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'Transporting' the 'Unwanted'
Benson Hedgefun’s Addendum on Mars Colonization
© 2016 James LaFond
There will be an IQ test to go, I’m sure, which will make it a racist venture. Okay, let’s split the difference and send the Irish!
Hi James,
Most of the "explore/colonize" Mars types will eventually admit that a viable economic model would be a huge accelerator, but there really is no clear model yet.
Most ideas about the economics of Mars these days center on entertainment, for example Bigelow Aerospace has roots in hotels, and MarsOne is thinking reality TV.
With my now revised understanding of the early population of North America by Europeans, (Thank You) I wonder if we will again go through a phase of 'transporting' the 'unwanted' of our era.
Heh, like Mars in the Total Recall movie (originally a Philip Dick short story) or Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress."
Of course, the real question for the elites these days is not "how do we get the labor we need," but rather, "how do we cull the population of all these extra people?"
Lots of those "unwanted" by the elites these days are really not useful to or wanted by anyone else either, but there are always those making trouble for the establishment that would otherwise excel with their own human hive to manipulate . . .
Stay alert out there.
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Sam J.     Aug 10, 2016

Ha Ha you think they'll spend one dime to ship people to Mars? They have much better population controls. Look at this and it will really freak you out. People think I'm nuts talking about the Jews and stuff like that but bad shit is happening. There's a video of the guy being teargassed and somehow he just sits in the car while they pump tear gas into the car and he seems unaffected. ?????

There's another video where Baxter sent a batch of νаϲсіոes to the Ukraine and other countries. A technician in the Czech republic tested it on ferrets. They all died and he raised the alarm and it's distribution was stopped. It's the second video.

For fairness I've included a skeptic (cia) site. In this case I don't believe them. Their page on 9-11 consist of mostly (you're stupid, you believe in conspiracies and space beams are dumb but only the people responsible for the attacks make sites on space beams so I'm not impressed.)

The only νаϲсіոe I will take is the tetanus shot. it's worth the risk.

There's no doubt at all that building #7 on 9-11 was demoed so if they're willing to kill 3000 or so to start a war then how many are they prepared to kill?
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 10, 2016

I'm inclined to agree with Sam J. Yes, shipping unwanted populations off world makes for a good Sci-Fi adventure story. Certainly writers like Jerry Pournelle and David Drake got a lot of mileage out of that theme in their various Sci-Fi series, and wrote very interesting and compelling stories to boot. But as a real-world practical matter it would be much less expensive to turn your unwanted population groups into fertilizer right here on earth. Or get the unwanted peoples to fight each other and wipe each other out (why don't you and him fight). As for human slave labor on extra-terrestrial colonies, again it would be much less expensive to send robots to Mars (including sex workers). Robots wouldn't need life support in transit and could be turned off when not needed to save resources. Plus they can be fixed when with greater facility should they breakdown. As it is robots are on track to replace most "wage slave" labor here on earth within the next 25 years. Of course this means that major culling efforts are likely to occur in the next century or two as most of the human race becomes surplus to requirements. Again that could happen without the massive expanse of sending people to other planets and/or depending on technology that doesn't exist yet (think about the population reduction they accomplished in Rwanda and Burundi with just machetes). On the other hand if someone was to suddenly discover an exceptionally cheap and easy way to travel to other worlds (like a "Stargate" for example) that would change the calculus completely. It would be a “black swan“ event as they say, something nobody in the known world never expected to see in reality until explorers actually discovered black swans in faraway Australia. But based on what we know and can foresee now about the science and technology of interplanetary travel, what I CAN see happening is that once hard-working and visionary space pioneers are able to establish a viable and thriving Mars colony the Leftist Globalist elites will decide Mars needs to accept a significant number of "section 8" colonists in order to be more diverse and inclusive. At that point the Leftist elite would be willing to waste huge sums of money just to fuck with the Mars colony and spoil their success. Other than that future EX-T colonies will face many of the same challenges that terrestrial communes and colonies of the past faced: they are likely to either have too many rules or not enough rules. It will be hard to hit the sweet spot between oppression and chaotic anarchy. And even when one succeeds it will always be difficult to maintain that state for very long.
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