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A Year in the Stew
Mister Grey, Don Quotays & JW Echo in the Machine: 7/15/2022, Baltimore
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Roger LaFond
July 5
Look at this hidden gem...dude ripped you off used time machine to make this vid. Amazing!
-Mister Grey
My Hungarian girlfriend once found out about this fellow who shared the same name as the Canadian frogs that bought two branches of my English family as orphan slaves in the 1800s.
I once boxed a real Frog LaFond from Illinois, who was quite the specimen.
My girl snorted when she said I must be related by blood, for we had the same vice, the son of this maestro still teaching his father’s arts having taken up with a much younger woman of mixed African type, or the kind she always accused me of lusting after.
In viewing the video, it is clear to me that most of Filipino weapon arts were acquired under European influence, even using the same name, Escrima. Thanks for the interesting view of a purely European modern martial arts complex of sword, stick, fist, foot, open hand and self-defense.
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Sun, Jul 10, 7:59 AM, 5 days ago
Hey James, I saw one of your recent posts where you discussed how discouraged you were with audio format. Remember that unlike video which are huge files and always get lost in the end, you can't stop or censor audiobooks and podcasts. The files are too small and the internet is too decentralized. The downside to this is you have no idea how many people are listening! Your Myth20C interviews get passed around on message boards and twitter all the time. Even with your old Crackpot podcast the audio-only link has way more views than the youtube.
My point is don't totally give up on the format. Blasting content blind into the ether like that with no feedback must be frustrating but it's also impossible to totally eradicate.
Here's your episodes with Rusty Vignettes from July 2021.
Part 1
Part 2
Rusty's new Substack and podcast is here if you want to check it out or request the old stuff.
I'll stop before your eye explodes,
Thank you, JW.
I do video and audio as courtesy’s to readers, hosts, fellow writers and the editor, just like I scout neighborhoods friends are thinking of moving into or have found themselves, bemused by the crimescape. Some of our readers here will be glad to use your links.
I have reached out to the person formerly known as Rusty and let him know I would write some fiction for his new venture, gratis. My main aversion to doing audio content is that speaking rattles my eye more than writing and therefore reduces my writing output and merely sells books, not producing anything of actual value in the process.
I have never developed an idea or an understanding in speech or conversation, ever. My mind only plumbs things internally. When I converse on podcasts I am merely regurgitating old thoughts. Speaking with others is a walk in the creative graveyard among tombstones marking ideas past. So, in that way, in regards to the journey into thought, such discussions are an utter waste for my writing mind. However, readers like them, so I will still sometimes do then, usually only in person.
Baltimore Confidential
Don Quotays
I thought youd find this amusing.
Take care, Don Quotays
"Just reading a great book about the corruption and debauchery in DC.  It covers all the important stuff.  Where to score drugs.  Where to find the best ho's.  Which cops take bribes to fix things.  Who runs the local gangs.  Which lawyers take bribes for which politicians.  Names. Addressees.  Phone numbers.  The lot.
The book was published in 1949.
But thats not the interesting bit.  In the description about which organized crime families controlled what business in the DC area the reporters who wrote the book took a jaunt to Baltimore to discuss organized crime in that city and the mafia controlled mayor.  Organized crime in Baltimore ran a lot of the DC operations.  Some very interesting stories about the mayor and his deep mafia connections and how he helped run the political side of the organized crime operation in Baltimore.  Which was probably the biggest mafia controlled city in the US at the time.
And the majors name? 
Thomas D'Alesandro Jr.  You will never guess who his daughter is. Why its a certain Nancy Pelosi.  And it seems she took a great interest in politics even a kid.  Used to hang out in her father's mayors office all the time.
The book is "Washington Confidential" by Lait and Mortimer. Two old school muckraking reporters.  You will find a free copy in the Internet Achieve.  A very interesting read.  Not a lot has changed in 75 years."
Don, I know very little about Baltimore past, have done no research into its underground history. So I thank you for this suggestion, as I know two readers who will be very interested in the subject.
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