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Frederick's Kenpo Karate
Combat Cross-Training in Baltimore
© 2012 James LaFond
8641 Loch Raven Blvd, Towson, MD 21286
Office: 410-882-5861
I have been involved with Mister Jim Frederick since 2005, when he first invited us to do a demo at his school. Most of the videos on this site and the YouTube links were filmed there.
Since 2009 I have coached contact weaponry at Jim Frederick’s on Saturday mornings. Since June of this year I have also been coaching boxing. There is now a separate cross-training area in the back of the school, so that activities outside of the American Kenpo curriculum may take place alongside the regularly schedules classes. These activities are detailed below:
American Kenpo Karate, with Associate Professor of the Arts Jim Frederick, Monday-Friday, 4-9 PM and Saturday 12-4 PM:
Wing Chun, Gangster Fist and Escrima with Sifu Arturo Gabriel on Sundays:
Baynesville Boxing with Coach Jim Meyer, weekday mornings by appointment:
MMA for fitness and competition, scheduled group sessions and privates by appointment, with pro MMA fighter Angelo Cruz: 443-762-4820.
MMA with Matt Graham: 410-882-5861
Boxing and Modern Agonistics with James LaFond, Tuesday and Thursday 6-8 PM, and Saturday 10-11:45 AM: ϳаmeslа at gmа 443-686-0598.
Mister Frederick has been at this location for 20 years now. He has the highest percentage of adult karate students that I have seen in a commercial setting. With the coaches he has brought on board this past year I now feel like we have a real cross-training center in Baltimore. We are simultaneously preparing people for karate tournaments, MMA events, grappling events, Golden Gloves competition, and stick-fighting meets.
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