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Erique's Agon Recap
A Contact Record
© 2015 Charles Meisling

I've spent a good amount of time re-watching footage of the agon at 1/2 speed. I wanted to put together a historical record, if not a conventional scorecard, that featured contact highlights that could allow for analysis. Call it a fightscript if you will.

I have also provided the victor for reach round. This is my opinion as judge, not stemming just from listed engagements, but from witnessing the fights and reviewing the video content as a whole. My equation for reaching these results is the one typical to our sparring routine: most real kills / fight-enders.

This is a comprehensive record, but not a complete one. I've done my best. My reasoning for this length of detail is (1) for Erique's betterment and (2) because of the current uncertainty of a recap video (which if it is made, may not be in the fashion of a highlight reel where a clear picture is painted of fighter achievements—instead those achievements are related here).


A new instance of notable contact is designated by +
→ infers immediate follow-up contact within the same engagement; it can be rewritten "immediately followed by"
(game over) helps clarify first-kill or prevailing kill

Example 1

Charles slashes Corey's wrist (game over)
→ Corey lands lateral head shot

This means shots were traded, Charles landed a debilitating cut first, and Corey would not have been able to complete the kill in real life.

Blade Set vs James

Victor: James

+ Erique scores clean back-hand lateral
+ James lands slash to femoral (game over)
     → James takes cut to empty hand
+ Fighters pummel and trade small cuts; nothing lethal
+ James lands #1 headshot (game over)
     → James takes nasty slash to shoulder
+ James lands #1 heashot
+ Erique lands back-hand lateral headshot
     → James lands lateral slash to femoral (game over)*
+ Erique takes slash to empty-hand
     → Pummeling and small-cuts; nothing lethal
+ James lands #1 headshot (game over)
     → Erique stabs to liver after J passes by
+ James lands #1 headshot
+ James lands #1 headshot (game over)
     → Erique lands slash to ribs
+ James lands vertical stab to E's face
+ James lands lateral elbow slash to left arm
     → Erique reaches and lands back-hand laterla headshot (game over)

*The headshot in this engagement does not appear to be lethal. If James runs away, it is presumed Erique would bleed out.
Blade Set vs Craig


+ Erique's weapon hand slashed
+ Lateral head shots traded
+ Angular head shots traded
+ Erique takes pronated stab to neck (game over)
     → Angular head shots traded
+ Craig takes angular head shot twice, trades 1
+ Mutual neck slicing
+ Craig lands good stab on Erique's left underarm
     → Erique returns with good slash to Craig's weapon underarm (game over)
+ Erique takes lateral head shot
+ Craig dives, lands good lateral cut to femoral (game over)
     → Erique trades a scalping
+ Craig's weapon hand slashed
+ Craig's weapon hand slashed
+ Erique takes multiple head shots (game over)
     → Craig's weapon underarm cut during combo
+ Erique's weapon hand slashed while attempting back-hand (game over)
     → Lateral head shots traded (but too late for E)
+ Craig lands strong knee slash, but takes lethal head slash in return
     → Craig proceeds to take Erique to the ground despite his head being halved
+ Hand shots traded
Combo Set vs James

Victor: James

+ James lands #1 headshot
+ James lands vertical slash to E's weapon hand
+ James lands slash to E's weapon hand
     → Tie up with no small cuts traded
+ James lands lateral slash to outside of leg
     → Erique chases, lands lateral headshot*
+ Erique ducks headshot and proceeds to clinch, lands slash to outside of J's neck upon exit
+ James lands tip-dump on E's forehead/face, then slashes across belly+thigh**
     → Erique cuts outside of J's weapon arm, then chops off shield hand**
+ James chops Erique's shield arm
     → Erique lands small cut on James' weapon hand
+ Erique lands cut under J's left armpit
+ Erique lands back-handed lateral slash to J's weapon hand
+ James lands #1 headshot
+ James lands #1 headshot

*Not calling a kill in this engagement, Erique would not be able to chase as he did
**Too close to call. Maybe 2 dead guys.
Combo Set vs Craig

Victor: Craig

+ Erique slashes Craig's upper thigh
     → Craig lands vertical chop to E's head
+ Erique lands headshot
+ Craig lands headshot, cup shot, headshot, headshot
+ Opponents pummel and cut each other with no discernable lethality
+ Opponents trade small cuts while tying-up, Craig lands small chops to E's head
+ Erique lands #2 on Craig*
     → Craig lands pronated stab to E's face*
+ Craig lands pronated stab to face, lateral slash to cup, vertical slash to face
+ Erique lands slash to head**
     → Craig lands lateral slash to abdomen**
     → Erique lands slash to head**
+ Craig lands later slash to E's upper thigh
+ Craig lands vertical headshot
+ Craig lands chop to hip
+ Erique scores back-hand slash to Craig's weapon hand (solid)
+ Opponents simultaneously score slashes on each other's weapon hands
+ Opponents pummel eachother with no discernable cuts
*Simultaneous kill; 2 dead guys
**Abdomen slash was deep; 2 dead guys
Stick Set vs James (Short)

Victor: James

+ Opponents trade headshots
+ James scores lateral headshot
+ Opponents trade shots to empty-hand(s)
     → James scores headshot (game over)
     → Erique scores headshot
     → James scores rib slash, neck slash, slash to back of head, rib slash
+ Erique rushes into clinch, scores lateral back-hand headshot upon exit
+ James scores leg slash
+ James scores slash to empty-hand
Stick Set vs Craig (Short)

Victor: Craig

+ Craig lands slash to E's weapon hand
+ Craig scores slash to E's elbow/forearm
+ Erique slashes Craig's weapon hand
+ Craig slashes E's elbow/foream
+ Craig scores two headshots
+ Craig scores headshot
     → Erique lands stick slap to back of head during tye-up
+ Opponents simultaneously trade slashes to weapon hand
+ Opponents simultaneously trade slashes to weapon hand (someone call Vegas)

Erique should be lauded for his output and pain tolerance; he managed to stay up while his two opponents played round-robin. The agon has cemented Erique's status as a strong competitor whose skills and stamina have greatly improved since joining our ranks as an Agonistics practitioner. Like the rest of us, he has plenty of avenues with which to grow. His dedication to training will no-doubt continue to enhance his game in years to come.

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