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Back to the Northeast: 2010-15
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
© 2016 James LaFond
This Period begins with my resignation from the management job that I held from 2006-10, and my moving from Ajay’s place in the County to SJ’s more marginal digs in the City.
After turning in my keys on the morning of July 5, I stopped by the Alidi’s down the street at Frankford and Belair, where seven of the panhandlers I had bounced off the lot now held a picket line at parcel pickup, actually blocking customer access and egress, and said, “Hey faggots, I quit. You can head back up the road and I hope Duz [My polish co-manager] crushes your fucking skulls!”
I write this stuff as it happens now, so am probably forgetting some of it, but you can find it in Harm City articles which I will try and remember to cite so you can look them up. I am probably only skipping about ten incidents.
I avoid most aggression by not working or socializing on Saturday nights.
92. 2010: Sefton and Glenoak, night: a raiding party of five black youth saw me, stopped, and began forming the Zulu-attacking horn formation, at which point I took both of my wax wood batons out of the gear bag and they reverted to their former shiftless Cosby kids formation.
93. 2010, Sefton and Glenmore, day: two rednecks in a pickup, in When You’re Food
94. 2010, Route #7 and Middle River, day: three young white guys in a pickup threatened me while I was with Megan, and she drove off out of the back of the lot—now that’s a good girl!
95. 2011, Harford and Christopher, dawn: three white trash in their thirties tried to walk me down and take my stuff, so I ducked into the Dollar Deals store and bought a canned good [corned beef, I think] to make a food flail. They didn’t stick around once I came out the door with that.
96. 2011, Stemmers Run and Old Eastern Avenue, night: Taboo You, Officer ManFriendly—1 white cop
97. 2012, Eastern Avenue and Hawthorn, night: a large cop made eye contact with me and glared at me with angry intensity before his partner motioned for him to come along. As he passed me he continued to glare at me. The African American anti-cop term “eye-fuck” comes to mind—1 white cop
98. 2013, Harford and White, night: the Pig I forgot, in Harm City Holdout.
99. 2013, Harford and White, night: a mob of bonobos who thought they were chimps until their alpha stepped up to me, tried to shake me down, in Harm City Hold Out
100. 2013, Hawthorn, night: Black Superman threatened me as I got to work, in Harm City Hold Out.
101. 2014, Glenoak and Northern Parkway, night: the narc Taboo You—1 white cop
102. 2014, Hawthorn, night: “Legal Wide” in Taboo You—1 white cop
103. 2014, White Avenue, morning: “Miss Piggy’ a black female cop, followed me at five miles per hour, for miles, as I walked and read Confessions of an Economic Hitman. She did not desist until I sat down on a stone wall and began writing down her car number—1 black cop.
104. 2014, Harford and Bayonne, day: Skidmark and Cumstain try to sick a stolen dog on me in A Dog Named Yo.
105. 2014, Harford and Hamilton, night; I threatened a man of my age and size who had tried to molest Gale, a young woman that works at the local market, and he submitted. Self-defense gurus never tell you that this is how aggression is most often employed, by giving the victim the opportunity not to resist and get hurt. It is still violence and is essentially the tactic of the mugger, cop, bank robber and rapist.
106. 2015, U.S. Route 40, dusk: a really cute, blonde cop of perhaps 30 detained and questioned me for five minutes as I mopped the drool from my lower lip—this babe was looking good in those working blues, and the vest couldn’t hide everything! Eventually, having determined that I was not a kidnapper of small children, but possibly of smoking hot, 30 year old natural blonde cops with a nice little dimple on her chin, who is most definitely a top girl if she is hetero and I think she is—she bid me ado and left me, old and alone on the side of the road—1 white pigless.
107. 2015, Marluth and Mary, day: Megan and I threatened in American Woman Gonna Get You Killed
108. 2015, Mary and Kavon, day: Into the Sun, another group of black boys descend on Megan and I, but she followed procedure and we warded them off. The hitter was keyed on me and saw me notice his shadow and arm up and the fluffers could not shake her.
109. 2015, Hawthorn, night: three black boys threatened me at work on the eve of the riots.
110. 2015, Northern and Glenoak, night: On Riot night a home boy tried to sneak up on me and I drew a knife and he backed off and went back the way he came.
111. 2015: City, Harford Road, night: Mescaline Franklin and I in War Drums, were stopped and warned by Military Contractors to abide by our masters’ curfew—4 muscled-up white super-cops
112. 2015 Northern and Hilltop, day: militant black man threatens me but does nothing, and is unable to get the other blacks to rise up and take down my white ass on the #55 bus, in Night Overtakes Day.
113. 2015, Mary and Greenhill, night: four yos break on me and charge. I get to cover with a weapon in In Search of A Man Named Porch
114. 2015, Belair and White to Walther and White, night: The two senior warriors of the Greenhill Impi, track me to Walther and then lose their nerve for reasons unknown to me.
115. 2015, Harford and Bayonne, night: Three yos threaten me, the leader calling me a “Bitch-ass nazi” in Cowbell Put My Head in A Noose.”
Two days later I rolled over in bed and found out I was an old man when my balls dropped out of my torn guts. I am now more careful and always armed.
Aggressions by Type
Total: 22
Hierarchal: 8
Horizontal: 14
Heretical: 0
Interracial: 13
Group Involved: 12
Weapon involved: 20
The Ghetto Grocer on Foot: 2006-10
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