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Summer Dream
Retooling the Nonfiction Mind
© 2016 James LaFond
For the past two months I have written nothing but nonfiction, as numerous factual projects neared completion at the same time. It is now time for me to wrap up fiction projects, which requires a more immersed and antisocial mindset.
In winter it is easy for me to switch into fiction mode as the bleak and cold and solitude of bad weather—to which my enemies are quite averse—makes it easy for me to go on midnight strolls and stand on icy bus stops and meditate on human living conditions and adaptations, which is what fiction is in terms of the nuts and bolts of the story.
Last week I found myself unable to write fiction, so needed a cure. In the past this would have been combat. But I am done with that path, so chose a more solitary method of testing my body-mind connection, which took four hours on Saturday night and resulted in a few injuries that will keep me from sparring and training for a week, but which set me into a desperate, damaged place, many steps closer to the adversity enduring characters of adventure fiction.
The next phase was to do a marathon 12-hour reading/viewing/writing session on the various mundane, worldly things I write about, to purge my clipboard and my mind of this shit. I will still do a handful of Harm City posts per week, but only when exhausted.
Now, ready to do some good writing, I commit the rest of July to fiction, myth and the reading and review of such. My focus over the next three weeks will be:
1. A Well of Heroes is an ongoing commitment which works well while writing fiction and nonfiction, and besides, is the payment of a debt.
2. I have begun an amalgamated impression of Aryаn origins myth and stories which will assist my fictive state.
3. Seven Moons Deep is the main focus, with 30 chapters left to go. I outlined 40-49 this morning. I expect to complete it in early August.
4. He, my adaptation of Gilgamesh, will be completed this month.
5. The Pale Usher, the first volume in my impressions of Moby Dick, will also be written to completion by early August.
6. Night City, a short intended to head an urban horror collection, will be completed at one installment per week.
Yusef of the Dusk and The Spiral Case are being pushed back to Autumn and Winter. Late August will be dominated by the need to proof and publish these, along with On Bitches, Dawn in Dindustan and When Your Job Sucks. September will be dominated by my trip to the Rockies to investigate Liver-Eater Johnson for the Kettle of Bones and Windigo books, which I probably will not begin writing until winter 2017.
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