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Your Black Master, Part 3 of 3
A Discussion Of Race, Tolkien, War, Industry, Biology and Parasitism: 11/11/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot Comments in brackets.]
From MJSL 10.11
[The above is the first letters of this man’s four names. I have resisted the temptation of doxing this person but do not want to pretend that it is beneath me, because I want to. But, he might not be a Fed. He might just be a Fag manipulated by a Fed.]
[Sir, with all due respect, if you truly believe that Africans are physically more robust, you should talk to my friend who defeated two negroes who were half his age and a foot taller in combat in Reading, PA, three years ago. You should walk with me while I make these people kneel with a glance. You should see their eyes flutter and their hands shake when I make eye contact with them and say in friendly wise, “Hey, man.” You should train with one of my fighters who locked himself in a cage with 20 black men, unarmed, and beat down the biggest one and dragged him out… And had to play the daddy and counsel the big Bantu on not being shamed into stupid actions by his terrible cell-mates. He once yelled at a black murderer, and the thug shit himself. Robust, eh?]
[Okay, better yet, if you believe this hogwash about the dark Master Race, you should have submissive sex with black men, okay. Just get it over with, and suck a black dick! Sorry, but a 25-year-old, 200 pound black man not only stepped out of my way yesterday, but complimented me, and I’m old, beat down, ground up and little beside. And, if my life ends because some young black dudes mistake me for the same kind of person as you, just because our skin is the same tone, and I have to put them down hard and then die by Nordic cop with my knives against guns like some Highlander at Culledon, I have your craven ilk to thank for it.]
I don't believe so - He who cannot be named seemed to value the health of his volk... The factories in the third reich were set up for the health and wellbeing of the workers. The country was planned and maintained properly. Is that why it had to be destroyed?
[I personally think the world would be a better place if the Germans had won WWII because they did not seek world domination. Of course, the side that thinks bigger and is bigger, well, that is who is going to win in the end. Oh, and there were actually black African troops fighting around Leningrad for the Germans, and one Wermarcht African whose natsy pals encouraged him to date German women while their men were dying in Stalingard… Yes and Bad Mustache and the German athletes all but worshiped Jesse Owens...]
Again, I'm not convinced that the world would be better if the other side had prevailed either. It just seems to have been more concerned with the wellbeing of its people than the side that did "win". When i look around at the degerenates everywhere - no one won, except the banker ϲunts who control our every move.
[Western Civilization died in 1914. Why must you insist on studying only secondary sources of an earlier general history and focus on the post-historical WWII? I think it is because you are thinking along the lines that your slave masters have drafted. Bro, just stop reading my site and go get in a fight.]
I'm also not convinced that industry in itself is evil.
Looking at the maori culture of new zealand is a good example. They fought the anglos to a standstill, and they maintained their culture. Very different to what happened to the aboriginals in Aus or the natives in the new world. 
[I simply think industry was evil because it killed millions of European child slaves in mines and factories and the money made was used to displace the European agricultural slaves who survived in Plantation America, which was me and mine, driven to the four winds by the police and their negro allies from the city of our birth, Baltimore.]
of course, the diet and lifestyle and drugs (especially alcohol) has ruined them over the last hundred years, but they are still better physical specimens than the "whites" who rule them.
[Bro, get a dating app and start kneeling to your ebony masters in private instead of debasing your bitch-ass here. Do not contact me again. Stop buying my books. When they find your sodomized body after your chocolate lover beats you to death, I do not want a copy of one of my books found near your corpse.]
The maori and other pacific island cultures love rugby - it taps into their tribal warlike nature - and they're extremely good at it. They also do much of the hard manual labour such as scaffolding, rigging etc. If they have connection to the ancestral past and have good nutrition, they will bounce back to their ancestral norms of health faster than any western culture.
[Good for them.]
In the "developed" world - we have thousands of years of grains and agricultural labour degeneration to overcome. This is no accident.
[Eat meat, fight men and fuck bitches—have a good life please, and stop reading me.]
In summary, I believe the elites have created this paradigm in order to poison those of greatest threat to them (europeans) and replace them with races that are easier to control - no judgement, just observed history. They have overplayed their hand however, and in doing so, poisoned themselves and the entire planet.
Whatever comes next, in terms of statehood, will either be total control or a return to primitive values. I don't think they will succeed, mostly to the clotshot. When the average person realises they have been poisoned, not just slowly through the environment and their shitty diets, but directly through an "innnoculation" they will having nothing left to lose.
[Sweet meteor of death—I’d rather be digging a ditch than corresponding with this symphony of whimpering woe!]
The elites are flipping the board because they're losing the game. Industry doesn't belong to them however. It belongs to humanity. We'll figure out how to do it right and reclaim our health. We just need to kill the parasite first.
[Wow, I suppose “we” is you and yours giving the order to some Nordic police who will kill the evil master minds for you. You have got to be a Fed. I no longer feel bad for suggesting—just do it bro, do it...put on a dress and find an alley in Chicongo and your cure will find you. You already worship the more robust race, so go all the way and embrace the black snake!]
I am so glad that I’m closing the email box on December 26.
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