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Northeast Pedestrian: 1995
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
33. Old Harford Road and Satyr Hill, night: a single fight challenge at work was the only incident of my five month assignment at store #48.
What a difference a neighborhood makes!
I also did not take the bus during this period, but had my wife drive me to work, walking the 8 miles home in the morning.
When working the other job locations I never let her drive me to work as the route went through ghetto areas.
I did, once, walking home from this job after a 12-hour shift, wake up walking onto a light pole that sounded like a great gong as my head bounced off of it and some motorist yelled, “Get high much!”
On another occasion I staggered to a stop and fell asleep on my feet—this was my toughest grocery gig, freighting $60k worth of frozen by myself in 95, like freighting 100K now. Management put me on this because I was recovering from a terrible back injury and they wanted to get rid of me. When I woke up I was standing in the drive way of the police-fire station on Putty Hill and Old Harford, with cops and firemen looking at me and shaking their head.
Aggressions by Type
Encounters: 1
Hierarchal: 0
Horizontal: 1
Heretical: 0
Interracial: 0
Group Involved: 0
Weapon involved: 0
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