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‘In The Earth’
Musings on Man’s Descent into Atheism: 1/8/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
This musing is inspired by a sermon given by Tony today at a baptist church. The sermon was for marriage, keyed on Ephesians 5, with citations ranging from Genesis, to Mathew and Hebrews. The sermon was against “secular humanism” and “feminism,” the latter thrust marking this as a heroic sermon that will forever haunt and mark the preacher.
I have at times, discussed with my friend, Mister Gray, the fact that though atheism and modern secular humanism, and many of the various isms are squarely against Christianity, that these ideologies come from Christianity, as corrupt devolutions. The second and only other source for modern atheism is Judaism.
The ancient sources for atheism are three of the four ancient schools of philosophy:
-academics, beginning with Plato
Stoics were not atheists.
Aristotle, the most scientific of the academics, was essentially a monotheistic deist, that dismissed pantheonism as a device for appeasing the idiot masses but cited the search for The Cause Uncaused” and “the unmoved mover” as an ultimate goal of science.
Modern academics have taken up forms of atheism different from their ancient predecessors, which are based on Christianity and it root religion. It is ironic that opposition to Christianity is predominently and most stridently of a type that evolved directly from Christianity, even through the very Christian institutions that were colonized by the academy.
Below are five aspects of the service today, that I, as an outsider, observed have been coopted and adopted by the very teaming enemies of the 30 odd souls in that church. Additionally, as Tony rightly points out, “The Church,” meaning the aggregate denominations of Christian faiths, is letting Stan in in the form of transgenderism, gay marriage and other practices.
The following elements of this sermon, expressing pillars of Christian faith, are no squarely pillars of the vastly more powerful Atheist Faith:
Original Sin, the Christian belief that every baby born is guilty of an eternal crime that cannot be erased, is the keystone of Woke Theology. This theology posits that only two folk have ever been visited by eternal crimes, the Chosen and Woke, and that these crimes cannot be erased and call for eternal reparations. Indeed, ladies from this church were at a mass murder museum yesterday, attending a temple of the faith that is erasing theirs.
Nothing is more Christian and more atheist, the Original Sin.
Christians are Slaves to Righteousness, and must eternally fight for right. Nothing a Christian does can be more slavish or existentially righteous as Wokery, which is often not “self righteous” but a cruxade for blacks on behalf of whites. The fact that every person must be a slave to something, either good or evil, is at the core of Christian faith and of postmodernism, which is deep atheism.
Universal service and submission to others are deeply embedded in atheism, suggesting its descent from Christianity, also through conservative civics where “service” as a person in uniform [medical, military, fore or law enforcement] grants instant higher moral status over normal folk as does church going over those who stay at home on Sunday.
Profession of Faith in public, by the person John Bunyan would have called a professor, is a key of Protestant Christianity. Where the catholic most go through the church hierarchy to access God Grace and Christ’s Salvation, other Christians must go through the entire lateral congregation and openly declare their faith or be held suspect for lack of self-profession, for failure to join the demonstrative parade. It was established during the Salem Witch Trials, in 1690s, that a person may not have a personal relationship with God, that whatever a person prays to God must be made public, on pain of death. One old woman was smashed between boards by order of the American clergy for making the claim that her thoughts were between her and God. I mark this event as Satan’s foothold in the American church which led to the universities founded by these very men becoming atheist over time. Note that in these, our woke times, that failure to plead guilty to some inner crime or ancestral sin is in itself a crime, in this tranny world where the mob is our many-headed confessor.
To Sing Along
Song, the singing of hymns, along with the congregation is, pointed out by this preacher, a form of worship—they actual form of worship. I have been chastised and viewed with great suspicion by members of this church for my refusal to sing. That is an entire subject. I spent a semester in a dark room for refusal to sing in music class in 8th grade. However, I have noted, that secular song is at the very center of the grossly materialistic atheist world. The God of Things is worshiped in song by ever commercial jingle, by movie soundtracks, by NFL musical overtures. BLM and Auntqueefa chant songs. U.S.G. soldiers sing songs about shooting pregnant women. Most Americans I know cannot function without music, without a soundtrack to accompany the narrative of life.
Not every faith was ruled by sing along, not even every Christian faith. The requirement to sing along or dwell beyond the pale, that hallmark of Peak Western Christian Prosperity Civilization from 1730s through the 1940s, when something else [I know not what] took hold of the collective Western mind, I suspect, set up the sing along soul of such vocal Christians, for colonization, seduction and programming by the satanic creators of Leviathan.
This subject, of the giving way of sweet songful Christianity before the Bitter Isms, reminds me of the death of Abel at the hands of his brother Cain and the curse lain upon Cain:
“The voice of thy brother’s blood cryeth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth which have opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand. A fugitive and a vagabond you shall be in the earth… Therefore who soever slayeth Cain vengeance shall be taken on him seven fold...” so said God Almighty to Cain
Who is more of a vagabond than the woman who must live without a husband and move every five years to stay ahead of the urban blight, or the husband who must sign a new house note every 8 years or get served with divorce?
“In the earth,” is a telling statement, suggesting an existence barred from redemption, of a curse to remain forever, Cain and his descendants, mere suffering things of flesh and bone, excluded from a higher home.
Such are the lynchable heresies that flood the crackpot brain at sermon. The pastor made the case that wifedom within traditional marriage places less limitation on the woman than feminism and as many shackles on the husband. I would have added that the term husband means house-bound, and a slave, with the wife the hostage held by church and state for that house-chained man’s good behavior.
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