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The Sunset Saga Series Sketch
The Story of Three-Rivers and the Servants of Burnt Man
© 2012 James LaFond

This piece is meant to offer the reader a context for whichever story in the series they might be reading. Each piece is written to stand alone. So you can start in the middle.

Born to a single mother in East Baltimore in 1982 Charlie Robinson is a genius whose love for science enables him to escape the ghetto. In 2008, as a young quantum physicist, Charlie becomes frustrated and abandons his time-travel project to found a religion. A year later he is confronted by his own disciples from the future who have finally constructed the time-machine he designed. Charlie's 'sponsors' from the future enlist his aid in setting up a 'genetic reclamation' or 'time-hunting' unit in the 21st Century from where the deep fertile past will be harvested for a distant and barren future.

Born in a West Virginia trailer park in 1980, Jay Bracken is orphaned at fifteen and goes onto a life of crime and prize-fighting. In 2010 he is reunited with teenage friend Charlie Robinson, who is in need of operatives for his time-hunting unit. Jay jumps at the chance to plunge into the past and bring forward unique people for what he is told are humanitarian purposes. Discovering that Charlie's sponsors have a dark hidden agenda Jay becomes a pawn in a struggle he can barely comprehend as well as an unlikely champion of the people he has been recruited to abduct.

Three-Rivers, born epileptic, autistic, and with a crippling scoliosis to Mohawk parents in 1523, and adopted by the Seneca prophet WhiteSkyCanoe, is a language savant, precocious visionary and spiritual median. In 1538, during a vision quest in the forest, he befriends an insane White warrior. This man claims to be a child of a world beyond the sunset, and is bent on abducting WhiteSkyCanoe and a beautiful lady chief of the Summer Towns on behalf of a mysterious Burnt Man; a magic-worker with the awesome power to command Thunderer to carry his servants to Mother Earth and worlds beyond.

This event spurs Three-Rivers on a multi-faceted quest as he seeks entry to the House of Furthest Sunset, salvation for his damned friend, and is ultimately compelled to take on the burdens of a messiah in defense of his people and their imperiled world.

First Trilogy

Book One: Of The Sunset World: The Three-Rivers Event

A three-part novel: The Baltimore Equation, The Dewey Beach Event and The Three-Rivers Event

Time-travelers who possess a device capable of forming an alternate universe journey back to 1528. Their mission: recover Hiawatha and the Lady of Cafitachequi and prevent the army of Hernando De Soto from destroying the Mississippian Culture. A handicapped Iroquois boy manages to insert himself into this ill-fated endeavor in hopes of returning with the time-travelers to their mysterious world, a place situated beyond the very Sunset itself. Total Length: 271,390

Book Two: Pillagers of Time: The Neanderthal & Bottleneck Events and the Transmogrification of Three-Rivers

In the novel Beyond the Ember Star time-hunters raid Ice Age Europe for a Neanderthal child.

In the novella Comes the Six Winter Night a team of time-travelers journey 75,000 years into the past to the eve of the Toba Super Eruption.

In the novel Thunder-Boy, Three-Rivers, a handicapped 16th Century Native American boy recently brought forward by time-travelers, throws out his epilepsy and ADHD medication, steals a time-machine, and flees to a 'penned-in-wilderness' called a park for a vision quest. Here he meets Gerald Hicks, a trash-talking, substance-abusing squirrel who is in fact possessed by the unrepentant transmigrant soul of a recently deceased wino. Three-Rivers and his friend explore 21st Century Baltimore—including a bold daylight raid on a crack-house—and 29th Century Virginia. Ultimately he returns to his own world and attempts to organize resistance against the land-hungry Whiteman.

Also includes the short stories: Inception, Under the Crooked Tree, Independence Day, Cave Boy, and a character glossary. Total length: 216,528 words

Book Three: Cities of Dust: The Burton, Aristotle & Leonardo Events and the First Time Wars

The novels: The World is Our Widow, Behind the Sunset Veil, Den of The Ender & God's Picture Maker

In the novel The World is Our Widow Victorian scholar-adventurer Richard F. Burton is sought by an unlikely duo of 21st Century time-travelers: Jan Stevenson, a tenured mathematics professor; and Randy Bracken, white supremacist, Hindu convert, drug-addict, career criminal and conflicted psychopath. Will one or both of these men be able to convince Burton, possibly the greatest scholar-adventurer of all time, to join their cause?

In the novel Behind the Sunset Veil Alexander the Greats' tutor Aristotle is sought by an ill-fated team of time-travelers as Three-Rivers—now a time-bending teenage prophet—takes steps to control time-travel in the name of Hiawatha. Meanwhile Jay Bracken—suffering from Time Travel Psychosis—battles cops, dogs, corrections officials and government investigators in his increasingly crazed attempts to remain a free and practicing stone-age warlord in 21st Century America.

In the novel Den of The Ender Three-Rivers and Jay Bracken wage a guerilla war against a militant 24th Century religious corporation that is harvesting Neanderthals and Native Americans from the deep past for use as drones for an interstellar generation ship.

In the novel God's Picture Maker, time-travelers journey back to 1468 to convince Leonardo de Vinci to become a time-traveler. Meanwhile Jay Bracken languishes as the subject of an ongoing genetic engineering experiment in the 24th Century—his least favorite timeframe.

Second Trilogy

Book Four: Tears of Earth: The Shaw Incident, and the Perpetua, Porete, Menocchio, Hu & Spartacus Events

Three novels: Seven Moons Deep, Candles in the Night and Unconquered

Seven Moons Deep...In 1628, as a boy-ensign in the Dutch Navy, Lord Pendleton Shaw stood before a Spanish mission in the New World and watched a White heathen cut down the last of the Spanish dons. In 1654, aboard the English man-of-war Drake's Revenge, Lord Shaw returns to take possession of these savage lands for Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate, and investigate the tales of seven fabulously wealthy cities in the mountainous interior. Meanwhile, Jay Bracken returns to the 21st Century suffering from the delusion that he is an ancient Germanic war god cast down from heaven among the unworthy mortals who now defile the world he once bequeathed to his worshippers.

In Candles in the Night time-travelers journey to Europe's past to rescue four forgotten souls, even as they themselves are stalked by 24the Century time-hunters intent on seizing their objectives and even their means of travel.

In Unconquered Three-Rivers comes to maturity and leads a team of military advisors to ancient Rome in an attempt to bring down the greatest slave-state of antiquity.

Book Five: The Fury of God: The Alexander, Xuanzang, Nazca, Rapa Nui, Cook & Tecumseh Events

The novels: Achilles' Wake, Of Men with Bloody Hands and Panther in the Sky

In Achilles' Wake Three-Rivers and Jay impersonate Daedalus and Achilles in an attempt to dissuade Alexander the Great from invading India.

In Of Men with Bloody Hands Richard F. Burton and other time-travelers explore the Pacific and the Andes in search of lost civilizations.

In Panther in the Sky the British West Indies Company sets its sights on Three-Rivers' AllPeople Town and he calls on the greatest Native American of Sunset to help save his people.

Book Six: The Mirror to God's Eye: The Archimedes, Euthymus, Sina, Saul, Grosvenover & Poe Events

The novels: Soliloquy, Holy Ghost and Forsaken

In Soliquoy three human treasures of antiquity are sought by teams of time-travelers.

In Holy Ghost Professor Charles Robinson journeys into the past with the Sixth Branch Capacitator to confront Saul on the road to Damascus as the rapidly aging Three-Rivers attempts to unite the native peoples of Mother Earth against the Whiteman.

In Forsaken time-travelers attempt to rescue a number of doomed souls from the squalor and shipwrecks of the 19th Century.

Conclusion of the Sunset Saga

Book Seven: Upon the Starlit Path: The Gilgamesh, Nefertiti, Aurelius & Second Genesis Events and the Fate of Three-Rivers

The novels: Three Thrones Gone, White Sky Canoe and Run to the Hills

With the seven year window for time-travel coming to an end the remaining time-travelers are faced with a set of choices: settle down in a timeframe of their choosing; join Second Genesis; or help Three-Rivers in his attempt to assure the freedom of the Native Americans of his timeframe.

In Three Thrones Gone time-travelers attempt to rescue two doomed rulers for posterity and give civilization a better chance at a new beginning by interceding in the evolution of ancient Iraq.

In White Sky Canoe Second Genesis enters its final stage as the Ark of Time is finally launched forward to a post-terraformed Earth and the builders of a 29th Century generation ship frantically harvest the past to stock their outward bound vessel.

In Run to the Hills, it is 1861 in the Whiteman's Winter Count and the armies of Queen Victoria's Britain have conquered most of Mother Earth east of the Mississippi. The refugees from Three-Rivers' AllPeople Town remain temporarily free with their backs to the Appalachians. The now aged prophet returns to Mother Earth to defy this unstoppable enemy, as the ghosts of his wise father and wicked mother wage an internal war over his conscience and the frightful singularity within him.

Hillbilly, stone-age warlord, and genetically engineered war-freak, Jay Bracken, has never passed up a chance to 'whack some Brits'. But can he convince his white supremacist brother Randy—who happens to be the only evil military genius Jay is currently on speaking terms with—to risk his neck for Three-Rivers and his 'Red Hippies'?

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