exposition of postmodern Americans as actual primitives.
Part 3: Cover
The essay on human causes of human extinction based on climate pressure and violent means, remains speculative on causes by definitive on means, with overwhelming proof that pre-industrial warfare favors close combat over distance combat, always, and that industrial age warfare often does as well.
Part 4: Fate’s Bitter Loom
A few essays on goddesses past and future, help buttress the concept of the series, that unique Аrуаn regard for the feminine helped the race rise to dominance and cursed it to recede into a nesting society.
Part 5: Off Stand the Wolves
I felt ashamed to have given up on thi project, included here as an introductory fragment. But my attempts to edit it blowing my eye up convinced me that the effort was fated to fall short.
Part 6: Under a Troubled Master-Eye
The summation of the main portion of Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick, following on the effort to understand the overture of some 130 pages in The Pale Usher was better than I recalled. Again, I am ashamed to have given up on this project and am glad I found it as such an extensive fragment for inclusion in Songs of Aryas, where it belongs.
Part 7: Roam Groaned
As I have access to Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire on audio book, I do intend to finish this volume in Shrouds of Arays, over this coming winter, which shall include King of peers as the major poetic summation and hopefully Samson Agonistes and Paradise Lost by Milton.
Impressions of Holiday Blue
It is obvious to me, now, as evidenced by the rate of corrections made being greater the more distant was the time that I wrote the novel, that I may not begin to edit this work until I have written at least one more work of fiction. It is interesting, that it seems to reflect many of the impressions I had concerning ancient Аrуаn religion developed a year ago, when I was in the very place where I write both, the High West.
Editing Songs of Aryas has been very painful and I fear of only marginal quality.
Impressions of Ranger?
I think it should be wisest to wait to edit this work until by eye is not so actively compromised as has occurred with the onset of Autumn pressure changes. I think I shall edit Ranger? in preparation for writing the next novel in the Elder Earth series, which should be Knight.
I should devote my time now to roofing and posting the 127 articles stored on drives. This should take the site out to April, at a post a day and give space to write a few novels over the winter to come.
Thank you so much for following these forms of composition. I hope that many of you, who are writers, and who have less free time to devote to this craft, have found something here in this litany of narrative means and composition compromises, to help you complete your next book.
-James, Tuesday, first day of drying rose hips, Oakley, Utah, October 10th, 2022, growing already deeply homesick for this beautiful land and its nice people
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