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Beyond the Fishbowl
An Exercise in Perspective for the Novelist: 9/1/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
“Someone found a bunch of documents showing a Soros org funded and executed Freddie Gray riot. You are Jonah in an Amtrak car you know that. Prophet.
-Lynn, by Skype, 9/1/2022
Robert H. Heinlein, a genius of the science-fiction genre, wrote a novel or story with fishbowl in the title and discussed the concept in a letter reproduced in his posthumous gripe tome: Grumbles from the Grave. Briefly, the distortion caused by the fishbowl, refraction of the circumscribing substance beyond the habitat of the occupant, prevents an accurate view. Only a fish that somehow got beyond the fishbowl could actually see his own existence in context.
Heinlein understood this concept and was also alienated enough from even fellow science-fiction writers and his readers, that he was able to write Stranger in a Strange Land and Number of the Beast, as well as The Door Into Summer, novels that while not strictly predictive in the prophetic sense, were descriptive of human adaptations to circumstances as yet unexpereinced by people of Heinlein’s time.
I don’t see how I am anywhere near as intelligent as some critter like Heinlein. Yet, I have predicted—Mister Grey told me 14 things—over the past ten years of writing commentary on the current human condition that have either come to pass or come to revelation.
Part of this is total lack of education on my part. For instance, Marcus Casca and I split the concept of Aryаn culture developing in symbiosis with canines and horses, he writing Hounds of Aryаs and me Beasts of Aryаs. I spoke with this man in person. Not only did he have a command of ancient literature similar to my own, but he is younger, sharper, un brain damaged. But, when he told me that canines were not domesticated until 16,000 years ago and informed me that my theory that Neanderthals were eradicated by a modern human canine alliance, he indicated that it was a drunken fantasy—for academia had declared 16,000 years as the earliest animal domestication.
It turned out that he was wrong and I was right. You see, he had been inducted into the Academy and was honor bound to abide by their lies, straight-jacketed into seeing only through the rims of the fishbowl outward, with the view inward even through the mirror provided by the Academy, distorted. Since our discussion, my contention that 40,000 years ago saw the first canine domestication has been proven genetically. Even if it had not been proven, I would stick to my fangs, because:
-Lack of missile weapons by Neanderthals and use of missile weapons by modern humans did not decide the conflict, because spear throwers were in use by the moderns that got their heads handed to them and their women raped in the Middle East and Europe between 150,000 and 70,000 B.C.
-Neanderthals were whacked between 40,000 and 28,000 years ago.
-40,000 years ago there was, according to Marvin Harris, in Our Kind, a great expansion in language skills among modern humans And language skills, communication, is a key component to canine domestication.
It’s obvious from outside of academia, that what was needed to hunt down men who were as fast as wolves over a long distance and as strong as chimps—essentially little grizzly bears—was wolves. Even if the latest evidence did not put wolf domestication at 40,000, what says that a thing such as canine domestication, knife use, spear thrower use, bow making, what says that each major change can only happen once?
Academia says that, not reality, and not God. Indeed, God claims in Genesis to have created man thrice, in three different ways. The fact that I am uneducated helps me look at history as an inquiry rather than as a religious devotion to a cult of thought induction and perspective reduction.
Now for the Baltimore Riots of 2015, that was a no brainer:
-The DOJ, Crip 52 and The Black Gorilla Family all declared against the Baltimore Police Department in simultaneous ways that supported each other, within 24 hours!
-The entire thing was timed to occur 21 days after food stamps ran out in April, the same exact time that the federally instigated 1968 riots were timed, the same time of the year—spring time—that Bantu murder rates typically begin to climb. Ironically, the 2020 Floyd Christ riots across the country were also a late April event.
-Military contractors were terrorizing civilians, including me, this was repeated in 2020
-Ambulances were not dispatched.
-Police officers assassinated a white citizen after the fact to cover up the murder of her brother by black coworkers during the riots.
-White men were seen leading BLM contingents in the manner of military advisors. This was the dominant BLM leadership model in 2020, ghosts on the ground out numbering actual blacks.
-BLM and Antifa were given police powers over white civilians trying to get to work, [specifically in I-83 in Downtown Baltimore] powers that were enforced by police and the judiciary. Again, this was repeated in 2020.
My general ability to see through academic lies has to do with me not being educated, that is inducted into the cult of lies. My ability to see right through the news comes from a lifetime of people who watch the news and hid in their homes and automobiles, telling me that what I was experiencing on the streets of Baltimore was false, and that what they were told—being the opposite, always opposite of reality—was true because the news said so.
Below is an example of how full spectrum the American addiction to the fantasy of the lie, of SHOULD and WOULD over IS and DOES, has been through my lifetime.
The following is a lie that is believed by all Americans of all races and political orientations. Antifa and BLM and White Nationalist Natsies all believe that through most of the 1900s and the early 2000s, that the purpose and activity of urban police departments in integrated cities was beating up black men, for living or going near white people. But, in reality, what cops have done far more often than beat up black men for being in the wrong place, was to beat up, shoot, kill and arrest urban palefaces for defending themselves against black men.
The only difference between an Antifa Queen, a BLM Kang and a White Nationalist Natsy perspective, is that they disagree on whether white cops beating up black criminals to enforce racial segregation is wright or wrong. Everybody completely misses the fact that while all cops were supposedly enforcing segregation, that the cities they patrolled were increasingly desegregated! I knew the facts because I was hunted and threatened by cops and blacks at the same time in the same places.
They all agree that the fantasy of blue on black violence for white segregation is true, when it is merely an academic doctrine, 180 degrees opposed to reality. That reality is, that mostly what cops did over 100 years, and still do to this day, was and is beat the shit out of palefaces for resisting African colonization and the mayhem, crime, murder, robbery and rape that goes with it.
Blacks know this. On August 12, out of Denver to Salt Lake City, an upscale black couple dressed down two conductors on the Amtrak car I was in for assigning them to sit near a feral white man of low class—being me. They insisted on being moved a car up to be seated among the vacationing white executives. The conductors eye fucked me, while sucking up to the Gawdly Royals and declined to offer me alone on that train car, no courtesy, no option to visit the limited seating in the public car, and spoke loudly of how they came from law enforcement and military families, like the black man seated across the aisle from me, whose wife was scandalized by my pale complexion and shaven head. It was fine for her husband to have a shaved head, but no lowly cracker can be forgiven for shaving his head. This is the only hostility I have ever encountered from Amtrak conductors, these being college educated white men, and acting in service to the aristocratic sensibilities of a black husband and wife.
My family, my friends, your family your friends, will all look upon this statement as a lie or delusion on my part, that only blacks are the targets of law enforcement. But they reside in the fishbowl of the lie, while I flop along outside of their false habitat. They surely also do not realize that Amtrak conductors are government law enforcement functionaries, who have the power to set you off a train in the middle of a desert, to die—and they let you know every time they make their smoking announcement.
Life has simply granted me an induction free perspective as I have failed to gain entry into the various cults of Man and expire outside of the world of Man jotting down my observations, perhaps for a future generation.
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