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‘Impregnated by Ghosts’
Fathersday in the Ghetto by the Zman
© 2016 James LaFond
In this nicely written piece of shockingly honest commentary I get the idea that the Zman lives in the suburbs and commutes through the ghetto in some American Mecca of Disenfranchisement in order to work whatever legalistic job that prevents him from naming himself.
There is nothing that I can disagree with in this piece. I can only add that infants and toddlers are regular customers in 24-hour city supermarkets when their stripper mother’s get off work and pick them up and take them shopping. Even in the suburbs this trend is blossoming and spreading to the whites, with rampant whiggerism the single greatest trend among suburban whites under 30 in the Baltimore area.
Zman’s history of black illegitimacy and insights into the Hispanic issue is not eye opening, but rather sight-affirming. The article ends on a note of poignant ugliness I found moving.
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Nero The Pict     Jun 20, 2016

"Even in the suburbs this trend is blossoming and spreading to the whites, with rampant whiggerism the single greatest trend among suburban whites under 30 in the Baltimore area."

My childhood best friend lives in Dundalk....we spoke the other day and he clued me into a new term. He refers to the hybrid species that inhabits the Essex, Middle River, Dundalk quadrant as "Yo-Billies".

Don't know why but I almost shot beer through my nose when I heard that one.
James     Jun 21, 2016

It is well known by the Gentlemen of the League of Extraordinary Urban Ethnologists that a 'Yo-Billy' is the spawn of Caucasian mudsharks, which are bottom breeders of course. Their food pyramid has four tiers: Pepsi products, cheesesteak subs with cheesy fries, cigarettes and Coors light—as if that's going to help...

As long as you were not drinking Coors light, the beer that entered your nasal passages does not disqualify you from membership in our August fraternity.
guest     Jun 20, 2016

Fathers in the ghetto, that's almost as funny as black people visiting the zoo, hilarity must ensure!

And yes he lives near the ghetto, on the edge, quote:

"I’ve learned to speak three languages: SWPL, normal and ghetto. I’m most fluent at normal because I try to hang around normals as much as possible. I’ve jettisoned quite a few liberal friends simply because the cost of communicating with them is too high. On the other hand, living on the edge of the ghetto, I have picked up the tongue, which is mostly what normal people said before the lunatics took over. Watch any old 1970’s TV show and you get my meaning.

The other day I was on the way home and remembered I needed cat food. On the edge of the ghetto is a Food Lion, which seems to target the lower classes as a business strategy. They have a big sign announcing they accept EBT and WIC. I’ve stopped there many times, but rarely after work. In my work clothes, I stand out like a sore thumb. Social class is one of those things people notice instinctively, even though we pretend it does not exist. In jeans and a tee-shirt, it is not so obvious.

I get my cat food and get in line. I was in a hurry, being the end of the day, but I should have known better. In the ghetto, time works differently than everywhere else. The employees of the Food Lion are mostly black. They work on CPT. That’s Colored People Time. Start talking about CPT at your place of work and they fire you. Mention it around black people and they laugh, surprised that a white person would know the term. Again, another one of those things everyone knows, but no one says. Mokita.

What CPT means is not just slowness. It is also a certain deliberate tardiness. Black people will tell you that black people are always late. That’s when you’re most likely to hear them break out the term CPT. In the ghetto, it also means slow and distracted.

The two cashiers working that evening were chatting with one another, hardly paying attention to their work, which they were doing at a snail’s pace. The customer in front of me had a mislabeled product so the girl just stopped working and waited for a manager. It’s not laziness or attitude. The two girls were just working at a pace based on their own weird internal metronome.

That’s CPT. Even the most mundane tasks will take twice the time they do in SWPL-ville and no one thinks much of it."

copied from

More hilarity, Colored People Time, I'm sure you have plenty of stories on that yourself, which would make for a fine post!?
James     Jun 21, 2016

Food Line absolutely targets the lower class. Any grocer that is not national or international [Safeway, WalMart] and is not the top regional chain [Giant in the Mid-Atlantic] and not geared towards preparing gourmet dinners for the upper class [Wegmans] must target the EBT dollar or go the way of Rome.
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