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Upon Kismet’s Tit
Is Leviathan Quitting Her Zombiecide or Marking the Woetide?: 11/10/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
From Crux Cross 10.22
How are you?
Good here. 
Mask update:
Saturday morning Q train ~9:15-9:30 a.m. UES to midtown. Initial count: ~24 total passengers, ~7* masked. (Unfortunately, writing now, a half hour or so later, I forget if it was 6 + one south Asian guy doing the off the nose chin thing, or 7 + him.)
Held at about that I'm terms of total passengers and 33% masked ratio for several stops.
Masked: euro middle aged to elderly women, euro pre-adolescent girl (euro construction looking dad uncle or guardian unmasked), south Asian women, east Asian college student looking male, middle aged grey haired large stomached bookish male (was either reading and taking notes or doing a cross-word puzzle or something). Very few euro males on board, very few people in prime working age (30-50) not an office day, not a construction day or hour. Guessing health assistants, students, day trippers, and miscellaneous. 
LIRR Penn Station less masked.
(Didn't notice any police masking—or even presence—at any level, NYPD, State, Nat. Guard.)
LIRR train. Conductor female no mask. No passengers sighted masked but very few passengers anyway.
Take care,
Crux Cross 
From CC 10.25
Further to above re speculations as to enforcement, enforcement tactics, etc.
Trial court in Staten Island apparently yesterday issued a decision that is, IMO, significant:
Twitter link backgrounding giving basics: [Tweet is a video of a newsperson reporting that NYC municipal workers prevailed in court against vax mandate. Those who were fired will be reinstated with pay.]
Twitter link with direct link to official gov website with decision: 
Court website link:
Nutshell, Sanitation workers who got fired for refusing the vax got reinstated with back-pay. 
But, see, especially, page 11 footnote:
“It is worthy noting by this court, that neither party addressed the enforcement of the private sector vаccine mandate. It’s unclear to this Court whether anyone was actually terminated under the private sector vаccine mandate or whether any businesses were fined....” [Emphasis added by Crux.]
N.B. By CC. Now that issue, I’m sure, some would say is irrelevant to the main issues that the court had to decide, and so the court didn’t look into it that much or have to reach any level of certainty. Like, the court might have just been curious and just noted it for context. 
But to me it’s interesting nonetheless. This is a Judge (and presumably an attorney) at a fairly respectable level going on record wondering exactly what I’m wondering: did anyone even get fined for this stuff? Of course it’s probably wise on the judge’s part to elide speculation on possible implications, but I’ll re-venture some: did the powers that be not issue fines so as to avoid having the thing ‘tested’ or ‘adjudicated’? So as to preserve a bluff? A con? 
Crux, thank you so much for these updates. New York bears watching as an epicenter in governance and cultural trends.
In Portland masking is roughly what you have described in New York, 1/3rd on mass transit. Only niche businesses like high end hipster bars and eateries, pharmacies and banks are encouraging masking, with only medical facilities demanding it. I think that the massive wealth transfer from tax payers to pharmaceutical firms is now being consolidated, digested, and the System is taking a pause.
Government agencies, all medical facilities and most media are recommending continued voluntary disease hysteria, masking and vaxxing. A look at sporting events and news backdrops shows that non-talent people are continuing to mask while the talent is unmasked.
The local Safeway has customers masked at 10% and staff at 30%. I bet the night crew does not mask.
The Wells Fargo has the same ratio.
Nobody at the dive bar masks, ever.
It is significant that no major media or any governing body has refuted the mask and vaxx hysteria. I think we are at a baseline mask cult loyalty floor, where the hard core believers, the people that will actually support government and corporate and mob violence against “deniers” of the future are signaling their virtue and numbering themselves as servants of The Beast.
Denial as a crime, and denier as a designation for thought criminal is in the process of soft expansion. The Beast is consolidating its believer base. Religious expansion is a rhythmic process, not a linear, mechanistic process, but a cultivation of mass mind mania.
National Guard units are still actively vаccinating people. and across the country I am getting news from two different political operatives, one in the Northeast and the other in the Southwest, that medical facilities and staff, are being used to bus zombie voters to the poles. This is a dry run, obviously, for 2024.
The ominous thing for me is that medical facilities are remaining 100% masked even when those are the people who have the hard evidence in their colonized blood streams that masks do not work as stated. Where the masks remain now, is an indication of where future System power is most likely to be expressed with the greatest violence.
Right here, right now, from my cot in Big T’s garage in Portland, I am certain, that based on your reports, the reports from five people I know working in medicine, and my observations, that the medical establishment will increasingly serve the System of control, and that by definition most doctors, nurses and techs, and especially the ever increasing medical security goon squads, are the masked servants of Leviathan.
Just as Master Verrocchio, Leonardo’s teacher, provided masks for the dead, our own didacts have provided masks for the undead, the zombie wraiths of medical indoctrination and even the masked thugs who increasingly hunt the streets of our hellscape cities.
A part of me shivers a little.
The rest of me is thrilled, that Leviathan is taking a breath and sharpening Her claws as the herd she feasts upon return eagerly to their feed stalls, mewing for their next thought to be implanted as they suck upon the great, greedy tits of Kismet.
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