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Five Slave Girls Freed
Police Arrest Saudi Hag Princess for Human Trafficking
© 2013 James LaFond
On Thursday July 11, 2013 the Orange County State’s Attorney charged Meshael Alayban, 42, with gray roots, one of six wives owned by a Saudi prince, with human trafficking.
One of five domestic slaves, a Kenyan woman, fled the apartment where she was being held, and asked bus passengers for help. Irvine police then rescued the four Filipino girls that were being held with her, and arrested their owner.
The judge is insisting on a five million dollar bail. But she has a high end lawyer, and once the Bush family [or the Supreme Slave Master in the Potomac Big House] throws their weight in I expect charges to be reduced and the woman to be sent back to her own slave pen in Arabia. Also, in the interest of family cohesion, I would suggest that Saudi wives pool their allowances and purchase slave trafficking insurance to cover bail, since the Saudi government only rates them at a million a head, that being all the bail the Saudi embassy was willing to offer. These dudes treat million dollar bonds like I treat dollar bills, and they won’t even fork over the American equivalent of a dollar for her release!
The Kenyan was lured to Arabia on a false contract, had her passport taken, was held in bondage, worked like a dog, and then shipped to the U.S. to work with other domestic slaves in Orange County. What I really want to know is Kim Kardashian’s opinion as to what kind of slave mistress could own five women and not have the sense to have her hair colored every three weeks? Really, what has happened to the postmodern aristocracy? If we peasants are to be owned, let it be by people with good taste and keen fashion sense! Kim, we are currently offering a deep discount on fifty-year-old Baltimore-based boxing coaches, if you sign the free range clause and keep Molson Golden ale on tap. Act now to avoid future regret as we have a limited supply!
As for the freed slave women nothing more is known. But, having met two Russian slave girls in Baltimore in the 1990s, I can only assume that they are emotionally conditioned to accept additional abuse at the hands of who ever next claims to own them. Thank God for that Kenyan girl. And, please, may some rabid feminist lesbian social activist with an assault rifle adopt these ladies and not permit them to be sold again. At the very least I think the girl who made a run for it should get to carry the Olympic torch in 2016 and travel as an honorary member of her nation’s track and field team.
-Source, LA Times
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