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Worthwhile Information Revealed in Video of Crossroads Mall Attack by Dean Weingarten at Gun Watch
© 2016 Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten of Gun Watch provides some very interesting observations on the Crossroads Center Mall stabbings in St. Cloud MN. It seems especially worthwhile to study this incident since we have reason to expect more such attacks in public places, perpetrated both by Islamic Jihadists and common Dindu restitution recovery agents.
-Jeremy Bentham
Lessons Learned:
1. People DO use the overhand stab in knife attacks. The attacker Dahir Adan certainly did in the initial attack captured in the security video. People instinctively understand that they can strike powerful blows to the vulnerable regions of the upper body using the over hand stab, holding the knife in the ice pick grip. This technique allows the knifer to sink the blade deep into the chest, back, neck and head. At the same time most people recognize that if they launch a frontal assault with the downward stab they are telegraphing their attack such that even untrained people can do much to block the thrust. A cursory study of knife assaults indicates that most downward stab attacks are made from the side and rear for that reason. The attacker will frequently stabilize the victim, that is hold on to him in some fashion to unbalance him and prevent him from evading or warding off the blows. As was the case here. Apparently Adan wanted to stab as many people as he could, so he didn’t spend too much time on any one victim. Just delivering a few stabs and then moving on. This of course clearly devolved to the benefit of the stabbing victims since all survived.
2. The Crossroads Center Mall is a posted “gun free” zone. Meaning that under state law no civilian concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit holders are allowed to carry their guns on the premises at the behest of the owners and management of the mall. Jason Falconer, the good guy with a gun who stopped the attacks, is a part-time cop from another jurisdiction. He chose to ignore the gun free zone signs and carried his gun into the mall anyway. Falconer hasn’t been charged with trespass because of this. No doubt the mall management understands they would end up looking like colossal jerks if they did make a complaint. Some states, such as Tennessee, have made business owners who create a gun free zone liable for any injuries suffered by permit holders who are the victims of an attack while on their property: This has caused many proprietors in the state who wanted to make a political statement by designating their place of business an essentially meaningless gun free zone to re-think their position (keep in mind that even in “red’ states there are still plenty of "blue” people who support Leftist causes and are perfectly willing to make a public nuisance of themselves to signal their Leftist virtue).
3. In a bizarre turn of events, after being shot several times, Adan advanced on Falconer by walking backwards. Actually it is not uncommon for people being shot to reflexively turn their back to the shooter in a vain effort to protect their vitals. Since action time beats reaction time the shooter will be unable to stop firing when his assailant first shows his back. Then the unfortunate cop or armed citizen will be left with the difficult task of explaining why he shot his assailant in the back. Nevertheless marching backwards at the enemy like Adan did certainly takes the prize. Well, what can we say about that except that Dindus are wont to behave in strange ways.
4. In the final video clip we have the ghastly scene of a dying Adan crawling on the floor in a pool of blood after being shot six times. This begs the question of whether one should render first aid once the suspect appears to be incapacitated. As a civilian one is under no legal obligation to come to anyone’s assistance, especially not if it puts you at risk and not to a criminal who tried to assault and/or murder you. Thus the experts advise against approaching a fallen adversary for the following reasons: 1. He might try to get revenge on you. If he can still move he can stab or shoot you. 2. He might be contagious. He might be HIV positive, have hepatitis or some other blood borne pathogen (BBP). If you get the suspect’s blood, salvia, muceous, vomit, urine, feces, semen or breast milk on you, you could become infected. Criminals tend to lead very unhealthy lifestyles after all and consort with people who are intravenous drug users and/or are infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and other contagions. Plus in this instance, since the suspect is Somali, there is an especially good chance he could have Tuberculosis (TB) that he could pass on to you: . Call 911 and let the EMTs deal with the suspect as they are better equipped to render aid and at the same time protect themselves from contamination 3. In a case where the suspect is an Islamic jihadist there is the possibility he is wearing a suicide bomb vest that he intended to detonate at some stage in his terrorist attack. Best to keep your distance and take cover behind something solid then. You might even think about putting a bullet in his head to make certain he cannot set off a bomb. However if it turns out he was not wearing a suicide bomb vest you could be accused of having “executed” him, taken the law into your own hands and so forth, ad nauseum. Your call. Keep in mind that ultimately the legal test justifying your actions will be what was reasonable and logical for a person to believe was so under the circumstances. The final “tell” is that the suicide bomber will have a look of joy and euphoria on his face just before he sets off the bomb. As if he expected to be in heaven in the next instant and in the arms of 73 extraordinarily beautiful supernatural concubines.
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Saturday, October 08, 2016
Worthwhile Information Revealed in Video of Crossroads Mall Attack
Surveillance video of the Crossroads Mall stabbing attack and the shooting by Jason Falconer has revealed many previously unknown details. They show that a determined attacker can absorb many hits before they are stopped.
The attacker used two kitchen knives. The have about five inch blades, with smooth handles and small, smooth guards. I wouldn't be surprised to find cuts on the attackers hands from his own blades.
A practical response at the Northwoods Candy Emporium illustrates the effectiveness of barriers against attackers with contact weapons. An unnamed, quick thinking defender pulls down the gate to the store, denying the attacker access only two steps before he would have gained entry. That portion of the video is very blurry, but the defender goes into a back room and comes out with something in his right hand. It might be a personal defensive weapon.
We learn that Jason Falconer was approached by the attacker, and asked if he was a Muslim. Falconer observed that the attacker had knives in his hands. The attacker came at him, and Falconer produced his weapon. The attacker fled, with Falconer pursuing.
Link to video (Minnesota Mall stabbing attack)
(added content) Jason Falconer is the armed citizen who stopped the mass stabbing in the Crossroads Center Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Saturday evening, September 18th, 2016. Falconer is competitive shooter, firearms instructor and CEO of Tactical Advantage.
Falconer is seen running after the attacker in Macy's. The attacker turns down an aisle, then stops, and gets down on the floor. He then jumps up and charges at Falconer. Falconer fires and retreats, backing up at right angles to the attacker. Just after Falconer fires another shot, and the attacker goes down, Falconer trips going backward, and falls down himself, eerily similar to Kim Woodman falling backward while firing on a charging brown bear earlier this year.
It isn't over yet. Falconer gets back up, and displays his badge. The attacker manages to regain his feet. The two engage in a cat and mouse dance among the displays. It looks as if Falconer is expecting the attacker to go back down, but he keeps on moving. Then in a grotesque, Monty Pythonesque attack, he comes at Falconer again.
Falconer is forced to backpedal as the attacker comes at him. The attacker spins around and comes at Falconer by fast walking backward at him. Falconer is forced to shoot at least twice more. It is easy to see how defenders may end up shooting attackers in the back. This video is likely to be used in court in many future shooting defenses.
If you only look at still shots from that sequence, it appears as if Falconer is pursuing the attacker and shooting him as he runs away. The exact opposite is happening. The attacker is advancing backward, and Falconer is retreating as he is firing. It is a good example of how images can fool the eye.
In total, we are told that Falconer hit the attacker six times. The attacker died of exsanguination (bleeding out).
The caliber, make and model of Falconer's pistol has not become available yet. The blocky outline in the top screenshot looks very Glockish to me.
©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
Link to Gun Watch
Please check out Dean Weingarten’s Gun Watch site for more updates on the ongoing Civil War.
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Shep     Oct 17, 2016

Thanks, James. Very valuable.
Jeremy Bentham     Oct 18, 2016

P.S. Lessons Learned: "Knifers using the ice-pick grip have consistently demonstrated a willingness and ability to pursue and have been the only ones to succeed in stabbing on the run. Assume that a knifer in this posture will pursue. If he switches to this grip as you make a move to leave, know that he will pursue." - "THE LOGIC OF STEEL", Chapter 14 "Living to Fight Another Day", P. 212-213 by James LaFond.

This rule was certainly confirmed in this case.
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