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‘A Little Off the 2015 Pace’
Harm City Hoodrats Hit Mid-Season Slump! Can They Rebound and Win a Second Whirl Serious?
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‘Bodymore Murderville is a hilariously lucid piece of writing by a man I would like to meet some day. ’
I don’t know who or where Z-Man is. But, he is certainly a lawyer, and those guys have buddies from law school scattered all over the nation they can check up on for the gory details of America’s underbelly. Z-Man does point out that it is not direct drug war casualties making up a lot of these murders and crimes. He is right on that. However, I believe that the conduct of the drug war has not only insured the maximum injection of drugs into our street, because it just makes it more profitable, but has also glorified gangsterism [with the money] to the point that knucklehead attempts to imitate success no longer consist of buffoons dressing well and spouting opinions, but of knuckleheads dressing down and spouting lead.
Z-Man is on target with the argument for racial segregation and intolerance, but it is an argument that cannot be made in the current society—so we watch the world burn.
Z-Man speaks against the white romantics:
“Of course, no one in the neighborhood talks to the cops. Again, the white romantics get it all wrong. The “community” is not hostile to the cops because of race. They are hostile because they are hostile to everyone. The ghetto is not a community. It’s just a bunch of people who live in close quarters. One neighbor will steal from another and then shamelessly be seen on the street with the neighbor’s property. It’s the one place where Hobbes was right.”
To amplify his point, even if libertarians are right, and legalizing drugs would stop the drug war, what then?
You have an armed insurgency with no income and an army with nothing to do. Baltimore would look like Germany during the Thirty Years War as protection rackets, home invasions and robbery expanded beyond our wildest dreams and at the same time the federal goon squads would by looking for new laws to enforce—do not think for a minute that a police department would ever prioritize citizen defense, for no police department ever has, for good reason. It is not the purpose of police to defend, but to enforce the law.
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