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‘I’m Confused about Race and Violence’
‘Am I Better off Being Black or White When it Comes to Getting Attacked?: A Man Question from Charles
Okay, Charles, out of every 100 acts of violence in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area the acts are initiated at approximately the following rates, though every 100 acts come out slightly different than the next with those I have collected bunching together by happenstance into this pattern:
1 are committed by Latinos*
4 are committed by whites
10 are committed by cop
85 are committed by blacks
Rough guide to source by type, which contradicts the aggression patterns, favoring defenders and witnesses over aggressors:
Latino = 1%
White = 75%
Cops = 2%
Black = 22%
Note that the black population is about 50% in the “Baltimore Area” though higher in the city, with higher percentages of blacks in certain areas always correlating with higher rates of violence.
*The current Latino population is small and unusually docile. This will change.
Of the people I personally know in Baltimore:
Most of the Latinos have been the targets of violence, primarily by blacks.
All of the working class whites have been the targets of violence, primarily by blacks, secondarily by cops.
Few of the upscale whites have had any experience with violence of any kind, the only ones being those who take part in gentrification initiatives near black ghettos, with people that live in all white suburbs rarely ever experiencing aggression of any type.
All of the cops have been targets of violence, primarily by blacks.
All of the blacks have had numerous experiences as the targets of violence, primarily by blacks, secondarily by cops.
The fact is the Black Baltimore is a predatory matrix and that predators tend to (1) hunt in their home range and (2) select the easiest prey.
So long as blacks are isolated in black ghettos they will almost exclusively prey on one another. When in a mixed environment they will switch to easier white prey. When a white enters the all-black environment, unless he is obviously a predator, he will immediately be slotted as a soft, tasty and eater-friendly morsel.
The important thing to remember is that black predation takes on three forms outside of the dominant gang warfare.
1. Opportunistic predation as soft targets become available is something that roughly one third of the black urban population will engage in impulsively. Drop Donald Trump into a ghetto naked but for his hair and money belt and three out of ten blacks will attack him on sight.
2. Mob attacks are something that five out of ten blacks will engage in if they have been properly incited to lash out at the invisible forces that “keep them down.” Wandering into a black area at the wrong time could result in you being mistaken or served up as a scapegoat for these oppressive white forces of evil.
3. About two in ten black males have a highly developed sense of interracial predation and will typically go on lone stalks, paired hunts, or raids with three or more men in the party into predominantly non-black communities. When living, travelling and working outside of a majority black area these are the only types of black attackers you typically need to be concerned with. Note that in black enclaves these types of hunters prey almost exclusively on other blacks. Sometimes the stalker, hunter or raider that is operating in a non-black area is simply practicing his craft on easy targets, and will eventually return to the ghetto to rob drug dealers. Sometimes he is a specialist and sometimes he has advanced to a more profitable low-risk target base that requires more subtle handling, as police will have an effective presence in most non-black areas.
By avoiding black areas you avoid most mob assaults and a lot of opportunistic aggression.
By avoiding mixed areas you avoid most opportunistic aggression that takes place outside of black enclaves.
Charles, the only reason why black people get attacked more often than white people is that they coexist with other black people at a much higher rate, in closer proximity and for longer periods. Black America has been so perversely sculpted to engage in violence by the sick people that run this nation that the study of violence and aggression in urban and suburban America cannot be undertaken without first acknowledging that race [not interracial relations, but the mere presence or absence of able-bodied blacks] is the primary indicator that acts of violence are likely or imminent.
When you speak to any black Baltimorean, and have them rate the worst areas to live in, they will rate areas with 100% black occupation as the worst neighborhoods and predominantly white areas as the most desirable.
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AnthonySep 30, 2016

How were these numbers obtained?
responds:Oct 1, 2016

These numbers are only from first person and eye-witness reports, as the identity of attackers and victims is obscured in press coverage and the police stats are intentionally juked, therefore I cannot use news reports for sources.

These numbers are small.

These numbers do not meet any of the criteria for deriving statistics that could hold up under peer review. But I'm just a high school dropout without peers, so that does not concern me.

However, according to FBI Supervisory Agent Tom Petrowski, who interviewed me about my methodology in 2001, all law enforcement numbers except for murders are filtered in various ways, including cops not having the time to do all of the paperwork on the violence that they are personally involved in. In my original study of 1675 acts of violence conducted from June 1996 through May 2000—for which I used a 48 point checklist and discarded any encounter I could not verify 8 facts about—I did not even look at race unless it involved, knife use, gun use and mob attacks.

My most recent work with numbers—all of which one could find fault with, as I am not a statistician and I do not have the logistical means to do a broad-based survey, but use the very crude method of recording all violence experienced and witnessed by myself and those I come into contact with—can be found in 40,000 Years from Home. My entire, extensive, personal violence history is included in that book and occupies over 5 chapters.

I'm just sampling here, but, I'm conducting the only sampling of working class mixed-race aggression in an urban setting that is not biased by law enforcement manipulation, YouTube video selection, and academic stipulation, but is rather biased according to circumstance. If you live in Cody Wyoming, none of these numbers apply to you at all.

I will post this as an article.

Thank you, Anthony, for asking this question.
IshmaelsMay 13, 2017

James, most of the Mexicans, Latinos, there is a difference, that I know, don't like Blacks.
Sam J.May 13, 2017

"...Black America has been so perversely sculpted to engage in violence by the sick people that run this nation..."

I submit that this is just more blame Whitey BS as Blacks attack each other and anyone else they feel they can get away with all over the world and anywhere they go.

Doesn't mean the people that run the country aren't sick but they have nothing to do with Blacks being violent they are this way no matter what.
BobMay 15, 2017

@ Ishmael:

Testimony to that is the big wall that separates Haiti from the Dominican Republic and the different crime rate that prevails on either side of the fence. Haiti being composed of almost pure African stock (whitey of various shades having been ethnically cleansed), and the Dominican Republic, largely mestizo. I'd prefer to take my chances with the Amerindians of Guatemala than the blacks in Belize.
BobMay 15, 2017

Without making passing judgment about good or evil (in my opinion evenly spread through all human populations) there is a difference in average serum testosterone between the races. Asians the lowest, whites intermediate, blacks highest. The same pattern is evident in average IQ. Low IQ, high T-scores tend to make blacks predisposed to violent crime. On the other hand, only a people of high IQ and low time preference could realize a Kalergi Plan.
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