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East-Southside Pedestrian:1999-2003
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
© 2016 James LaFond
This time period covers my last half year living in Northeast Baltimore—which was becoming overrun with criminal blacks bussed out from the Murphy Homes and Hollander Ridge projects that were torn down along the #33, #44, #15 and #19 lines. In September of 99 I moved my family to Eastern Baltimore County, to the Dundalk Peninsula—to the point when my wife grew weary of being married to a violent nomad with a mistress tucked away in some urban den, and kicked my ass out.
67. 1999, Fort and Hanover, night, when coming from a pre-work visit with a lady friend two blacks tried to corner me and I whipped out the Othello, at which they howled their indignation and told some prissy white hipster bitch I was robbing them.
68. 1999: Fort and Riverside, night, pursued by cops [I don’t know why, but it was on the very same night I defended against the blacks—like five minutes later], who I evaded by cutting through the park and alleys, again, hiding in the freezer at work. The night captain came and got me after they left, having lied to them, telling them I had been at work for hours and was not the guy seen with the big knife resisting a righteous mugging by two blacks. A local white yuppie woman who saw this called on me for brandishing knife and scarring her pet negroes—2 white cops.
69. 1999, Southern and Simms, night: 2 home boys confronted my wife and I about a cigarette. This involve a pen versus a gun and is in When You’re Food
70. Holabird, day, a dozen or so white men threaten to beat me up outside of Howard’s Pub and I loosen my razor and continue on by. They do not follow.
71. Gray Haven, A large youth threatens me for having long hair and challenges me to a fight in the alley. His mother breaks it up.
72. North Boundary Road, day: a youth panhandles my wife and I threaten to kill him when he pulls a knife
73. Gray Haven, day, I catch up with and corner the above boy by the bridge over Bear Creek and threatened to dump his body in the woods if he does not drop the knife, which he does
74. Christmas Morning, Holabird and Dundlak, night: threatened by 4 mixed race boys while getting off the #10
75. Holabird, from Dundalk to Cedar, night: two mixed race youth follow me and attempt to run me down in the street, in When You’re Food
76. 1999, Riverside and Fort, day: New Year’s Eve, I was followed, accused, questioned, threatened and then followed by a big redneck cop, who I was convinced was going to rob me, so when I got to work and picked up my pay I hid in a car full of female employees, who got me drunk, took me to a park, attempted to molest me, but I was so drunk I could not get it up, so they dropped me off in front of my house, where my wife awaited non-too-happily—1 white cop.
77. 2000,North Boundary Road, day, 4 white high school seniors threaten to gang rape a junior high school girl in my presence, When You’re Food.
78. Wise and Lynch, day: I threaten a Latino for littering, and white women come to his defense.
79. 2002, Patapsco High Track, day: four cops detained, and warned me about training in an open field with my sparring partner they had been sent by two EMTs who had tried t pick a fight with us and failed—4 white cops.
80. 2003, Fort and Lawrence, night, confrontation with The Mac Daddy, in Taboo You
81. 2003, Light and Pratt, day: threaten panhandler who will not stop until I press him against the bus shelter wall
Aggressions by Type
Encounters: 14
Hierarchal: 3
Horizontal: 9
Heretical: 2
Interracial: 6
Group Involved: 8
Note: I forgot about the guy who stuck a snub-nose revolver in my belly at Eastern and Broadway in 99, and who I convinced to tell me his story instead of rob me of my last $18, even giving him a business card. Let's just call that a conversation.
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