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‘Cleanblood Cross Training’
Part 2: Nugguh Satarn Is Interested in Crackpot Sports Classifications: 12/26/2022
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Below are sports that were not practiced by myself, but by better and tougher men than I and their long term and short term combat applications.
Salsa dancing instructor Rico Arus had the best footwork of any stick-fighter. Rico also had much better looking training partners than I did!
Doctor Dread had the best conditioning and stamina of any fighter I have known. This was from extreme running, swimming at dawn in the Chesapeake Bay every day, triatholons. I would do all of that but the bike, if I were young and able. The bike sets you up for murder by car, especially in these days when rich faɡɡots and their bike lanes are serving as an excuse to go after working Americans and their automobiles. The track and field and swimming that Doc has been involved in as a competitor and coach for 40 or more years are basic conditioning pursuits that have direct survival applications. The third best boxer in human history, Tisander of Naxos, trained for fighting by swimming in the ocean. The swimmer was the athlete chosen by film makers in the casting of the Tarzan movies for some 50 years. Also, keep in mind that most Gawds cannot swim, at all. So, if you can swim, when the Righteous Reparation Horde invades, you can swim to safety! Also, their allies, the PIGZ in body armor, are not likely swimmers.
-Hockey Players are always tough stick fighters on their first day. Hell, in a street fight, a hockey team will beat a boxing team any day.
-Lacrosse Players are second only to hockey players in adapting quickly to combat sports.
-Football players do okay adapting to combat sports but tend to be wrecked in middle years from the injuries.
-Rodeo and motocross athletes I have met have all been studs, but, by the time they are my age, their can barely walk.
-Powerlifters are hard to train in fighting, and by the time they are my age, they can hardly walk.
-Bodybuilders are rarely trainable in combat, but, can take a beating and do basic force moves into old age.
-I have worked with three boxers who came from racket [willful typo] sports and they all adapted quickly. One of these men I training in stick fighting and his racket work was the basis for a lot of precocious success. The problem with racket [I know I am spelling it wrong, but it is French!] sports is that organized forms are upper class white and white adjacent Asian, demographics which are highly in line with the gaslight and will be the most woke venues, since they are so white and aspirational.
-It has been easy for me to coach men who are avid in barroom games and lawn sports because they have a high level of relaxed precision. Most people, when trying to do something precisely in motion, will tense up, ruining the punch or stroke. The arts of punching and fighting with hand weapons require dynamic relaxation. Dynamic tension sports like football and weight lifting do not promote the type of relaxed hand and shoulder necessary for the best punching and stroking. However, good horse shoe, billiards, darts and shuffle board players have developed a relaxed state of precision and tend to relax under pressure, especially in the shoulder, which is where strong men ruin their punching mechanics with tension. For this reason, I much prefer playing these games even though I rarely win, as a kind of relaxation therapy. I have also noted that men who are too high strung or intense to enjoy these games are also difficult to coach into a relaxed striking state and tend to shoulder injuries.
-Baseball players tend to be the best athletes and most coachable in punching mechanics. However, for some reason most are horrified at the prospect of combat sports. For this reason I like the idea, if I were younger, of joining a softball team, which I did once at 31 and really liked. Baseball selects for really high eye activity, which we lose in time anyhow. Softball selects for more overall activity, with most balls being out in play. My guess is you can find 1 in ten softball players that might train combat, as opposed to the 1 in 1000 baseball player ratio. Baseball players are going to make better shooters, which might be why it is still America’s identity sport, as no nation was more formed by the gun.
As a final note, I would like to point out that throwing balls overhand at high speed, eventually destroys most shoulders if you do it enough. I have known a few professional ball players and they assured me that it is a genetic selection process at that level. So, as you age, I would suggest throwing the disc, the frisbee, since you can get practice with eye and hand and feet without hurting your shoulder.
Additionally, soccer is usually played outside and has a low material and ground floor skill requirement, can be done in mixed age and gender teams, and is perhaps the best cardio sport next to running and swimming. It’s no accident that soccer players have died the most from the vaxx—that sport tests the heart, the same organ that has been targeted by The Lie and its blood poison. My brother is still active playing competitive soccer with men half his age and his fitness level is higher than mine doing the same thing in combat sports.
Train and play alone and make that the basis for finding partners in those passions.
Thank you Cleanblood, for finishing off a career of self help writing on a positive note.
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