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'There is No Knife'
A Note from Medieval Araby
"Great news video.
“There is no knife"
-Jinn Joe
At 1:14 into this report, the douche bag reporter, after stating numerous times that there was no knife, and that the fact that some heavily armed Hebrew badass avoided being stabbed confirms that there was “no knife,” then references a still photo of the innocent, unarmed, military-aged male boogieing away with a knife in his right hand, and still continues to report on the total absence of the knife!
Okay, Joe, that reporter is trained. I like his persistence in the face of the inconvenient truth. Have him sent to the Baltimore News Desk to cover our own brand of terrorism in time for Martin Luther King’s birthday.
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Sam J.Jan 10, 2016

He kept saying "this individual". Immediately made me think of the movie Idiocracy.
responds: Jan 10, 2016

Love that movie—first 10 minutes best scenes in film.
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