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Eastside Pedestrian: 1992-94
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
The night after Thanksgiving, in November of 1992, I began working outside of my neighborhood, taking three buses, and sometimes walking for miles instead of taking a bus, to distant work locations at night. One might say that this was the psychopathic seedbed from which all Harm City articles and books have reached for the soot-smudged skyline of the mind. I have included my police experiences and am using these mind-awakening moments to try and date the rest of the swirling mass of incidents from the 1990s that still clog portions of my failing mind. I see no possible way that I will manage to recall all incidents, and will certainly have misdated many. I am using the police encounters as my chronological range markers and lobbing the less shocking stuff in the gaps between. In cases in which the story is recalled in a book I will give a brief title, information on race, gender, numbers and weapons, and refer to the book.
This section has to do with me working on the east side for two years, during the course of which I held as many as six jobs at a time.
1. 1992, Erdman and Belair, night: A large black man threatens me, thinking I’m white, then notes my Navaho bandana, decides I am a fellow oppressed brother, and befriends me.
2. 1992, Old Eastern Avenue and Eastern Boulevard, night: 2 young black men, smaller than I, attempt to corner me behind the bus shelter by the burger joint. I stepped off, drawing a large knife, and they walk away.
3. 1993, Erdman and Belair, night: 2 men board the #22 bus I am on, and begin shooting at a guy seated in front of me, who runs off the back with them on his tail [The fire went high into the ceiling I think. I was half asleep when it happened. They were firing in my direction, so I’m counting it.]
4. 1993, Belair and Parkside, night: An innocent unarmed black youth shot at me with a 25 auto from the sidewalk of the park, the three rounds impacting the bus frame below where I was sitting on the back right side of the #15 bus
5. 1993, Belair and Southern, night: four black gang members threatened me from their beige BMW
6. 1993, Luerssen and Marx, day: I threatened to chop, rape, torture, kill, eat and burn the family of the drug Queen pin who had sent the above thugs
7. 1993, Belair and Woodlea, night: A black man threatened to “tax” me if I did not give him “some change” so I smashed him against the wall in the doorway and snarled at him. The Korean liquor store owner starting giving me discounts after this.
8. 1993, Eastern and Rolling Mill, night: a coworker attacked and shoved me [Logic of Steel]
9. 1993, Eastern and Rolling Mill, night: struck a coworker with the back of a razor knife as a warning [Logic of Steel]
10. 1993, Colgate Park, day: met a coworker to settle our differences
11. 1993, Eastern and Rolling Mill, day: confrontation on parking Lot with three coworkers [The Fighting Edge, revenge]
12. 1993 Belair and Parkside, day: 2 youths trailed me through the park and waited outside the liquor store for me while I purchased my weapon. When I exited, smacking the 22 oz bottle into my left palm, they retreated
13. 1993: County, Rolling Mill Road, Morning, detained and questioned for the crime of walking on the side of the road. The black cop held a gun on me while the white cop spoke with me from behind, as I was facing way from them with my hands on the back of my head, looking at the railroad tracks—2 cops, 1 white, 1 black
14. 1994, Highland and Baltimore, night: struck by a black youth who ran by—kid couldn’t hit, but I should not have been dozing off against the building
15. 1994, Highland and Baltimore, day: Threatened three white panhandlers with razor
16. 1994: A large black man stepped out of a doorway and screamed into my face, “Give me money!” I told him that I had 617 dollars in my wallet and he declined to try and take it from me as I palmed my razor.
17. 1994, Belair and Erdman, day, threatened three white panhandlers with beer bottle
18. 1994, Belair and Erdman, night: turned on lone, tall black man following me. He put up hands and backed away. I was wrong about him.
19. 1994, Eastern Boulevard and Old Eastern Avenue, Threatened by two white guys in pickup who followed me up onto a parking lot and attempted to run me against a light pole. I evaded, darting between parked cars and ran up to my work site. They seemed to enjoy the encounter.
20. 1994, Belair and Parkside, day: 2 youths followed me into the park, where I turned on them with a foot long knife. After they fled I used the knife to make a spear I could hide there.
21. 1994, North Point and Wise, day: challenged to a fight at a strip club
22. 1994, North Point and Wise, day: threatened a man at a strip club
23. 1994, Ponca and Holabird, night: stared down a bouncer at a strip club until he backed off and kept his hands to himself
24. 1994, Eastern and Rolling Mill, night: Collected an illegal debt
25. 1994, Eastern and Dundalk, day: stared down black man who accused me of racism for not talking to him, kept walking after him until he walked down to the next bus stop
26. 1994, Turner Station, day: followed the above man through Turner Station to his house, where three other men and he gathered on the porch. I turned about and continued to my second job.
27. 1994, Dundalk and Barclay, day: knife draw with coworker, [Logic of Steel]
28. 1994, Highland and Route 40, day: When You’re Food, “Yo Rambo” story
29. 1994 Edison Highway on the railroad bridge, day: threatened one of the youths from the day before with a utility knife, convincing him to get off the bus
30. 1994, Eastern and Rolling Mill, day: threatened coworker in dairy box for trying to frame me for destroying product
31. 1994, Frankford and Sinclair, Saturday Night in August, walking across town to work instead of taking the bus down through Highlandtown: I was chased by three pit bulls released from their leashes by the black man walking them eventually turning and drawing my knife when two of them got parallel with me. When the owner saw the knife [a nine inch Othello gravity blade] he called and they stopped advancing. The two flankers kind of sulked away and the big one on my tail slathered and did not want to go back to his master, so I backed down Frankford toward Moravia park until the man [in his 40s] gathered his dogs, stood and regarded me, and then walked across the street to a house.
32. 1994, Old Eastern Avenue and Stemmers Run, day: threatened by three black youths on the #23 bus. Got off and followed them and they ran. I did not pursue them into the projects [the Village of Tall Trees.].
Aggressions Types
Encounters: 32
Hierarchal: 2
Horizontal: 29
Heretical: 1
Interracial: 19
Group Involved: 15
Weapon involved: 15
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