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The Crazy Uncle You Wish You Had
© 2013 James LaFond
Fred Reed used to be a Soldier of Fortune war correspondent, and went on to be a police beat reporter for the Washington Times. His bio alone is a great read. I recently discovered his site and liked it at once.
Currently Fred seems to be hanging out in Mexico chasing chiquitas. He has a number of interesting looking e-books available, which I intend to check out. Fred reminds me so much of my Uncle Bernie I might ask him to adopt me.
If you are a right-of-guilt white guy who has become sick of being labeled a white supremacist just because you have failed to submit to our culture’s demand that we express fear, love, respect, pity and perpetual moral dept to 11% of the U.S population just because their dirt-poor ancestor was raped by the ancestor of some superrich southern fried aristocrat, while your dirt-poor ancestor was trying to escape from some other rich European creep and get the hell across the Atlantic, I think you will find Fred to be a breath of fresh air.
His discussion on why he prefers to live in a world of cultural variety as opposed to mass cultural homogenization is quite a heroic spit in the political wind. Only in America can a man who worked in the D.C. ghetto, travelled in Africa, and moved to Mexico to shack up with some Aztec babe, and advertises Spanish language lessons on his website, be branded a racist.
Go to our network page and checkout Fred on Everything.
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