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‘We Are Sold’
Modern Media Reflections of a Great Deception: Utah, 8/16/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
I am set to complete Plantation America, an unplanned book in the sprawling series of plodding investigations into the many concealed facts littering the American historical record in plain sight. The final look at America from the Planter’s perspective, will use Francis Bacon’s On Plantations. Thomas White’s A Planters Plea will be addressed in In This New Israel, the next planned volume.
As I was pondering this project at its nadir, my Host, Bob played two videos on his TV for me. In The Northman, images of European on European enslavement at a high rate and constant level of brutality and cruelty are clearly reflected from the past by a film maker who presented a Dark Age Nordic view without refracting it through our soft, sissy filter of a perspective. Sympathetic villains and flawed heroes abound.
In one scene, a son of a chieftain, who was deposed from his kingship after slaying his own brother to become king, asked his father why they had to do slave work as they repaired a fence. His father illuminated the life of humanity as it has been for most of our presence on this planet. The chieftain explained that a man never knew when he awakened on a given day, whether the day would finish with him as a king or a slave and that the least they could do was to prove to their slaves that they were as able as they.
The second movie, was a high production value documentary titled Benedict Arnold: Hero Betrayed. This film featured many reeneactors in period garb led by actual actors playing key roles. The various historians agreed on all of the standard academic conceptions of America, agreed with many of the falsehoods perpetuated by a Millenial Video maker who promotes something called Tartaria, a video I saw with Rick last week, which will be addressed in the final paragraph of this muse on our collective chronological delusion.
Benedict Arnold was born to a high class New England family. The death of three siblings, the resulting alcoholism of his father and the death of his mother, cast him as an orphan into the care of a family who ran an apothecary shop for “seven years of indentured servitude,” according to one historian, and an “apprenticeship” according to another. Of course, indentured servitude did not exist and was invented later to misrepresent European American Slaves as enjoying the same leg up from upper-class folk as Arnold, Benjamin Franklin and James Cooke enjoyed from same-class masters. Of the three, only Benedict did not resent or try and escape his apprenticeship. He, it seems, was well-treated and even funded by his master in his own venture.
The “indentured servitude” statement of one of the historians gives away their collective lie, that the working man was a hundred years after the fact declared by academics to have enjoyed under the fictional institution of “indentured servitude” the same opportunities of Franklin [who was beaten daily by his master and ran away], by Cooke who had a contentious relationship with his master and would emerge successful, and by Arnold, whose entire career is an argument that American class stratification was more severe than in the Mother Country.
All five of the major historians, agree that Arnold, as the very best captain, colonel, brigadeer and major general in the Continental Army, was the victim of political back stabbing by desk jockey managerial men in the military and that battles were even thrown away by jealous generals such as Horatio Gates who was content to have his men slaughtered rather than risk Arnold being credited with victory.
The many slights and betrayals by American gentry that led Arnold to reverse loyalties to the British, who respected him as their only enemy of note on the Field, are the focus of this two hour treatment. During the course of this the following facts slip through the facade.
-1. It is claimed by female historians that upper class women did the plowing on their husbands farms, operated the machinery in the work houses, etc. while the men were at war. This omits the vast class of unfree American men who actually did this work under the direction of their Master, and in his absence, under the command of their Mistress.
-2. During the assault on Montreal, Arnold’s commander, Montgomery, a man with a force of 300 men from New York City, that he declared where “the sweepings of the streets,” was killed with his two key officers. The entire command then deserted, the actions of “the sweepings of the streets” decried as mere cowardice by the witless historians, confirming to the thinking mind of the none-historian, that these were unfree, urban men who had been “pressed” into service. These men were rounded up and herded into hellish battle in 1775, a year before the U.S. actually broke away from the Mother Country.
-3. During the same siege of Montreal, Arnold besieged a force ten times stronger than his, after being shot in the leg. His men followed him like no other leader. The men of other officers flocked to Arnold and fought and died for him while they cringed at serving higher class officers like Gates and fled from firebrands like Montgomery. Might this have been a kind of class solidarity? Arnold shared the same origins of many of his men. Of note, is what the men cried in dismay after Arnold was shot while assaulting Montreal, “We are sold! We are sold!”
-4. Heroic victories and rearguard actions by Arnold did more to save American than George Washington’s considerable achievements, and that according to Washington himself, made Arnold only a target of conspiracy by higher ranking men. As the historians discuss this, a black historians notes that 400 “free” black men fought under Arnold in New York, fought under a man who had been unfree, owned and manumitted by same race masters. These free black men fought beside unfree men of European descent in what the black historian argues was “the must integrated military until the Vietnam War.” The historic record shows black men as being braver and superior to white soldiers from the same state, omitting the fact that these black men were free volunteers protecting their own farms and businesses and that many of those other men were servants put into the ranks by a master dodging the draft as surely as college students in Vietnam stayed home while working class men died in rice paddies. Many of the soldiers were pressed men, simply “sweepings” of humanity, guilty of the crime of poverty. The historians avoid any discussion of the free state of these blacks or the unfree state of many of their ghostly comrades in arms.
-5. Ethan Allen, a scumbag, commanded the Green Mountain Boys, who counted among their number “squatters” and “bandits.” These designations meant to period folk, that they were runaways and was not understood or illuminated by the historians. The historians do not claim that they were African.
-6. Also of note, Major Morgan, possibly the most effective battle leader of the war, who also commanded unusual loyalty from his men, as did Arnold, was from the Virginia backwoods, another seat of people who had abandoned the Plantation matrix and moved away from the gentry.
It is no wonder that Arnold turned on this nest of human vipers who had sunk their greedy fangs in his back for his entire life, men who declined to duel with him but chose the lawyer’s way of war. Arnold was a simple, flawed hero, who thirsted for recognition in service to a country, that had no tolerance for bootstrap advancement through risky deeds. This same country would turn on men like Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton and President Andrew Jackson, largely because they were working class men who achieved above their station.
Captain James Cooke and a fellow named Cochrane, would advance from the lower ranks of the gentry like Arnold, and under British rule, thrive and be lionized, though they two suffered the slings and arrows baked into the anti heroic Anglo class cake. Perhaps Arnold simply chose the only Master willing to give him a pat on the back and an “ataboy.”
The Tartaria Conspiracy is a very young theory that America was not built, that these lands were packed with massive extensive ruins of an ancient Atlantean Age. The evidence is two fold:
-1. The cartoonish denial that any Europeans built anything in America prior to 1500 is used as proof that the academics lie about pre-Columbian America, which they do. The academics are protected from serious debunking due to their full spectrum lie that African saves built Colonial America, when Colonial America did not exist and that the Plantation America that was built was built mostly by European slaves.
-2. The puzzle then comes together when the theorists believe another academic assertion and apply it to the first. The 90 minute documentary has many facts and many errors. The key fallacy is that the tiny number of Dutch and English men credited with doing great works in America, running ferry and boating services, operating farms, clearing land and building massive buildings at a pace that cannot be duplicated today, by Gay America, could not have done this. There is a lack of recorded massive numbers of skilled African slaves, and since only Africans were ever enslaved, it is obvious therefore, that these accomplishments were mere restorations of massive, sprawling, abandoned ancient works.
Of course, the above fantasy of a massive overgrown Atlantis awaiting a few greedy men to uncover them and apply new paint and roofs, is only possible if one believes the same “standard academic narrative” that the conspiracy theorist rails against his entire video. Such Atlantean theories only stand for a fleeting moment, unless one accepts the standard narrative that the wives of the owners of massive farms who went to war during the Revolution got behind plows, felled trees and did the grunt work of men. Somewhere around 2 million European boys, youth and men were not only worked to death in America, but were erased from the record, posthumously, making their masters seem like supermen, for having “achieved all” like Gilgamesh, while their anonymous slaves savored that ancient hero’s other portion, “having suffered all.”
God Bless Benedict Arnold, the rarest of Americans, a hero.
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