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Genghis Khan’s Balls
Were You Bred For War? by Stefan Molyneux
© 2013 James LaFond
They’re nailed to the headboard of my oaken Viking ship bed!
Well, that’s the story I’d like to tell. I do have three scalps above my duster though...
Yes, my combat sports grunts have tuned into a philosophy piece.
If you have ever wondered why certain segments of society are so violent, and have just taken the easy route and chalked it up to money or race watch this video.
If you—you quibbling geek—have ever wondered why the hot girls always go for the bad boys, then watch this video.
If you have ever wondered if it was possible for a philosopher to not be a wimp, watch this video.
If monster truck rallies, Sly Stallone, the wimpy nature of 1950s leading men in film, or the cultural significance of Fred Flintstone, have ever puzzled you, tune in to Stefan’s 14 minute podcast.
I’ll just leave you with one quote from the Canadian Socrates, “The rise of the jocks and the diminishment of nerds.”
Sounds like Tolkien’s ghost decrying the 1970s.
After listening to this I already feel better about the next beating I dish out...
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