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‘Soy-Ciety’s Unending Gaslighting’
Part 1: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested in Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
Hello James,
I've been an avid reader of your blog for years now, though I have very seldomly commented. I appreciate the rawness of your writing; I too resent soy-ciety's unending gaslighting. On two separate occasions I have used the awareness gained from your writing to defend my sister from possible attack.
I want to ask a question before you end your self-help writing.
I remember you wrote in an article there are about 80 different sports (another article you counted 110 sports).
I would like to know into what sets your mind categorizes the sports (I.E. racketsports, watersports, combat sports, racing sports, winter sports, lawn games, animal sports, throwing sports, etc.)
I ask this because I suspect the oversystem will initiate another lockdown where cleanbloods like me will be once again barred from martial arts dojos, if not those dojos closing down altogether.
So which types of sport are suitable for developing skill at which types of combat?
I.E. Tennis and Stickfighting, Rodeo and Wrestling, Soccer and ??, ?? and infantry combat, and so on.
Please try to make your list as exhaustive as possible as many of these sports will also be restricted and I may have to seek out private training or informal play.
Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your family, and friends.
Nugguh Satarn
I am thrilled that this literary misbehavior has helped you protect your sister. I love the term cleanblood. The pressure for the genetic blood injection experiment is lessening. However, that device will be delivered by the lie now. I have a friend who said no to dirty blood for his kids and the doctor said he was injecting them with a Rubella booster and tried to inject brovid jiveteen murder! Right in front of him his child was attacked by a ring wraith under cover of gaslight. It might not be long before all vаccines and many other things injected will include this poison and one will have to avoid all medical are to avoid dosing. Even if some how Doctor Satan and his medical minions are blocked on this account, the future will hold other conditions for fraternal entry and facility use, like apologizing for ancestral crimes, repenting racial privilege, for kneeling before a portrait of Floyd Christ, etc., before entering.
Sir, this is a good question in preparation for the inevitable return to the gaslit isolation of us from our fellows.
I don’t have the mental capacity at this point to do a comprehensive inventory of current sports out of my head. What I will do, in Part 1, is my personal list of sports that I have engaged in and my thoughts on how they might apply to survival training in the increasingly atomized transhuman lie-scape ahead. Here also I will break down the three categories I use for sports classification.
In Part 2, I will cover sports that fighters I have trained with or fought against, have used for cross training. Additionally, I will cover here sports that men I have known who have engaged in them have either suffered or thrived from over the long term.
My messed up mind categorizes sports into 3:
-Combat, fighting sports like boxing, wrestling, fencing, stick fighting, etc…
-Contact, hockey, football, rugby…
-Non contact, most sports and games beginning with baseball, basketball and soccer down to horseshoes and lawn games and including track and field and swimming…
I have played pickup sports my entire life, to include softball, wiffle ball, basket ball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee. All such sports help basic eye hand coordination and movement. These are usually done outside. Fewer people of the guilty race do any of this. I have noted Gawds playing basketball and joined their play during brovid in 2020 to avoid the cops thinking I was what I was. In 2018 and 2019 I trained stick fighting on the same park court where Mexican kids played soccer. In the future, be the crazy yeti and ask if you can play. To avoid the gaslight it will be increasingly important to mix with the lower echelons of savage races, as the gaslight is really a white and aspirational class thing.
But there is always the way alone. When I was a boy and could not get active positions on ball teams because I was such a poor athlete, I played wall ball and step ball with a tennis ball, playing catch with myself and the wall, which unlike the First Baseman, did not beat me up after practice.
As an old man, I have increased my fitness and maintained hand and stick fighting strength by other individual activities beloved by prize fighters of old:
-felling trees
-using hatchets, machetes, pruning shears, axes and saws to deal with downed and overgrown trees
-splitting wood, yesterday I used a maw and spike for an hour splitting cedar rounds and feel like I did a great bag workout with the stick
-raking, has proven good therapy for my damaged ribs and chest
-shoveling, pick ax, maddock work in ditching and gardening.
The point is, in the old days, when highly schooled boxers from cities fought crudely trained loggers and farmers, they decided they wanted some of that strength. Why spend money going to a gym full of fаggot ghosts when you can get an ax, saw, spike and maw and process a downed tree for a neighbor, build good will and get some real exercise?
The only racket sport I have played is ping pong and it is great for eye hand coordination and can be done in your dwelling. Hell, empty a room and get paddles and balls and play wall ball by your self.
The more formal, acredited, sanctioned and certified a training facility of sort is, the more gay, lame, fake and gaslit it will be.
My favorite sport over these past four years of hobo life was not ruined by the shamdemic. Hiking out and away from fаggots, Karens, schools, gyms and The Lie has done a lot to get me and keep me in fighting shape even while injured. I was not alone. There were many people going to parks in the east and west to exercise away from the gaslite—so it follows. National and state parks are being closed, having limited hours and attendance, and will eventually require some kind of compromise with The Lie so that you clean bloods will not infect bears when they eat you.
So walk the burbs, the town, the city streets where you live. Do this at dawn, the best time of day when the worst people are away.
Keep in mind that most combat training is solo training. Go to a real boxing gym and everybody is training alone unless they are sparring, which is not most of the time. Train alone and find another psycho that trains alone and then spar outside, under a tree on some neglected piece of pavement. I have done this over the past few years in Baltimore, Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Denver, Portland, and here, in the middle of nowhere, I play fight Toby’s reprobated black canine ass on the way to the woodpile. Watch kittens learn to kill by sparring. Animals know. The Colonel’s cat, Tigger, saw me shadow boxing last night and flipped out, meowed shrilly and ran and hid, because it knew that I was training like it does with shadows.
Get a big dog and wrestle and slap box with that sucker.
If you have a yard, make activity centers: training post, rope climb, horseshoe pits, pull up bar, ax throwing rounds, archery targets, a garden, even a flat patch that you turn into a hole and a mound and then fill the hole and make a mound where the hole was, or a compost pile you turn over. Get a wood stove and split your own wood by hand. I really like chopping wood with machetes and breaking rocks with maws.
Don’t join any sport. Just do stuff with impact tools and moving objects, with hiking probably the most important skill you can develop, especially if the Oversystem shuts off your car and you and your sister have to haul ass to the hills ahead of the Righteous Reparations Horde.
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